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So I decided to pick up a small trailer if I could get one for the right price.  I found this one for a few hundred bucks on Craig’s list.  It is  a galvanized trailer which is exactly what I was looking for. The wood was shot and needed some minor repairs which I could care less about as long as the chassis was good. 
I striped it down and put a new deck on. I had some vinyl realtree graphics that I had laying around so I added them to the fenders which I think worked out well. Very happy with this little guy.  
I'm having the iron workers at my jobmake me up a few lightweight side rails that will have a 22 degree bend in them to accommodate the tires that slightly hang over the edge and will incorporate some tie down points as well. 









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I overhauled my smaller trailer last year. The mesh deck was broken in several places and was getting rusty. Replaced the wiring harness and put in all new LED lights.

The main difference is the deck is HDPE plastic sheet that I had cut up at work. It did add some weight but it will never rot.


0625181401_HDR (Medium).jpg

0627181825 (Medium).jpg

0703181706_HDR (Medium).jpg

0706181040 (Medium).jpg

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I remember this project.  It came out very nice.  Mine is juts a little guy enough for my two machines that me and my son use.  I was going to swap over to the led but the existing lights and harness are in perfect condition and work great.   I do however want to change the tire size.  I have 5.30x12 tires.  I want a wider and maybe slightly taller tire on my existing rims.  

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@Frank Angerano very nice, you always find good deals. I like the camo wrap. My trailer needs a little tlc...

3 minutes ago, Frank Angerano said:

Thanks @Rich1028.  Hey @mikeexplorer or any other member that can explain something to me. The trailer tires on my trailer are 5.30 x 12.   What is the 5.30? I know the 12 is the rim but that 5.30 ? 

I want to go bigger as in width and a bit taller but keep the same rim. Is that doable ? 

I believe that's the width. check out https://www.etrailer.com/faq-trailer-tire-sizing-tables.aspx 

If you can fit it move up to 13", you can get cheap rims and tires as a combo.

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Stained, sealed and ready to roll! This weather is a good indicator how the water will bead up on the wood and see how well the sealer worked.  FYI did anyone know Thompson’s water sealer has been banned in the state ? 
I went to the store to get some and they said it’s no longer available here in NY due to a chemical that is harmful.  
I wound up using a new oil based product that seems to be good but we will see.


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Looks great! I've used thompson's honey gold transparent sealer for years on my deck. HD didn't have it this spring (I put it down annually) so I used their:



I haven't heard of it being banned and I would probably say the HD folks are making this up because Lowes still sells it and its available in NY. HD went with PPG and that's one of their brands: https://www.pcimag.com/articles/104753-ppg-and-the-home-depot-expand-partnership-with-launch-of-olympic-stain-products

Thompsons is part of Shermin Williams paints, who probably just lost the HD contract or pulled out. My local lowes has this in stock. 



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I seen the one you posted and the price was good as well.  I grabbed the behr one that dries in 60 min and it had a built in stain. It’s also oil based.   I was planning on going up yesterday so I needed something that dried fast. Plans changed after I seen the weather but I think I made the right choice based on the way it came out.  
I also went to my local hardware store and they told me the same thing about Thompson’s. I wonder what the real  story is and I bet your right @Ajmboy it’s a bunch of bs.  

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Great work guys , always love seeing everybodys ongoing projects ,  only thing id add to any trailers would be two strips of “ Grip tape , thats just me though lol, i slipped and busted ass once,lol.  Wife thought i was Dancing lol....so i got the traction tape , i had a buddy that had a long strip it worked well

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