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  1. Agree. I have also purchased several CDI's for our kids quad and atleast 2 of those has been already DOA. But those are pretty cheap in China...
  2. Did u managed to resolve this? Is spark ok?
  3. Great posting. We have also made pretty clear to our kids that "no helmet - no riding".
  4. I have used few years some Chinese made ATV snowblower and I'm satisfied with it. It is 49" wide and it has big 420cc / 14hp engine. If you are planning to buy one, get it with biggest cc motor that is available...
  5. Would like to also know if there is some available?
  6. Thanks for this manual, will need to find out some electrical issue from my 2017 model.
  7. Really nice collection of workshop manuals 👍
  8. dippa


    Hey dude, where is your wheel?
  9. I'm also using same gauge and it seems to pretty accurate 👍

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