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  1. Centma


  2. Centma

    '06 & '10 YFZ450's

    The one on the right was mine before I bought the 2010. You can tell who spent most of the time in second.
  3. It's not my quad, I just had to take a photo and share it. I did buy some corn, though. (price is very high, but this is a small island off the Mass coast with only private boat and limited ferry access)
  4. Photo on Cuttyhunk Island, Massachusetts
  5. Centma

    2011 Hatfield McCoy

    Yes, it is nice. He get's a lot of comments on the tires.
  6. Centma

    2011 Hatfield McCoy

    Maybe one of these years, my fingures are crossed.
  7. Going this July, come jion us.
  8. Centma

    2006 Race Picture

    I bet I did. I had a hard time keeping my helmet up right with all the mud on the visor.

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