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  1. 4wd will only work in reverse if the override is pushed . Is normal operation for most of the polaris 4 wheelers
  2. colin james

    2017 Polaris Sportsman 570 EPS CVT Clutch

    Should not be hard engagement of the clutch. What rpm's does the vehicle start to move. Also how many miles or hrs do you have on the machine and has the belt and clutches been inspected. Sticking weights on the primary clutch and or bad one way bearing can cause a hard engagement .
  3. colin james

    2017 Polaris Sportsman 570 Charging Issue?

    The service manual is available in the download section of the site. It will have the steps for tests you need.
  4. Your welcome
  5. I believeit covers sp
  6. colin james

    Anyone out there using a lift table?

    I use one like Ajmboy posted a picture of its the craftsman professional one. I got it cheap when they shut our local Sears. It works great for most services except oil changes.
  7. colin james

    1998 Honda Foreman 450ES, more info

    I put 26 miles on my 13 rancher plowing the first year I got and had now problems with it. I even managed to get the 4 wheeler out after a 24 to 30 inch snow storm and plow. My family's big plows were having a hard time with the snow but my little honda managed I just took my time. I had the last laugh after the storm.
  8. colin james

    1984 Honda Trx 200 start button not working

    Possibly bad starter button or starter relay.
  9. colin james

    2013 Honda Rancher 420 starts then dies?

    You need a jumper wire that shorts out 2 wires in the harness.the jumper is configured so you don't short out the wrong wires the process is listed in the service manual along with the part number for the jumper. Honda calls it an scs connector. The other way is with a scan tool
  10. colin james

    Reverse locked won't go

    Need some more information on the 4 wheeler like year model and engine size
  11. View File 2009-2014 Honda Rancher 420 service manual This is the factory service manual for the 2009 -2014 honda rancher 420 fa/fpa Submitter colin james Submitted 09/07/2018 Category Honda ATV  
  12. colin james

    2001 polaris trailblazer tranny

    Do you have the service manual?
  13. Version 1.0.0


    This is the factory service manual for the 2009 -2014 honda rancher 420 fa/fpa
  14. View File 2017-2019 sportsman 450/570 with eps factory service manual This is the factory service manual for the 2017-2019 factory service manual for the sportsman 450/570 with electronic power steering Submitter colin james Submitted 09/06/2018 Category Polaris ATV  
  15. colin james

    TRX300 Rear end rebuild

    If it's 4wd you will need a special tool to dissasemble the diff