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  1. Y’all missed out had a great time FullSizeRender.mov FullSizeRender.mov
  2. ive noticed an influx of buying/selling in the used atv world too (i live in southern VA). i think youre correct on the reasons but wanted to add one more- with all the attractions and everything being shut down for this scamdemic.. ive heard RV sales are through the roof and offroad vehicles including SXSs and ATVs also. (i say scamdemic because i think the COVID 'pandemic' was blown out of proportion by the media- dont get me wrong i think COVID is serious just like the flu, but i dont think its necessary nor prevents the spread to try and close everything down) -just wanted to clarify
  3. hey know its short notice but me and my dad are headed to busco beach this weekend. plan on riding saturday the 17th (10-17-20). just thought about throwing this out there if anyone wants some last minute riding plans in NC! also ill post here again if i plan to ride somewhere or at busco again in the future.. sorry for the short notice!
  4. i dont see the wiring diagram in the manual which surprises me. it even has a electrical section where i thought it would be but ive searched through the whole manual to no avail. guess ill have to look on good ol' images and try and find one lol
  5. welcome back brother. cant wait to here some good stories!
  6. ok thanks. i did download the manual from here and am going through it. i assume there would be a wiring diagram in there?
  7. hows the best way to check to make sure the wires are not crossed?
  8. agreed. cheapest i can find it about 150 tho.. i guess if it dont work i can return it.. and thats another thing.. yall think two wires could be crossed on it? the whole bike has been rebuilt... wiring harness has been chopped up some here and there and its got a new crank case on it
  9. I’m going to see how much a new Scrambler 850 computer is for it from Polaris cause I really don’t want to take the computer off my other bike it’s a pain to do and the wiring job on the base model from the former owner is shady I’d rather not screw my good ecu😂
  10. now heres an idea: i still have my other 2013 scrambler 850 LE (with EPS). could i swap computers and see how my busted scrambler runs or not? i believe the models are the same except one has EPS
  11. Found out the ecu is off of a sportsman lol would that affect it at all? As far as I know it’s the same motor the only differences that I can think of would be this model doesn’t have EPS and scramblers are tuned more aggressive then sportsmans
  12. TPS wires come straight from the ecu so would that be shot or is there something else that would be effecting it?
  13. Hey just picked up another scrambler 850 was told the tps was bad. This atv has been beet to hell. Wiring has been tinkered with the crankcase has been replaced recently and the motor rebuilt (can see horizontal scores thru spark plug hole where it’s just been honed out and rebuilt) my guess is it was ragged out till the motor blew a rod and rebuilt but the clown that did it couldn’t get it to run again and sold it. When I bought it it would pulse and smoke black at idle and die with throttle. New tps installed and it won’t run period. I went to celebrate it and I’m getting 5 volts on 2 of the 3 wires running to the tps. Is this normal and if so how should I celebrate it?
  14. if its leaking cooland its the head gasket or (very rarely) a cracked head. if its leaking air into the exhaust its a valve. did you torque your head bolts to spec and did you thoroughly clean the old head gasket off before rebuilding? it could mayb be a warped head but if its an internal leak its most likely the head gasket
  15. you said it didnt have compression whats it making? and are you sure its coolant coming out and not condensation or gas?

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