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  1. Lol that was a while back.. now shes got the rock lights back on and led headlights and tail lights and 3 light bars wired to high beam since the pod light is useless and front and rear bumpers on it
  2. Garage changes every few weeks but right now I have a 03 honda 90, a 87 Yamaha 80, a 07 Polaris sportsman 800 and a 2017 sportsman 570.. looking at getting a sxs soon..and maybe a 850 or 1000 scrambler 20200307_172211.mp4
  3. bike looks good. ive always had my eye on those suzukis.. i know the older ones are unbeatable.. just never run up on a good deal on a 700.. not to mention i have no room in my shed for another toy lol.. and id still say polaris for the win but got nothing against suzukis
  4. shoot haha thats hilarious. reminds me of my 86 honda trx 350 4x4 that lived outdoors all its life. had to go through the whole wiring harness to get spark cause everything was corroded and locked up lol
  5. oh okay. do you have a link or what kind of poly you using? i have a couple faded atvs that id be awesome if i could make them look brand new again
  6. looks pretty dang good. does panting the plastics work long term tho? ive heard (and seen) that painting isnt the answer for plastic and that it flakes off after the first summer of sitting in the sun. is there a way to do it to avoid this?
  7. im on a buying spree but not for tp.. i dont use any of that crap anyway.. theres some hecka good deals on some atvs and trucks about now.. gonna go get me some new toys and hit the dirt🤑 as to my opinion of covid19- i wonder why all the doctors and health folks arnt going nuts? hmm...maybe because theres nothing to go nuts about? covid isnt anywhere NEAR as serious as the flu and is only one strain of the corona virus. just because its new dont mean its deadly. studies show (you wont hear this from the media) that covid19 is only fetal to those who have preexisting health issues (just like any other virus or common cold) and has only taken about 3-5% percent of its victims world-wide. i say if trump announced a national state of emergency through election season and hence he would be pres for the next 4 years.. the media would drop the whole covid crap overnight.. anything to get him out.. as to blaming trump, what more could he or anyone have done? you cant treat viruses with antibiotics, and all doctors can or will advise to folks is to stay home and catch some snooze. to those who are in worse health to begin with, they are treating it like it is- another strain of the flu.
  8. buddy of mine got the same bike that doesnt run good and smokes bad all the time. are these motors hard to rebuild? he was asking my about rebuilding his. id say if your cylinder is gouged out from the skirt slap then your might be good to replace that cylinder.
  9. looks to me likie theres just super hard packed mud in the hole. you cant even see the hex on the spark plug, much less get a hold of it with a socket. i would try scraping on that black stuff with a precision screwdriver and see if it doesnt loosen up
  10. always wire your winch to your battery. on polaris sportsman 570s (i just put a 3500 winch on my 570 the other day), they have directly under the front storage box two terminals for accessories. one is hot, the other, ground. if your atv has a similar feature, i would NOT suggest using it to feed the winch UNLESS it has wires running directly to the battery, which mine did. this is the second of two winches ive installed and the 3rd that ive owned on a sportsman. should be super simple, main thing is to remember to hook those feed cables that feed the winch relay directly to the battery or if your atv is set up like a 570, the the accessory terminals (that are wired straight to the battery) another tip, the two winches that ive put on and the warn winch that was on my sportsman 500 when i bought it were not wired to the ignition at all, but could operate with the switch on or off. i prefer this way as its simpler to wire and you are not hooking the winch setup to any factory wiring on the atv except the battery. I wire the power feed to the winch switch to the power from the battery on the winch relay. done deal, works the same and you dont have to turn your atv on to operate the winch.
  11. if you had the regular steel wheels on your sportsman then you will need different rims or longer studs. having the lug only 3 or 4 turns on the stud will not work as you will probably strip the stud when you put a breaker bar on to torque them down. diameter of the studs should be the same.
  12. i would start simple- if it just cut out one day when you were riding, i would say it was an electrical connection issue. i would have tested spark immediately but you cant go back now lol. a good thing to remember is the basic components the engine needs to run: Spark, Air, Fuel, Compression. too much or too little of any of these can restrict the engines performance. i always check the basic stuff first. check spark and compression, check that gas is getting into the carb, change the spark plug, check air filter, check air ducts from air duct to carb and from carb to engine. check the exhaust too- loose studs can cause a loss of back-pressure on the valves but i think you would hear it rattling if it were loose. best thing is to keep common sense in your vocabulary and take a break every once in a while and dont get too focused on just one aspect of what you think is wrong. ive been in situations like this and in the end there is always a reasonable explanation. best to step back and consider and rule out all possibilities in order of easiness to prevent hair loss
  13. oof yea i wouldnt doo that... on the other hand i say free for all on utility atvs... my buddy and i had 8 people on a sportsman 500 once.. fun times👍
  14. @Eddie Rahm i have no clue what youre talking about- could you post some pictures? is your model one of the ones with the bolt through the rear end that holds the two axles together?

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