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  1. but thanks to youtube and the folks here at quadcrazy and a couple other forums, ive made it thus far and am now helping my buddies whove got into atvs
  2. haha yea i understand i believe we have a few other members from out of the states here as well. thanks for explaining everything and i will give her a shot once i get some free time.. been needing to buy a 20 ton press for a while now, just needed a good enough excuse to throw some $$$ that way and get one. and thanks @davefrombc for the translation 😆. also have a beat up scrambler 850 that im fixing up so with both projects going at the same time, i may be slow getting back to this one. but i think it will be worth it to do it myself because i dont want to pay someone else to, i plan to do this sort of thing regularly in the future so im sure i will use these tools again, and knowledge i believe is valuable especially in this day and age.
  3. And about the oil cooler, should it have had oil in it when I unhooked it from the motor?
  4. yea id rather do it myself if the tools needed dont cost an arm and a leg. dont have much of a shop but id love to learn how to rebuild the crankshaft rather then pay someone else to do it. what tools would be required?
  5. Any tips on how to press apart the crankshaft and put it back together properly? And thanks so I hear you saying the crankshaft is good, the rod is bad right? The crankshaft did have some heat discoloration on it as well not sure if that makes a difference.
  6. That’s good news to hear. So I think it was the wrist pin that seized. Not sure if that could have broken the piston but I can’t hammer it out to get the piston off the rod and the rod has heat discoloration on it. Maybe maybe not but either way I should replace the rod and crankshaft correct? And I noticed the oil pump felt worn out and there was no oil in the oil cooler when I unhooked it from the motor.
  7. So this’ll be long I’ll give all the background first to see my issue skip to the *** Hey I picked up a pit bike and a foreman for 800 the pit bike was running but the foreman was locked up. Sold the pit bike but when I took the top end off the piston I only found half a piston left. So knowing the rest of the piston was down in the crankcase I knew it had to be pulled and gone thru completely. to pull the motor I went ahead and pulled the rear end off and unbolted the front diff to pull the drive shafts and pull the motor. Now I have the motor torn down completely and have all the parts of the piston removed. I know the rod and crankshaft is shot (heat discoloration and too much up and down play rod to crankshaft). ***so I’m wondering while I have the motor apart what should I check for? I know this motor died from heat as the oil in the head smelled like popcorn. So what should I check to make sure I fix the issue (overheating I assume) and not just the symptoms (blown up motor lol). so put simply I don’t want to just rebuild the motor to have it overheat and repeat the process after 5mins of running Here’s some pics
  8. Ticking can also be from unadjusted valves or worn rocker arms sorry I know this is an old thread just thought I’d throw that in there if anyone (like me was looking for tips on rebuilding a foreman 400 motor)
  9. gotcha yea i was afraid of that tho i have heard that some nicer batteries will come back from the dead so i wanted to give it a shot and maybe save some $$$ (these are like the big diesel batteries two are for a tractor the other is for a bulldozer. not sure what new batteries will run but im sure it wont be cheap. do yall think the viking charger listed preveously will handle a bigger battery for a diesel motor with high cca or should i get something beafier? and yes i agree with @davefrombcthat once batteries drain and sit drained for a while they go to crap but i still wnated to give them a shot and if not that at least have something to use later on for big or small batteries
  10. also wanted to say if it leaks acid from your battery make sure to clean any that might have gotten on your atv. acid will take the finish off plastic, can melt/burn paint off of metal and then cause the metal to rust really bad. i have a 4runner i bought that had an old battery explode under the hood that the owner didnt bother to clean the acid off and now the front passenger suspension is super rusty on the otherwise rust free frame. had a question about trickle chargers. so i found that i could hook up a good battery to a drained one and "trick" the trickle charger into charging both when it otherwise wouldnt have charged the drained battery. now i have three batteries off some farm equipment that have sat for a while and drained and hooking up a good battery isnt enough to trick the trickle charger into charging them. what battery charger (not maintaner like what you get for $10 online of $5 at harbor freight) would yall recommend?
  11. i had something similar to this.. had a craigslist ad up a year or so ago and a guy txts me asking me to give him a verification code to make sure i was real and i get a g-xxxxxx code txt that you get when you forget your google account password and have to enter a code they txt to your phone to make sure its you. so basically if i had given him the code then i would have been locked out of my google account and he would have access to my card number and passwords to pretty much everything. i actually messed with him and gave him a wrong 6 digit code several times and said i messed it up when he said they were wrong and had him send it again and again.. just cause i like to waste as much of their time as possible since i lost 3500 to them.. maybe piss them off enough theyll at least leave me alone
  12. what does the front casing cover on these bikes? maybe something screwed itself in there and the cracked case was just a symptom? yea obviously theres some valve ticking or something going on in the top end but cases dont just crack themselves.. either something hit against it from the inside or from the outside. maybe if it was from the inside then thats affecting the top end and maybe its a different issue all together.
  13. i would check the spark plug [email protected] said. thatll tell you if the motor is running rich or lean. white is lean black is rich (or burning oil) corndog is what you want.
  14. hahahaha fax that trumps to much of a clown to be hitler lol and you say that trumps 'rise to power' is much the same as hitler... i say so what the way someone comes to'power' doesnt describe how they will use that power. also trump never had 'power' over anyone.. the media still held the same power they have today over the general public as they obviously do over you. the fact that trump is taking power from the media in the last 4 years and gives it back to the american people is what pisses them off most. if anything hitler was more like Obama in how he spoke and such

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