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  1. I'll try that- but he sounded pretty firm. I'm hoping I can talk him down If I can come up with other problems with the bike... looks like the front end might be out of alignment- maybe from a wreck. dont know till you get there heh thanks!
  2. thanks. I had already replaced it and got the bike back to the guy- he says it runs perfectly now. just wondering tho: How much would you charge for a tune up and what do you include with your tune up? I charged this guy $120 and changed the oil, sp, carb, checked timing and valve clearance, cleaned up the guts of his bike good, and realigned his front end. Is that fair or too much or too little? What would you charge and what would you include in a tune up?
  3. paint thinner? that would put me off thinking it would eat the plastics- but I guess thats kinda the goal here. you could probably use brake fluid too- that stuff eats the finish off everything haha
  4. oooh thanks Frank! Didnt know that- glad I didnt burn up anything all those times i did that- I was taught that you always turn the car on before jumping off of it... but yea its the same on atvs- when off, the battery has +/- 12v... when running, its like 13-15v...
  5. and btw so far I havnt wrecked a quad (or turned one over) and I've been riding over three years (i know not near as long as a lot of you guys but...haha) I learned on a 500cc sportsman so I dont think it matters what kind of bike you start on- just matters what kind of mindset you have riding it.. I follow my gut- If i start felling queasy, I tone it down a little...
  6. heh forgot to conclude this thread too. The carb was beat up so I couldn't do much with it- the bowl was warped or something and had all kinds of crap that the carb cleaner wouldnt touch inside.. ordered a new one for $30- adjusted (remember aftermarket carbs usually like leaner settings than eom. runs great now.
  7. I havnt had a bike with bad looking plastics so far, but I'm interested in how you did that too.. Improves the look soo much- went from a bike I wouldnt want to a bike I'd pay some $$$ for.
  8. so what is the right battery? Are all atvs compatible with each other? Cars to atvs? I have jumped many atvs and lawnmowers off my family's car... always wondered if I was going to fry something.. And size- does the size of the battery mean anything or that just capacity (like a bigger battery is just more 12vs than a small battery..
  9. does the oil go bad from sitting? (I mean, I would change it too if I were him) but I thought time didnt affect oil- just usage..
  10. I would check the idle first- had a friend that has a recon es and his wouldnt shift out of reverse unless you turned it off- simply because the idle was too high and the clutch wasnt disengaging. Turned the idle down, been working like a champ since Also, when did it first start this? Any event that might have caused it like taking it through water (maybe go into the shifter motor or something...)
  11. looking at this polaris 335 again.. https://roanoke.craigslist.org/snw/d/buchanan-1999-polaris-335-4x4/6814841462.html The guy said he would give it for 950 with a plow attachment. I'm going to be up his way this weekend and was thinking of at least going to look at it. Nada says its worth 600-1900 depending on condition.. right now it needs a starter and battery... (1900 would be like new cond which this thing is not, but it's looking great for its age..) kbb says its worth 1400 trade in or 2200 retail, but you almost never get as much as kbb says they'er worth I'm still interested in the 570 in NC, but the price is just out of my range and I doubt I can get there fast enough (this weekend is the soonest I could look at anything)
  12. oh thanks- was going to do this when I got around to working on it again... It might very well be valves out of clearance or something... another thing is the battery charges fine- but loses charge fast (like in a couple days if not charged) I would probably just let that slide since it hold charge overnight but I will definitely tell whoever buys it once I get it running that the battery could use changed.. anyone know what the valves clearance are on this bike?? And since the head is positioned almost below the crank, wont all the oil drain as soon as I remove the valve caps?
  13. we should start a thread to the atvs asking if they wear they're rings when riding.... its just not fair that they can I we cant... (or maybe I should say best not to)

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