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  1. i dont see where you get your number of 500000 from the largest number ive heard from the media is 200000 and that was a largly inflated number where the actual number turned out to be 90000. and you have to understand how they are counting "covid deaths' they have been grouping them with influenza and and pneumonia as well as counting those who died with covid as those who died from covid. i dont recall saying i believed anything thus far. i dont believe most of my friends have had covid, i know they have from having tested positive for covid 19. my grandparents both had covid 19 (also n
  2. yea and even with the 850s, its hit or miss and i think with the latest years the issue of the warped belt boxes has been fixed. but for anyone who does have a leak in the belt box, check for cracks (if your bike is used or has blown a belt recently) and check that the rubber gasket is not twisted or damaged and for me if i was knowingly going to take the bike deep, i would go ahead and replace the airbox and belt box gasket with a aftermarket thicker, twist resistant gasket
  3. and i agree name calling is useless.. doesnt get anyone anywhere. @davefrombc, when you say you hope i dont find out how dangerous covid is first hand, thats exactly what im trying to say: i have experienced it first hand and it is not even as bad as the seasonal flu. i live right beside a college town and work for my dad in college kids apartments just about every other day. i have yet to wear a mask, or take the vaccine. id be hard pressed to name you someone i know that hasnt had covid. none of them have been hospitalized, or died. all agree with me its no more serious then the seas
  4. its a health issue that wasnt a big issue until the left blew it up and closed down the economy, now its a economical issue thanks to big government. and it sounds more like you are trying to live in a fantasy world were ideally, no virus or flu is transmitted ever....at the cost of basically everything and everyone else. no im not wishing everyone would be sick all the time, but we live in a fallen world and stopping the spread of a virus is like trying to hold a gallon of water in your hand. its crazy how petrified people have become of getting germs or a virus nowadays when thats exactly
  5. thats only with the 850s that sometimes come from the factory with warped belt boxes. the 570s are tight, but every belt box will leak if the seal is not correctly repacked when you pull it apart. take the extra 5 mins to make sure the seal is not twisted and you should be good to go- same deal with the air box lid. for some people who like to go deep all the time, they will go and purchase an aftermarket seal thats thicker and wont twist and leak like the oem ive had my 570 4 foot in water for multiple minutes at a time and not a drop has ever got in the belt box have also had my 8
  6. then i call BS on all the covid tests, and if they are off or faulty, then there might not even be a pandemic, just made up numbers. covid is just another strain of the flu and isnt any more dangerous then the common flu. death rates are at an all time low for 2020 compared to 2019 and 2018 according to the cdc. there is way too much info and loose ends that havnt been explained. yes the flu can kill you, if you are not in good health or have pre existing conditions. thats why if you are sick its polite to not associate with folks until youre better. whats the real pandemic is all the fe
  7. ive had both strains of covid19. honestly, id rather have it over the flu. if the numbers which the media say are true i must be in a zone hardly affected by covid........and yet im told by the media i live in a red zone (right next to a college with approximately 1/3 of its students being foreign). i believe what i see with my eyes and i cant say that i know anyone thats died from covid or come close and i have a lot of friends, a very big extended family with cousins in multiple other states and one or two out of the country. the media is BSing us all and the government will run with it
  8. got another question on the same lines at the motor oil is how often do you all change youre diff fluid and trans fluid on your bikes and what do you use?
  9. update on this bike, found a wiring diagram, checked wiring, and its all good. swapped ECUs with my other scrambler and the ECU is good. took the bike to my local polaris dealer to dial in the tps and they charged me $100 to say the diagnostic tool said the new tps was toast. so back to the drawing board. ive heard of the timing gear on the cam jumping time on these machines so that may be an issue.. will check that also.
  10. unless the wiring has been tampered with i dont think you have a bigger issue on youre hands, i would guess the kill switch got bumped to where it was between the on setting and one of the off settings and started creating heat and then melted itself. only other place i could think of would be if youre battery terminals are loose AT ALL, they can cause spikes up and down in voltage, but that usually only cause the 4w not to run or not to charge the battery, not a short somewhere..
  11. alright update on the foreman, ive ordered a rod kit and new oil pump and im waiting on earning a little extra cash to buy a shop press and then im hopefully getting going on rebuilding the crankshaft
  12. i had a 110cc chinese 4w and it had a limiter in the ecu where if i gave it full throttle in the forward gear it would bog and die, i think youre running into the same issue.. they are very annoying because it keeps the atv from popping wheelies but also keeps it from having max power for hills and whatnot. youre also probably experiencing bogging from the carburetor like @davefrombc said, these chinese atv's weak point is the carburetor and theyre very hard to tune just right so that itll actually run strong
  13. but thanks to youtube and the folks here at quadcrazy and a couple other forums, ive made it thus far and am now helping my buddies whove got into atvs

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