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  1. i use valvaline 10w-40 [email protected] i like it and it seems to hold up well. i changed it out in my sportsman 500 and idk how but just changing the oil gave me an extra 700rpm on the top speed i think it was. went from topping at 6500rpm to 7200rpm lol as for seat covers thanks @Ajmboy also for the tips. so far the seats on my newer atvs have been in good condition and the older ones wernt worth more than a duct tape fix lol but i just got a rubicon thats in dire need of a new seat cover and id rather not make it look like a roll off dumpster with a duct tape seat
  2. oh that could be a problem- i would check over all the parts in your rearend and be sure nothing is tampered with that could have caused the atv to blow itself agian. as for the clip i order most of my parts off amazon and most of the time if im looking for a specific part and have the part number i will simply search the make and model of the atv followed by the part number and 90% of the time can easily find the exact part for my atv regardless of make or model. the only times i have trouble finding parts is on these little knock-off chinese atvs that they sell nowdays but yours is a well-known make and model- you should have no trouble finding what you need on amazon or ebay or the sight you have used.
  3. check compression, timing and valve lash- those can contribute to your symptoms. i agree [email protected] , cant be electric related or it would not fire period. had you tried cleaning your old carb before you bought a new one? the choke is another thing id check- if its stuck open, itll flood the motor enough to not run
  4. what part(s) from the rearend were you looking for? and what went wrong with it? also these old suzuki 500s are solid so dont give up on it
  5. oof have fun with that i hate drum brakes they suck on atvs
  6. these are fun little quads- ive owned two chinese atvs and 4 other small atvs. awesome to rip around on and even it you do turn it over it wont kill you lol. id check the oil and if you mesure the opening on your carb, you can usually find one of amazon that has a matching opening size. if you got water in your carb, it could have possibly worked down into the motor and then into the oil.
  7. thought id chime in here not sure if you knew that bombardier became can-am and can-am still uses rotax motors in their atvs and i assume jet skis and snowmobiles. i knew the first part (bombardier became can-am kinda like arctic cat became textron when it was bought by polaris) but i didnt know about rotax until i bought a sea-do jet ski and saw the "powered by rotax" label and then was looking at a newer (2017 or so) can-am outlander and saw the same label on the side panel below the seat.
  8. But it’s up and running good now. Upgraded it a little since then too received_119527162754816_1.mp4
  9. Great advice and that’s actually exactly what I did. Found out the reason the boot popped was because the boots were too wide and rubbed on the hub. Just rubbed until they got a hairline crack all around and started to leak. (The other lower boot started leaking too for the same reason)
  10. I’ve lost $3500 to a scam when I was 13. Same deal [email protected] came across. So yes, if it’s too good to be true, than it isn’t. Never ever send any money for any reason thru money gram or Walmart transfer or by taking pictures of eBay gift card and sending them to anyone. Always buy in person. No handshake, no deal is my rule.
  11. i have yet to wreck an atv.. ive come up on two wheels a number of times and ended up in the ditch in AL when spinning some donuts on the old sportsman 500 but never turned one over or hit something. i have almost flipped my lifted 570 hitting a ditch in a felid going about 40mph- had a trailer on it which kept the back end down. i did flip riding mower going up a hill and just recently broke my collarbone jumping a road scooter with a flat front tire. as for fire, ive done a lotta stupid stuff with fire but havnt caught anything i didnt want to on fire. ive drove an atv through a fire but thats about it. funny thing is my parents said id wreck an atv first, but the only times ive got hurt was on homemade things (was building the mower into a racing mower and had broke the seat off the scooter so i have to stand up on the pegs while riding it)
  12. we have a 80 acre farm that hasnt been touched in 20+ years that weve been clearing parts of so im in the same boat. broke my collarbone so i cant do much for a while but weve already cut a trail around the perimeter of the land (60% is woods). ive found that in most cases, with a peice of land 20 acres or more, you can find most of what youre looking for already there, just needing cleared. in the perimeter trail alone, theres stright stretches, of camber turns, a mud section/creek crossing, and i hill climb. all you gotta do is clear the way to whatever catches your eye. depending on the lay of your creek, it could be a real blast if you turned it into a trial. its super fun to go bashing up and down a creek on an atv throwing water and mud everywhere. the creek on the farm is really twisted up but im still hoping to make an entrance and ride up and down it. also is good to have a open space for those (like me) who have a need for speed and like to just let that throttle open for a bit
  13. it be like that sometimes... ppl will sell you something with a problem that they said wasnt there and then when you try to get some background on it the ghost u.. have had that happen before.

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