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  1. Rhino needs to forget about making unbreakable axles and start making ig switches👍😁
  2. Ima design heat resistant super glue that can withstand up to 500 degrees so people can use it on head gaskets and stuff👍👍
  3. Maybe try a better head gasket and some of that liquid gasket with it? Heck idk maybe throw some super glue in there too ya never know😂👍👍👍 sounds like my 350 warrior..blew its head gasket and also was leaking oil into the airbox thru the carb..but somehow still wasnt smoking lol
  4. Looks cool, @dee004. My concern would be how much stress they put on your front end when riding through mud or water, and if your fourman is too heavy for them. I believe the atv in that video looks like a recon which are SUPER light. Could be wrong though. Worth a shot for sure! Definitely couldn't hurt to give them a try.
  5. Oh that happened to me on my 800. I thought I blew a belt, but the rear drive shaft had blown up and dropped out of the atv lol. Heres a pic. Cost 80 for a new shaft works good now. I had noticed that the old drive shaft appeared to be to short as it only reached half way up the rear splines
  6. @marek porowski man that sucks. Ik what you mean tho, I rarely find time or a place to ride my atvs
  7. So turns out I still got this bike. One problem after another on it. So I bought the stock airbox and air filter put that on and ran good. Jb welded the hole in this side of the engine...but then I noticed the crankcase seal is leaking oil, and I was riding it one day and it started the old popped with throttle and started to try and seize up on me. I had just added oil ( due to the leak) so I thought I was good on that Turns out its spitting oil out the carb into the airbox as well as leaking out the crankcase. Looks like I'll have to rebuild the top and bottom end...again. not sure what went wrong? Lol. It still runs good cold. I get the weirdest atvs... my old 500 ran great on diesel fuel and this bike runs good for ab 5 mins with no oil 🤣🤣🤣
  8. Had you figured this one out [email protected] Troxtell? I say either it's a corroded connection (either a fuse or a plug for the pod) or moisture got inside the pod and shorted the whole thing like on mine. Let's hope it's the first cause those pods run 200 plus $$$
  9. Can you post some pics? Interested to see what all that looks like!
  10. Helpful info here, I have an 07 sportsman 800 and it was different for the older models. @David Miller, did this help you resolve your issues? What was the code for?
  11. Hahaha I was think 'heck this dude got ripped off" till I saw that 'SP'. Those 570 so models are SWEET with eps and all. Gonna be a solid bike for you brother. But yea a 2017 570 SP is definitely worth that.
  12. That's one of the best looking used belts I've eve seen! As far as replacing them, I blow my belts before i change them. I tried changing the belt in my 04 sportsman 500 once and couldn't tell any difference. Sense, I blew the belt on my 07 sportsman 800 and put the 15 yr old belt off the 500 in the 700 been running great ever since. I see no need to replace belts till they're in little chucks(it blew). As for which belt to get, it just needs to be for your model and year. I bought a $40 belt off Amazon and it works as well or better than oem. The big no-ons to avoid are letting water into the clutches (gets wet and slips) and sitting the atv for years (belt dry rots)
  13. Got it done. So I ordered a front end lower boot and it fit great! Bought off amazon. Heres some pics. Super easy to disassemble these cv axles if you have the right tools. I bought a cv clamp tightener/cremper and a set of circlip pliers and pics and swapped a lower boot in prolly 2 hours or less (including disassembly and reassembly of the atv. You can see in the first pic I was able to clamp the stock boot with a pipe clamp, but the lower end came apart and lost the clamp. these pics are kinda in order of how I replaced the boot Never mind they didnt upload in the right order
  14. But I havnt found what kinda axles is on it so idk what I'll do when I break an axle.

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