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  1. i do actually, it works great, tho its hotwired and i never got it road legal.. but its still plenty fun just to run around and tear it up.. at some point i may sell it for parts or use parts off it for something else..
  2. They look sweet man!! I'd buy one if I came across a good deal! Not a kawi motor tho
  3. Hey bud, hope others on the forum can help out as I'm not familiar in this area yet. Just wanted to ask how you like predators? I was looking at maybe getting one or a scrambler.
  4. Yea start simple, smell gas in tank so make sure it's not diesel or have water in it. Clean carb, black crap in gas sounds like gaskets in carb going bad or some other source of dry rotted rubber. I'd replace gas lines and fuel filter, clean tank and carb with some carb cleaner, check carb gaskets, throw it back together with some fresh gas and fire it up!
  5. 2x4 or 4x4 shouldn't matter for wiring as long as it's the same year right?
  6. i just try stuff till it works.. also prolly why most of my stuff always breaks
  7. i definitely hear the tick in the vid, i would double/triple check your timing and valve adjustment... maybe you adjusted it to the wrong tdc? its a 4 stroke so there are two. could be a belt valve, but sound to me like its out of time currently. why did he bring it to you? did it jump time on him or just wouldnt start one day or stopped while he was on the trail or what?
  8. my experience has been that for the most part (of course there are exceptions with everything) that polaris has the most reliable motors, trans and all.. but have smaller issues that come with any cvt independent susp atv. and personally id rather change an axle here and there then have the solid rear axle. and although the manual, footshift, and es bikes are a lot of fun to goof of with, when it comes to actually getting down the trail, id prefer a cvt drive-train. so i didnt know arctic cat used kawi motors- that would turn me away in a sec.. what years were they using kawi motors? were they having trouble with the suzuki motors too? so i think overall, it depends on what youre looking for.. a farm beat up machine that you need big power out of i little engine at low speeds, i might consider a footshift or es. for trail riding, mudding, or pretty much anything else, i would prefer a cvt. even with the belt/axle issues they have along the way.
  9. yea...gotta be careful about getting water in the clutch on cvt units, best to treat it like an air intake. i have a 800 that will most likely blow a couple axles, just because ive lifted it 4 inches (max is usually 2-3in with stock a arms, axles, and no portals.. but its done great so far. same would happen to any atv even the bigger hondas like the rincon that have independent rear suspension..
  10. hate kawasaki.. just wanted to throw that in there... friend that works on a bunch of atvs feels the same.. kawis are really good at having engine trouble..
  11. but, i dont think hondas are complete crap- obviously depends on how its been treated.. if i found a good deal, id buy one. thats one thing that ill give them- the recons and fourtraxs are fairly cheap. i just wish honda would make like a cvt rubicon or rincon so they could actually compete with polaris, canam, yamaha, suzuki, arctic cat, and the rest. but yes ive never touched an arctic cat so i cant root for them personally. would buy one in a heartbeat if i found a good deal tho!! [email protected], maybe you could get my 86 350trx to fire..? its on 50psi compression rn.. it blew up as i was riding it up the drive.
  12. another friend with an 04 Rubicon 500 that i had to work on a fair bit just to get it to start (replaced starter, relay and battery) and even when i was riding it around, felt like a was sitting on about 300cc worth of power have another friend that owns a early 2000s foreman 400 and takes it through a pond while duck hunting and now the whole frame squeaks bad (shocks, bearings, steering linkage...) i done the same with my 500 and it hasn't given me any trouble
  13. dont have much experience with arctic cat... i think they are wayyy underrated atvs. personal fav of polaris and arctic cat. next prolly yamaha and canam. my only issue with polaris is i wish they would put some spunkier clutches in their bikes, and please forget the engine braking!! engine braking is the only thing that bothers me.. but also nice- had a friend that let his calipers wear out (didnt ever replace brake shoes) and still drove his 500 around with no brakes. im into the bigger quads (500cc+) and in my opinion honda just cant keep up with a cvt tranny. on the other hand, i have two hondas which dont run, and two (one as of yesterday) that ALWAYS ran after the initial fix up when i bought them. have a friend that hates his 2012 recon 250 as hes had problems out of everything front to rear. and he was a honda hugger too. same story with me. i loved honda till i tried polaris and never looked back

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