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  1. JacobSlabach

    Do you wear your ring?

    I am not married yet (no duh I'm 15). If I got married, I wouldnt want anything fancy- probably just a band... wouldn't take it off for anything probably simply cause I would forget that it was there lol
  2. JacobSlabach

    1997 Kawasaki Bayou 300 2x4 (klf300b) Runs Bad

    I will try to get one..
  3. JacobSlabach

    95 500l , new to Polaris!

    Ive never owned a 2-stroke either, but Polaris wont let you down
  4. JacobSlabach

    1997 Kawasaki Bayou 300 2x4 (klf300b) Runs Bad

    heres the pic i put up at the beginning btw
  5. JacobSlabach

    Buying a used bike

    I will give that to Honda- they do take about anything you throw at them (at least the es and foot-shifts do) I really dont like how the automatics like the Rubicon perform-- they are 500cc (big) atv that feels like its got a 110cc engine in it) I will say that after watching my buddy run his 02 Sportsman 500 70+mph (no joke) and jump it over 4 feet in the air over and over again and swamping it just about every week with no snorkel and mud/water up to the racks, I feel pretty good about how Polaris (at least the sporstmans) hold up. His carb finally blew up after keeping the throttle pegged on some trails for over an hour.. He takes care of other peoples stuff..not his own.. He used it this way for i think about 4 or 5 years before the carb blew up and he popped a front axle.. now hes switched over to his 04 sportsman 400 and uses the 500 for parts..
  6. yea some folks are like that... just out to scam people.. I got screwed on the bayou 300 I bought too.
  7. JacobSlabach

    Winch 4 less

    did that come with a mounting plate?
  8. JacobSlabach

    Buying a used bike

    yes definitely the worst mistake you can make when buying a used atv- getting in any kind of hurry.. dont ask me how I know-- just check out my thread '97 bayou 300 runs bad'
  9. JacobSlabach

    93 Bayou 300c 4x4 - My first used toy

    Like my dad has always beat into my head, the best vehicle/atv is one that runs, gets the job done, and is paid for. As for experience, I got into atvs when I was around 10 and only just got my first one (the bayou) in June knowing nothing about them. Everything I know now is thanks to youtube and this forum. I'm really in the same boat as you. As for the winch, you can get it mounted on anything- my bayou was by no means built for a winch, but I used a piece of steel to 'bridge the gap' and just bolted the mounting-plate to that. I'm surprised your bike doesnt have diff lock? I thought all bayous at least models like mine had it.. It definitely helps with 2x4.. weight... yes it certainly does! If you throw 400 pounds of sand/salt bags on your racks, you can pull anything. thats one thing I was impressed with my bayou. I made a dump trailer for it that had the capasity of 3 wheelbarrows and loaded it down with mulch and it pulled it up a steep bank no problem. I'd sell you my 97 bayou 300 right now for $1200..or even $1000. its got a tick in the exhaust rocker.. I dont want it because of the whole cvt/4x4 thing I already told you about..well I guess you already know all about it from the '97 bayou 300 runs bad' thread.
  10. JacobSlabach

    Buying a used bike

    biggest con is most definatly the trans. Even that 'automatic' bikes have transitions like cars and have trouble finding the right gear to give that perfect balance between power and speed that you get with cvt, which for me is everything. Another one that comes to mind is the rigid axle in the rear. VERY easy to flip and trust me, I know from experience. at least the bayou has two shocks in the back and a flex axle where one side can absorb and still give the other side support. But for me, the trans is the biggest flaw with hondas. if you took a cvt trans with the same power and an automatic trans and raced them, the cvt would win every time. but if you were looking for just a ride here or there farm use bike, a honda would probably do great. I do agree that they are great bikes, just not as good as polaris, yamaha, arctic cat, or canam but dont get me wrong, I'm not a Honda hater- just not for high performance which is what I'm looking for.
  11. JacobSlabach

    Buying a used bike

    yea ok. my main point was that a Honda could not stand how I drive atvs. Did not mean to throw shade at anything, I would get a Honda to resell if I found a good deal too.. just wouldn't want it for myself.
  12. JacobSlabach

    Buying a used bike

    I agree that Hondas are crap as far as performance and durability. If i were to drive a Honda like i drive my bayou (and that still doesnt hold up), the Honda turn out looking like the one above... I know no life but the savage full throttle wound out life... Polaris and Yamaha are the way to go
  13. JacobSlabach

    1997 Kawasaki Bayou 300 2x4 (klf300b) Runs Bad

    lol also dont want to leave out the other folks that helped out on this thread too.. Thanks guys!
  14. JacobSlabach

    93 Bayou 300c 4x4 - My first used toy

    As far a Kawasakis go, I'm not a fan. the Kawasakis I have known/driven have not been built/held up well. I had nothing but trouble out of mine..(I do realize it was beat to pieces before I got it and like you, I paid an ram and a leg for it and have put in almost twice as much as I bought for it) For plowing, I have never gotten the chance to plow with an ATV, (bayou never held up long enough to get a plow on it ) I think a bigger 4x4 cvt beast would do better for plowing. Also, I think maybe efi would perform better for cold starts...? I just got a Polaris sportsman 500cc 4x4 and its a 900 pound pure beast! Still getting it running but I think that would do awesome for plowing! Anyway, I'm not trying to be the jerk that always tells you you made the wrong choice... I think my bayou is just a beat up lemon. I think this bike would do awesome for plowing!! I got beefy 25 inch wheels on mine and it gets so much traction, its scary...and its 2x4... I think the worst thing you can do is question your decision on which bike you bought. Just jump in and be all in with this bike rather than wishing you got something else or a different model or whatever..
  15. JacobSlabach

    93 Bayou 300c 4x4 - My first used toy

    I would ALWAYS go with cvt for atvs.