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  1. Frank, thanks for the info - I will try to prime the new petcock this weekend with a hose - that sounds like a good idea - will use the existing hose that goes to carb. *** but shouldn't the fuel pump be spitting out gas to the other side when I crank the engine? it isn't doing this....
  2. I thought a petcock was a petcock (for a king quad 300). I got it on ebay for about 10 clams. it is different from original - the anchor holes line up on the tank perfectly but the diaphragm on the new on is slightly smaller than the original - and the rubber gasket on new petcock is just a hair too large for the original petcock, so much so that i'd have to splice it, defeating the purpose of the gasket and risking a leak. I put original petcock back on today and it was leaking at the switch side (the on, prime, reserve side) - it seats well at against gas tank but the diaphragm, being 20 years old, is flat. i didn't want to spend 100 clams on new, crazy-expensive petcock to fit my specific machine but I may have to (120 on amazon and ebay - can't return it if used - lovely). I watched a youtube video of a guy "fixing" a petcock on his Harley (similar carbs, apparently) - he elongated internal spring AND warped the inner metal piece even more (to increase tension/pressure behind the switch side) but this didn't work to remedy the issue. this is getting frustrating, especially having a funky model x mukini and not the y version - there are plenty of parts for the y version. might oughta consider selling the beast as is - it didn't cost me anything. or take it to a shop and spend a few hundred clams - I don't know if it's even worth that much.
  3. posted a while back - it was running at one point - I have all the plastic shroud off - it's down to frame and engine now -fuel pump: when line from petcock is attached, no fuel comes out other side to carb; the line to the carb is open (can blow through it); I thought when I cranked engine that the pump would spit out fuel on other side but it does not; I removed fuel pump and opened it up - diaphragm looks good - but internal areas had lotsa calcification build up - I cleaned this out and dried it good - the clear plastic pieces (?diaphragms) aren't broken - the spring w/ steel ball on end moves freely; am putting it back on tomorrow; but can anyone answer about the pump? isn't it supposed to pump fuel through it... to other side... to carb? puzzling -along with fuel pump: I replaced petcock 3 weeks ago (gas tank had rusty fuel in bottom - cleaned it out prior to new petcock); when I turn petcock arrow NOT to on or reserve, fuel comes out of line; when I turn it to on or reserve, fuel doesn't come out; puzzling -I don't know what's on back of fuel pump - it's a valve that has a hose coming out of it - looks like it goes to engine/carb - I haven't traced this out yet - what is it? -can squirt gas on air filter and engine will run for 2-3 seconds then stop - fuel in top of carb (under diaphragm) does same -it likely needs carb rebuild - will get to this - but something isn't allowing fuel to get from fuel pump to carb -I THINK it has a mikuni model x carb - diaphragm is ID 26mm OD 68mm - hard to find inexpensive diaphragm, I guess because it's a model x -last thing - I replaced solenoid due to old one clicking; I HAVE to be charging the battery or it won't start/turn over - battery just goes dead; but if charging, it'll turn over nicely; i'm guessing it's a bad battery -any help appreciated - I've never owned an ATV before - inherited this beast from grandparent in-law
  4. Dra O

    Dra O

  5. It was, as some mentioned, the battery. I had a cheap, tiny battery from Academy - worked only a few times - likely not enough juice but it was rated for atvs. recharged the old one fully and it is working. ordered some back 25x10x12 tires from ebay tonight for 115 clams - not a bad price - old ones worn nearly flat. Are there any heavier duty batteries you guys recommend? Are foreign batteries decent? Big differences in prices. And: taking off the fenders - there are Phillips head screws on outer and a nut of some sort inside fender wells. I nearly stripped the outer screw at one place earlier. What's an easy way to take off the screws? Might need to bite the inside nut w/ a wrench....
  6. I’ll get the o-ring - thanks for the advice. Was hauling brush today and the Quad stopped. Made a clicking sound while trying to start. Is this the starter? Can a layman with a bit of small engine repair experience change it? Battery is new. Hate to be throwing a thousand questions at this forum since I’m new....
  7. Thanks for replying AJ. The oil actually looks pretty good per finger dip from back pan - air filter and spark plug very clean. The video covers a lot. Thanks again.
  8. 1999 King Quad - recently inherited per grandfather in law's death - has 6100 miles (or hours... likely miles). Brakes work, forward/reverse operable, lights intact, pulls bad to the right but has good general power. Tires are literally bald. I don't see any general leaking of fluids around engine. Will only be using it for general things around my land - no racing/mudding. Since I don't know the maintenance schedule (likely maintained fairly routinely), what things should I be looking for? 1) I want to look at/change oil - can do that - but was looking at youtube video - is that a rubber gasket i'll need to replace where the oil filter goes? Is there a chance I won't have to replace said gasket if I'm careful? It's no problem getting one online.... 2) Will pull/inspect spark plug - likely replace. 3) What other general things would you guys recommend I focus on? Or maybe I should just wait until something happens! Any advice appreciated.

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