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  1. A bit shinier than my '99 KQ 300. That's a beautiful machine right there. Wowsa.
  2. Given the number of experts on this site, you'll likely find MORE than you need here. It's truly amazing the depth of knowledge on this site. Welcome aboard.
  3. We can only hope. Talk about a literal slap in the face to every breathing dimocrat. To be forever known as cheaters - what a shameful "party."
  4. it IS a joke - and notice how relatively-quiet dimocrats are about the issue - they KNOW it's wrong but what's done is done - they also know that the other side will do nothing... and they're correct. too early for a revolution but that's all that remains - and best of luck mobilizing hundreds of thousands.
  5. Apparently, in Michigan (I forgot where) 100k Biden votes just... magically appeared today? And they were ALL votes for Biden? Not one single vote was for Trump? That's statistically impossible. Unsure the validity of this but it wouldn't surprise any rational person. Could the dimocratic party be ANY more ridonkeylous or obvious with this one? No. U.S. Suburbs: gone as we once knew them - to eventually have the lovely addition of low income housing. This bodes well for home appreciation, crime and graduation rates in (the) affected areas Gotta appreciate ANY government doing this to a community or nation. Healthcare for all: this is going to be the most interesting change of all. I give it 18 months. I'll say it again: Dimocrats hate America and love socialism. What a shameful, embarrassing lot.
  6. Heard today that the numbers in NY are tanking, which is good for everyone.
  7. Now THAT's funny. I've seen workers in my town riding side saddle - and they're some "larger than normal" boys - not two cares given The u joint on the outer axle I pulled was welded in place - 4 spots - strange. I pulled out the inner axle and it had a lotta rust dust on it - what does this tell me about the center of the transmission that connects the axles? That there's no grease in there? Stupid question but does it need grease, or is it a bigger u-joint that doesn't require it? I'd guess it would but i'm not the atv king. I think I can push back the inner cv boot enough to get to the center if needed- use something long to cram grease in it both sides....
  8. Admin - I was able to upload it Community - you ever seen such a sight?
  9. perfect shape - no reason for the left rear tire not to rotate freely not difficult to remove for a novice will try to send other picture if can decrease the size - it's even more perfect
  10. that's what I think. if they last 8-10 years, even better. and i'm looking at doing all of them - the CV boots are dried up anyway - it's only a matter of time until the others start to grind. gotta figure out a way to move the 600 pound beast 30 feet to my workshop - I guess that's what teenage boys are for thanks, spock
  11. if it were your 20 year old machine - that runs really nice - what would you do? the guy is reasonable, but I wouldn't know if I need just an axle... or also a u joint... or also something else. mechanics often find things ya really don't need - and not being a mechanic and a novice ATV rider helps very little. not trying to take up your time
  12. thanks, spock - you ever see one pop through the metal like that? how the hell would you go about moving the machine since that wheel is locked up? not finding new ones on amazon or ebay - not checked cycle shops yet - but i'd guess $150 apiece
  13. i'd seen that video before but couldn't find product online - I think amazon cancelled it - ordered some self-fusing rubber tape from china that i'm going to evaluate - worth a shot unsure if mentioned that I took KQ to atv guy - valves needed adjusting - clutch was slipping some - carb needle adjusted while there and it runs/idles the best it ever has - he said it was running too rich while there atv guy asked if i'd heard any popping noise from back end - I hadn't - 2 weeks later, I hear popping - today the back left wheel locked up - see picture will the wheel spin freely if I take off wheel and other inner parts? or is it doomed to never roll again, until axle is fixed? and can that area be welded or am I looking at a whole new back end?
  14. I don't think I could grow a full beard if I self-infused testosterone over two weeks. Meanwhile, a friend of mine had a full "man" beard at 16. Crazy. Where the heck has Frank been? He's usually a post-daily cat. Hopefully he / his family are okay and non-covid. Be paying attention to things, especially this fall when/if kids return to school - seasonal flu traditionally rears its ugly head around that time - don't be complacent... this crap can kill. Some key physical markers we're looking at are: shortness of breath, really low oxygen levels, red or bluish "spots" on toes/legs (see petechiae on internet), fever and overall appearance (the person just looks sick or ill) - if I see a person with 1 to 2 of these characteristics, depending on their social/medical history, they're going STRAIGHT to the hospital. Better safe than sorry. And keep wearing that mask every place you go. --> Could use advice on CV boot if/when you have a moment - it's under my "1999 suzuki king quad fuel pump/petcock/carb advice" post dated 19 May.

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