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  1. @David Land Thank you for your service God bless.
  2. Well that sucks. I am here with the wife and dogs. I am fortunate. I live in a farming community. We are doing ok. Went out riding the other day. 20200401_141908.mp4
  3. Turn switch on so we can see dash.
  4. have you cleaned the gas tank?? it should be cleaned out. Petcock can be cleaned also.may have a screen in there also. lets see the u-joints
  5. You can also put a splash shield on the trailer.
  6. whitestar auction is in Southern Michigan. You can view their past actions. Its first Saturday of the month.
  7. I would do the oil and filter first. It sat 5 years its due.
  8. Good stuff. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk

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