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  1. motonerd


  2. Thanks AJMBOY! Also thanks for the H-Birthday wishes everyone!
  3. Thanks OB, I'm going to try this soon.... Well this morning I sprayed carb cleaner, outside first, then inside, finally inside with motor running. It ran worse than ever! I figured it just lodged the dirt further into the carb so I turned carb upside down and it worked! Here are some photos of my ride. THANKS OXY BLACK!! Note... the next ride I took I experienced the same problem. I had to disassemble the carb to clean it better.
  4. It starts right up and idles fine, but bogs down when accelerating. Runs fine at higher rpms. Thanks! I am lucky to live here.
  5. I have ridden almost every week since I bought my BB in January. But today I started having some stalling problems:no:
  6. Thank you for voting for the old Big Bear! Congrats' Gunny!
  7. I'm well Earthmover. I have watched some of your video's, very entertainig!
  8. Hi, I thought I should kinda introduce myself. I have been a dirt biker since I was 12. I always thought atv's were cool. I rented atv's a couple of times in Nevada, where I rode the Logandale trails. It was a lot of fun. I really enjoy this forum and look forward to more posts, pictures, and videos. Here are some recent photos, 5/4/2013, The bike is my Honda XR 500.
  9. I went for a short ride today. Gotta love those ape hangers!
  10. I need the service manual for a 1997 big bear 350.

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