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  1. Jacob was right. I just finished up scraping out mud probably for 2006. Spark plug has never been changed. New plug, new coil will be here Thursday. Also checked the tps and found _C00 google is my friend and told me it needs to be -C00 and 2 screws loosened and adjusted its now at -C00 so I’m pretty confident I got it! Thanks for everyone’s help and fast responses. Sent the same question to a Suzuki forum and got 1 reply SO THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE!!!
  2. @MarkinAR what ever it is it’s hard. I got mud in it the other day stalled out cleaned it out even used long Allen key and compressed air
  3. @Frank Angerano Thank you yes the boot goes in but does not completely fill gaps around the sides so that’s why I was assuming that is some kind of silicone. I’m just trying to figure out What’s going on with the bottom of the cylinder head where the spark plug screws in. I cannot get any socket to grip on to the spark plug but you didn’t make a good point about just pulling the cylinder head off worst case I will try that.
  4. @Frank Angerano the blue is I’m guessing a sealer to keep water, mud, etc out. That is looking down at the spark plug.
  5. Just bought 06 KingQuad 700 and first ride out hit a mud hole, not to deep and it shut off and would not start. Got it home and found the spark plug hole was full of mud and water. Went and bout a new spark plug and began cleaning it out. Put a deep socket in there and it wouldn’t grab. Took a pic with my flash and this is what I see. Any suggestions? And what is it?? previous owner said it had a new coil so that’s why I decided to change out the spark plug, also ordered new coil should be here by the weekend.

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