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  1. is yours done or are your finishing the outside? how do you operate it? pretty awesome tho!
  2. btw heres a YouTube vid of the vid behind that.. amateur at wheelies- your seeing my first tries..
  3. so thanks to the forum for helping as i complete my first successful flip.. Yamaha runs great, now for the right sale price and shes gone..
  4. so i jumped it from the warrior.. didnt feel like rubbing in the 'polaris jumping a honda thing...' jk. @davefrombc the really old hondas have the gas tank under the seat beside the muffler (metal gas tank right beside the muffler doesnt sound smart to me but whatever..) and have to have a pump to get the gas up to the bowl. air box takes the usual gas tank's spot on these bikes. so i think you guys are right- i think the pump is defective. i will contact ebay and try to get a replacement.. i thought the issue was the battery when the bike ran dry first...maybe so but then when i jumped it and got it to run, the pump started to leak.. btw whats the best think to do with bad batteries? Is there any way to fix them like getting new battery acid or any way to get any money from them?
  5. go for it mom! there will be some times you feel like giving up on your project or on fixing atvs altogether but keep at it, its a lot of fun! keep us posted!
  6. got the new fuel pump in and installed it between the actual gas tank, primed it, hooked it up to the carb and she ran great for about 5 mins than choked out like it was starving for gas and then i couldnt kickstart it... i guessed that it was because it has an electric fuel pump and my battery is busted.. jumped it and the fuel pump starts leaking gas from itself (like the actual pump) checked all hoses connected to it and none are leaking, just the pump itself which is brand new. dont know what to do now... first time working with an electric pump.. all i know is polaris vacuum pump..
  7. how do you know its boiling? lol i saw the title for this thread and was like wtf???? i have a yamaha warrior too and never have issues with gas getting too hot... i had a clutch smoking issue but that was from junk in between the clutch plates.. if gas boils from 2-400 degrees, than your gas tank would be melted before the gas could start boiling. I would agree that you have a badly vented tank causing a vacuum inside. if you take apart your gas cap, theres prolly some junk in there. preventing air from entering or exiting the tank when needed.. but seriously- all the youtubers out there need you to come up with their clickbait..
  8. i dont think polaris's have neutral safety switches. i know the sportsmans dont. I can electric start mine in any gear (H,L,N,R,P) and the older ones were like that too, just had H,L,N,R tho.
  9. your talking about the kill switch @Frank Angerano right? so if you jump the relay, it starts? I would say kill switch, ignition, or relay is you problem. If the kill switch is bad, then wont it cut power to the plug too? I say try a new starter relay and see what happens. easy to check the kill switch and key too tho! ALWAYS try the simple stuff first even if its not likely... pays off trust me. Also, make sure your battery is not hooked up backwards and the wires have good contact with the terminals.
  10. by all means strip that aftermarket for gaskets! just not the jets
  11. awesome! another trick for removing stripped screws that i use all the time is to use a cutting wheel on a Dremel tool and cut a slot across the head of the screw (not too deep or it'll break off) and use a flat head screwdriver to remove the screw. use this all the time on brake master cylinder caps and stripped carb screws. never managed to strip one myself.. dunno how these people do it..lol whatever
  12. funny how we usually think something wrong is buried deep within a bike thats making it not run right and all the time it was right under our nose.. happens to me all the time.. check the little stuff first i guess...
  13. ohhh i see. well most of the time they dont make sxs that narrow to prevent roll-overs. so the 570 rzr is 50in wide but only a two seater. there is a 570 ranger 4 seater but its 60in wide. the most narrow rzr 4 seater is also 60in wide. i was just looking at polaris' website for this, maybe theres others out there but i'd guess the width would end up about the same..
  14. and the plastics arnt that good looking on this bike- i stitched them together with zip ties
  15. yeah thats what im thinking.. the tick seems to be getting worse too.. i'm gonna order a fuel pump first and see if that fixes the makeshift gas tank..
  16. wasnt getting gas. duh lol im stupid.. so im gonna order a pump. could hear the old one making clicking noises but wasnt pumping anything. also all rusty form water getting in it. the tick is getting worse.. dont know if im ready to put another 100 into it for a rocker or not.. pretty darn quick for an old 4 speed quad tho...
  17. haha well i love the work.. and with atvs, play is just mixed in
  18. yea, the plastics could use work but i just dont have time... oh well got two jobs and these projects... another job next week.. lol
  19. oh and i took those ugly lights off and put on the lightbar that i used to have on my bayou on this bike: lol those are gopro pics- and its date is off.. i took those this afternoon
  20. ohhh ok thats what i thought. so i think there IS a breather, but it didnt hook up to the old airbox nor was there a place for it to hook up. it just stuck up and dead-ended under the gas tank.. i tucked it under the carb so it wouldnt collect rain (i believe this was how water got into the engine from sitting out for years). anyway i bought a 45mm high flow filter for 20 and it looks beautiful! sputtered at top end so i adjusted it richer like you said and now it runs great. I was having issues with the clutch engaging to hard and stalling me but it softened up and is easy to drive now. so i put it up on CL today for $1700. prolly have to drop the price but who knows.... almost want to keep it- its soo fun to rip around.. even just around my shed i was raising clouds of dust and making berms..
  21. sounds like a good plan to me- ive had trouble with those stripped screw heads too- sometimes heat works- but not very safe to use a blow torch on a carb cause of the gas...
  22. im a huge fan of polaris' RZRs. i think they are mostly 60in to 70in wide.. the turbo s velocity is their latest model- pretty high dollar but it can sure go fast. i dont think you will find many 50in sxs out there because being that narrow posses a roll threat.. whats keeping you at 50in? polaris also sells rangers with are work geared and the general which is pretty much a rzr with a dump bed.. hope this helps! [email protected] Angerano is right- you can fit a bunch of people on the polaris big boss- they still make them i think..

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