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  1. oh shoot. I didnt take any because I knew what I was doing this time. apologies to the forum! Will take pics of the warrior as I get to it.
  2. haha ok. It could be too much voltage going into your stater that is slowly burning it out or just cheap aftermarket staters? If you continue having issues, I would ask on the forum and see if its something else other than the stater thats causing your issue... And again, every atv will have some sort of issue at some point.. Polaris just doesnt have internal (motor/tranny) issues near as much as other brands.
  3. update: Rebuilt the bike with: New piston New rings New top end gasket kit New valves Honed cylinder. Compression rose from 60psi to 120psi Runs great and a lot stronger. Owner pleased. I guess this is my first successful rebuild lol- I think I was losing compression again with the last one because I didnt replace the valves or hone the cylinder.
  4. polaris is also reliable, but is known for having electrical issues here and there (mainly starter and relay I believe)
  5. put very well. I dont have a wife and kids yet but they come first! Suzuki makes good work/farm quads! very tough and built like a tank doesnt beat polaris though
  6. polaris sportsman coming through once again........ I was 15 (16 now) when I got a 97 kawasaki bayou 300. lets just say it taught me a lot and I sold it before it taught me more.... bsought it for $1000 (dumb move), sunk $1800 into it, and sold it for $800
  7. Yes the crankshaft spins freely right now and always did. ok. should I flush and then split the case or just split it now and see what kinda crap is going on in there? Also I noticed that the sprocket will turn about 1/8 turn if I switch the directional lever (from reverse to drive and vise versa)
  8. haha thanks- yes I almost lost one on the bayou...
  9. haha ok. Can I do the clutch work now since I already have it exposed? and should I put the top end together before or after I flush the crank case? btw, I checked the rod for play and its tighter(like it should be- its not locked up or hard to turn or anything) than the rod on the big bear haha And the timing chain is a little rusted on a couple links, but none of them are locked up. My only concern is that the drive sprocket still wont move even though the motor is in neutral
  10. sweet bike brother!! how much you pay for it? Thats probably what my next bike would look like after I fix up my current ones
  11. So my parents have not let me get my license yet and I need to get around to gets parts and stuff. Answer: Yamaha CW50 scooter. This is a 2-cycle self-mixing scooter that so far, I am really surprised with the power output and speed. It reaches about 45mph since the speedo has been disconnected and has plenty of power for two riders. Its stupid looking, but with some work and a title and plate, it'll take me around town.. My issue is this: No key. I bought it for $150 from a friend and he bought it from someone for $100 who wired in a switch in place of the ignition. That guy got it form his neighbor who's renter left it behind. The scooter will run with this switch on or off (kill switch on handlebar kills engine) To get it tiled and a plate so its road worthy, I need to get the ignition working either by a replacement key or a new ignition. All wires are cut to the ignition and the switch turned on the power to the signal light switch. Also, the 2-cycle oil was leaking out the carb, through the air filter and onto the scooter. also, it runs great, but its making blue smoke with throttle and the muffler is wet with oil. (I have new signal lights for it btw) So the issues I have with it summed up: No key (need new ignition) smokes burnt out headlight- can I replace them with LEDs?
  12. getting parts in- I ordered a valve compressor but it hasnt come in yet... So I have new valves, a top end seal kit, new rings, piston, and wrist pin. I have the honer too which I will use on the cylinder (it does have some minor scratching from the rings)
  13. dont have kerosene on hand, would gas do ok or is that gonna encourage more rust? I found out that the engines are the same between the big bear 350 and the warrior 350 (other than the drive train of course). So I did get an extra pair of cylinder and head gaskets. so should I get the top end back together before I flush the engine or after? The piston rings look good (they still have the tapered edges) and the cylinder isn't scratched but I'm still going to hone it cause its got the rust ring from the rings in it. Also, can I just use gasket material on the clutch cover since I've already removed that? And anything I should do with the clutch before I put it back together?
  14. great choice! those 570s put out almost as much hp as the kodiak and griz 700s. haha polaris should just hire me for sales...
  15. didnt know they existed... that would really put me off not being able to handle the atv I was looking at buying, but I totally understand why they do that-- some jerks just want to screw up stuff and then leave without undoing whatever they did..
  16. the same thing happened on my bayou- rear end seized, I thought my diff went but it was the brakes seized up (it wasnt after sitting or anything- just started it up one day rode it around and parked it and then tried to roll it and it wouldnt budge. I opened up the drums and the pads had come off the shoes and jammed. I had to get new brake shoes. I would open it up before you do anything else such as buying new brake shoes tho
  17. it looks like maybe a 90s-97...? I know mine was a 97. Yea that hole in the diff is not supposed to be there. the cap below it is the fill plug and theres a drain plug underneath.
  18. its a 300. same style as mine. same clutch cover, plastics around the gas tank, frame settunp, engine, handlebars, same diff locking system.....screams bayou 300 to me. whats wrong with it? or is it just missing plastics?
  19. btw, thanks to quad crazy for making this forum easy to use! my bike's derailleur hanger broke and I was trying to ask for help because I couldnt find the part online.... first the forum wouldnt let me post a pic till I had 10 posts (whats the purpose of that????) then it wouldnt let me post more than 5 posts (and I was being as helpful as I could) in 24 hours... it's like they are trying to make it as hard as possible to use their forum... THANK YOU to quad crazy for an easy-to-use forum!!
  20. yea definitely bikes. just 4=wheel bikes
  21. okay. is it OK to use cheap engine oil or should I buy that Valvoline oil just for flushing it? should I try using a honer on this cylinder as well? (there is a rust ring from where the piston partially locked up)
  22. Ok, so should I hone it only if its scratched or just in general?
  23. ok. how do you clean the piston, and also the head? Its got black build-up and I'm worrying about the new valves sealing correctly. I tried carb cleaner on the bayou with no effect... maybe oven cleaner? I herd that stuff will cut through some baked on crap.. Maybe I could try it on another piston first (I still have the old bayou piston with crud on it)

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