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  1. i have yet to wreck an atv.. ive come up on two wheels a number of times and ended up in the ditch in AL when spinning some donuts on the old sportsman 500 but never turned one over or hit something. i have almost flipped my lifted 570 hitting a ditch in a felid going about 40mph- had a trailer on it which kept the back end down. i did flip riding mower going up a hill and just recently broke my collarbone jumping a road scooter with a flat front tire. as for fire, ive done a lotta stupid stuff with fire but havnt caught anything i didnt want to on fire. ive drove an atv through a fire but thats about it. funny thing is my parents said id wreck an atv first, but the only times ive got hurt was on homemade things (was building the mower into a racing mower and had broke the seat off the scooter so i have to stand up on the pegs while riding it)
  2. we have a 80 acre farm that hasnt been touched in 20+ years that weve been clearing parts of so im in the same boat. broke my collarbone so i cant do much for a while but weve already cut a trail around the perimeter of the land (60% is woods). ive found that in most cases, with a peice of land 20 acres or more, you can find most of what youre looking for already there, just needing cleared. in the perimeter trail alone, theres stright stretches, of camber turns, a mud section/creek crossing, and i hill climb. all you gotta do is clear the way to whatever catches your eye. depending on the lay of your creek, it could be a real blast if you turned it into a trial. its super fun to go bashing up and down a creek on an atv throwing water and mud everywhere. the creek on the farm is really twisted up but im still hoping to make an entrance and ride up and down it. also is good to have a open space for those (like me) who have a need for speed and like to just let that throttle open for a bit
  3. it be like that sometimes... ppl will sell you something with a problem that they said wasnt there and then when you try to get some background on it the ghost u.. have had that happen before.
  4. canam is like BMW. if buying one doesnt drain your $$$, fixing it will. they break alot and parts are expensive. the new ones are a lot better- right there with polaris, but they still break more and the new new ones have electrical issues
  5. @Frank Angerano had a phoenix 200 i believe. he may be more help than me. yea i always start simple. are you getting spark now? it may be that you got a defective part if you bought aftermarket cheap replacements.
  6. ive steered clear on kawasaki since my first experience. they have a reputation of blowing themselves up but thats just my 2 cents.
  7. are you looking for new or used atvs? i prefer polaris but of the three you mentioned, i like the kodiak 700. its the same as the grizzly but more compact and better for the trails ond more comfortable to ride. the seat and handlebars are lower than the griz so its easier to mount and handle as your rounding tight bands on the trail. the kicker is although the seat and handlebars are lower, you still get the same ground clearance and raw torque that the griz carries. the reason the grizzlies still sell is cause they were the origanal beats with the grizzly 660 back in the day so everyone has heard about them. id go with the kodiak
  8. cool stuff- my dad never did much with me other than work lol (or maybe i should say i worked with him)
  9. @JuhaT what a beast. those atvs are awesome. always wanted a touring ed but never come across a good deal on one. looks good too! what was wrong with it?
  10. oh im sorry- took a closer look and it was actually the last one (AKASO EK7000 4K wifi...) and actually it takes good footage- takes the shaking well and doesnt transfer into the video like i thought it would. i took that vid i think i posted here from my ride in AL with it
  11. i got that first one and it works good.
  12. is this a 2 stroke model or is it a 4 stroke? if 4, try checking compression and also the fuel cap like @WILYUMS mentioned. other than that, you seemed to have covered all the bases. could also be electrical like @Frank Angerano mentioned.. but i always start by Checking things rather than focusing on what seems to be the issue and replacing that part.
  13. i mean it was my second atv- 1st liquid cooled atv... was still wet behind the ears..still am i guess lol
  14. yea true- didnt think about that. shoot my sportsman 500 ran awesome with no coolant for months until i noticed the reservoir was empty and filled it up
  15. i say your thermostat is bad- it would explain the fan not cutting on because the ecu wouldnt think it was too hot.
  16. is it overheating all the time or just when your using it in a tight spot (in low or pulling a load- high rpms and low speed ect) or out on the trail? im thinking you may have a different issue as it really should depend on the fan all the time to keep cool. the fan is for keeping air moving through the radiator when the atv is sitting or moving slowly. also if your radiator is plugged with mud or dirt it will not cool regardless of having the fan or not.
  17. for the pull start issue i would check for a decompression valve on the head of the machine- sometimes they are there- sometimes not but that would make it easier. if not its prolly just jammed up in your pull start assembly which is usually an easy enough fix thats a nice bike though- heard good things about the torque those 660s make.
  18. yea i didnt think about that.. i was pretty sure with my bike it was due to me rebuilding it with a used piston and rings off another atv that i rebuilt lol. but it could be the case with your atv
  19. what atv you got? yea [email protected] Angerano said it all depends on model/year
  20. no they dont and theyre so hard to fix and find parts for- its like they blow an ignition coil and they're totaled- not worth replacing

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