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  1. It’s a belt drive variable auto clutch type, but it revs quickly in neutral and seems good in reverse, but when you are in forward gear it just seems to bogg and lag , you can slowly get the speed up to what seems to be about half and then Boggs out after that and if you stay on the throttle after it starts bogging it will quit running
  2. Grandpa needs help with China ATV 110 cc .

  3. Grandson got a couple China made ATVs, lucky me, been a while since my motorcycle days, but I’ve mechanic and body worked all my life. Got an issue with the 110 cc one that’s got me scratching my bald head. Replaced carb, adjusted and checked all I see that can be done and it still Boggs out in forward gear , but will spin the tires in reverse and not bogg at all. What am I missing hear ? Anybody got any ideas on what to try next? Please let me know, I’m sure that the best thing to do would be to get rid of the the things and buy a real Atv, unfortunately the grandkids can’t afford it and Gran

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