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  1. Old gas is empty .. carburetor might need to be cleaned doesn’t start with out starter fluid directly into the cylinder head.
  2. I just picked up a new spark plug I’m heading to the store now to grab fluids with fluid should I get?
  3. 1987 Suzuki 230 and 80 here is a pic
  4. Awesome I’m getting back in the riding I’m just working on getting my Four wheeler up and running.
  5. I like my 230 but when seeing others then I start to question myself.
  6. Are you looking for Bluetooth or cellphone?
  7. Thanks for the post.. South Jersey here too stopped riding when I started working and just pulled my ATVs out of long term storage so also looking.. we use to do night riding as a kid through Woods fun times but that is more the likely illegals now with how crazy Jersey is...
  8. South NJ here.. got to check out those videos is there a address for this?
  9. Beautiful mine is in less then perfect condition..
  10. Hey I have two atvs a 1987 lt230 and lt80. Do you guys have any suggestions for what I should do before trying to start them. They been sitting for some time.

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