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  1. @Freedomflyer These pics have definitely skyrocketed Montana to my riding bucket list!! And to be so close must be a dream 😁 The closest thing I probably have that would even remotely get close to that would be the Hatfield trails in WV and from where I rode when I went it looked NOTHING like that.
  2. I haven't been riding too many different places and they've all been wooded trails. Uwharrie, Red Oak Hollow, Outback, Hatfield Mcoys, and a few backwoods trails around the area I live in. Each has a little different type of terrain but ultimately they are all mainly wooded trails. If anyone lives in NC and has some great places to go I'm all ears. I'm up to try any types of trails out there, I just love to ride. When riding, there is nothing that matters except me, the machine, and the thrill of the ride. I'd be out there every weekend if i could be.
  3. Friday evening went riding, rode for a good hour or so everything was fine. I went to take a short ride to the restroom (less than 100 yds away) and all of the sudden everything flickered and then just died out. Accompanying the problem I noticed the killswitch completely locked up. Once daylight hit took the killswitch apart to find it had shorted out and melted the plastic inside. Has anyone else had anything similar to this and if so what did you do to fix the situation? I have a new killswitch on the way to replace the obvious problem but was wondering could there be a bigger issue at hand
  4. Most tend to get started at an early age. However, I myself didn't get started until about 3 years ago when I was 29. The first thing I rode was a 2003 Polaris 330 Trailboss. "One Eyed Willie" they called it. It was a bike that got past around the community for ones that didnt have a quad yet. After that first ride I was hooked and spent the next year saving up to either by something second hand or put a down payment on one. Ended up going the finance option and happier because of it. Now I ride 2018 570 Sportsman and I have to say so far out of all the quads Ive rode since, mine is still the

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