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  1. BuckBilly

    Officially a Polaris owner

    Thank you
  2. BuckBilly

    Officially a Polaris owner

    Thank you. I pick it up Saturday. Getting winch and plow put on
  3. BuckBilly

    Officially a Polaris owner

    2017 570 touring
  4. One of them. I watched everything on the site.
  5. Atv television does a verbal comparison Betweenthe RZR and the 500 pioneer. Plus some other videos on it.
  6. I'm really considering this utv. Before any negative comments about this machine remember I did everything I wanted with a 250 Ozark. My 09 rubicon was over kill. I'll use it for snow plowing bulldozing logging and cruising. So I can spend 8,500 on a ruby or the 500 pioneer.
  7. BuckBilly

    The Official Good morning thread!

    You're welcome. I still don't own a quad, but I have a golf cart. GRRRRRRR
  8. I like to ride with the tires down and the handle bars up.
  9. BuckBilly

    The Official Good morning thread!

    Just trying to get by.
  10. BuckBilly


  11. BuckBilly

    Help me choose my first atv?

    Polaris 570 Sportsman is a great quad. Work or play it gets the job done. Storage is pretty good on the sportsman to.