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  1. It’s actually a 2018 I made a mistake haha but still brand new! And yeah it’s a power line trail! That’s where we do most of our mudding anyway. He does have some new clutching we installed on the 18. And yes that was me that got swamped lol
  2. Thanks, ended up getting a kodiak 700 parts motor for a stupid price!
  3. Our new friend shows us what the brand new 2019 Yamaha grizzly 700 can do in the mud! He already started modding up his grizzly to help tackle the mud like never before! The 2019 yamaha grizzly really impressed me and I love the look of the 14" rims along with the 2" highlifer lift! We got a few new sponsorship rolling in this year so make sure you keep a look out for that stuff!
  4. not sure where to post this but, I have a 2016 yamaha grizzly 700 with a blown up transmission (again). I was wondering if a 2015 Yamaha grizzly 700 Main drive transmission shaft and gears shift drum will fit on my 2016?
  5. Chad joined us on a very short mudding run with his brand new 2019 Canam XMR 1000. It feels like our Yamaha Grizzly 700s are next to stock compared to his modded out Canam XMR 1000. Jon managed to slice up his 2017 Yamaha Grizzly 700 silverback tire up on some wire that was hidden in the mud. Gonna have to get that patched up and good to go soon! This summer you guys will see a lot of Chads Canam XMR 1000 along with the ol 2016 yamaha grizzly 700 and 2017 yamaha grizzly 700. Follow the grizzlys on instagram! instagram.com/offroad.dan instagram.com/muddymillz
  6. There not Pelican but they are water proof and all that. I have one box for my camera/ gopro stuff. The other one seems to be a junk drawer lol. The box on the silver one carry a few essential tools a knife, toilet paper and all that good stuff!
  7. Yamaha Grizzly 700 Takes on May Mud! Its crazy where these Yamaha grizzly 700 can take us in little over a hour or mudding time! May is here and its time to see what the may mud has to offer the grizzly 700! Surprisingly the Yamaha Grizzly 700 never got stuck that many times in the may mud but hey, we never really went out to get stuck! It was cool to see what the May Mud had to offer the yammies. Again I would like https://myneighbourhoodnl.com/ for the supply of rags they gave us! I would highly recommend checking them out if you need any rags its going to a good cause! Few cool things are coming together for myself and Jon in may! Gonna be a pretty cool partner joining in with us pretty soon! Make sure to follow the Yamaha grizzly 700 on instagram! instagram.com/offroad.dan instagram.com/muddymillz
  8. Yamaha Grizzly 700 gets STUCK in Pond Huge thanks for https://myneighbourhoodnl.com/ for the rags we mentioned in the start of the video! we will definitely put them to good use! A few close calls in this video thats for sure! thought I sunk the ol grizzly for a split second... Gotta love Yamaha with their single cylinders. I really think its time for them to come out with a twin now! But gotta stay true to the Yamaha grizzly 700s! This was a really cool run that we happen to go on. no route for the yamaha grizzlys 700. Just picked away finding spots we never went before really. Make sure to follow the yamaha grizzly 700 on instagram! instagram.com/offroad.dan instagram.com/muddymillz
  9. Completely agree! Quadcrazy is definitely one of the best!
  10. This was probably the roughest ride we went on to date, I know in the video it doesn't really show how rough the ride actually was but boy the Yamaha grizzlys 700 definitely never enjoyed that run at all the silverbacks and Yamaha grizzlys are definitely not built to go rock climbing like we just did in this video. But that being said this run was a good one and Jon only broke 1 shock on his Yamaha grizzly 700 Follow us on instagram: instagram.com/Offroad.dan instagram.com/muddymillz

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