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  1. Get one while you can! thanks man! Glad you enjoyed!
  2. The Gatorade and sausage actually wasn't that bad at all lol. We just point and go ahaha!
  3. So my Yamaha grizzly 700 wasn't going into reverse for some reason but Jon and George figured it out on what to do to fix that problem for me. Jon Talks about how he was able to fix that problem my Yamaha Grizzly was having with the reverse. On a side note we are so close to 1k subs! hell ya!
  4. yes sir just back to school thats all!
  5. So I tried something a little different and had a editor edit my last video! I think it turned out great! let me know what you think in the comment section of the video on youtube! dont forget to like and subscribe!
  6. YamahaGrizzly


  7. It’s actually a 2018 I made a mistake haha but still brand new! And yeah it’s a power line trail! That’s where we do most of our mudding anyway. He does have some new clutching we installed on the 18. And yes that was me that got swamped lol
  8. Thanks, ended up getting a kodiak 700 parts motor for a stupid price!

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