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  1. This week ride can-am Maverick xRC - amazing machine
  2. Thanks for the support quadnut20. Support means a lot for me No meter hard situation, we are continue to Ride and have fun
  3. Sunny Day - Fresh Snow Part 2
  4. Yeah, that sounds Great. Actually with such a trails, there is food and drink in the middle of the trip. That is for sure. This week we are planing new ride and to see how muddy will be. After snow in two weeks ago, now we have only rain! This was really great new powder snow, but as he come just disappear in few days Thanks Franco and Thanks to all Subscriber for the support !!!
  5. Our last ride was about 100 km total. With full tank I can go around 100-120 km, but just to be safe I am taking some small ( few liters ) additional fuel. Now we have plans for even longer trip with Gas station on the half of the road, so we will refill tanks .
  6. Thanks quadnut20 . I am continuing on schedule with videos :). Now when we have a bigger group of riders, fun is even bigger and we are going much further when we ride!
  7. Thanks Frank. I was hoping for a lot more Subscribers, but unfortunately this is the hard YouTube part! Thanks again Brother
  8. Great sunny day for a fresh snow ride - part 1
  9. With the group we are going much further away and exploring new areas
  10. Another video from our Group Hope you enjoy and will support my channel with subscribe! Thanks to all subscribers
  11. This week with can-am Maverick and the Group we made Donuts and ride on the Snow field.
  12. Thanks quadnut20 . Posting every Thursday on schedule
  13. Bigger group and bigger fun. First real snow ride for this year

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