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  1. This week ride is to Bulgarian Iskar Dam - biggest one in our country. This dam is 20 km long and its widest part is 5 km. It can withhold a maximum of 673 million cubic meters of water. Also in video there is few runs on fly start between can-am Renegade 850 and Yamaha Raptor 700R. Enjoy and please subscribe to my channel and hit the bell so you won’t miss any of my future videos ( every Thursday on schedule new video )
  2. This week video is another great ride with group and to welcome new rider - Krum with brand new Polaris Sportsman 1000 2020. Great machine. Wish him many save miles with a lot of joy and fun as this sport provides. Also one of our ride upgraded his Quad and now Yamaha Grizzly become can-am Renegade 850. We made one great power ride in one thigh trail, and also we explore new great wood trails. Enjoy this great video and of course I will be glad if you consider subscribe to my YouTube channel for support. Every week on Thursday uploading new video on schedule from our great rides.
  3. Last part of this amazing ride in “ Stara Planina “ Mountain. Very nice trails, some are harder that looks on the video, as always, but we made it to the top - “ Murgash “ hill - 1682 m.
  4. Our ride in Stara Planina mountain continues with this video. On the next video - last part from this ride will be up to hill "Murgash" 1682 m. and full map route of our incredible ride.
  5. I am living in Eastern Europe Bulgaria, and at this moment we already all get backed to work at office ( most of us, there will be colleagues that will continue work from home till now ), but restaurants are working - just need to be at distance. One of the most important thing - today football/soccer season is getting back and we are able to get there ( on 30% of seats on the stadium - there will be with two seats empty behind us ) and will watch live football match
  6. Part 3 of out Stara Planina mountain ride. This time we pass true Ogoya village and go up into mountain to area called “ wolf field “.
  7. Part 2 of this very good ride. Continue on the trails under trees, great view and great weather . Meet some other group riders with UTV and Dirt bikes.
  8. This is first part of several from our very good ride in Stara Planina mountain. Really great sunny weather and of course some dust, but most of the time trails was under green trees and providing amazing conditions and view. For the first time on that trails with the Quad, but definitely will return again soon Next Monday on June 1-st I will upload part 2 - more new areas meeting other riders with Quad, UTV and Dirt bikes.
  9. This video is a new trail up to one mobile operator Antenna. Next video in Thursday is a first video of amazing ride to Stara Planina mountain in 5 different parts. This was amazing ride to new areas for the first time with Quad. Really great ride!
  10. Part 3 - 115 km Total. Three mountain passed - Plana, Vitosha and Verilla. Amazing race in great sunny day, unfortunately sun come with dust, but it is what it is. Full map of our run at the end of video! Next Thursday even longer ride on brand new trails in different mountain for the first time there with the Quad. Stara Planina mountain and this ride will be in 5 different parts
  11. Lets get out of schedule for a while and post additional video on Monday :). Of course nothing is more impotent than posting schedule, so next video will be as first planned in Thursday - third last part of this ride. This is second part of our ride in 3 mountains - Plana, Vitosha and Verilla 😃
  12. This week we made amazing 115 km ride on new trails. We went to three different mountains - Plana, Vitosha and Verilla. This ride will be separated into three videos and will contain full trail map in the last third part. Enjoy
  13. This week we ride to a Monastery into the mountain. Only one way to there and amazing looking Monastery called Kokaliane Saint Arhangel Mihail. For the first time get on that trials and of course muddy as for the season
  14. This week we are riding together in the wild accompanied by some horses! These powerful animals had to be taken to the stables. Great ride with a beautiful view among the stallions. DMC Force 4 Dual System helps a lot of keeping the horses forward

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