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  1. This week Group has become bigger CFMoto 520, Yamaha Grizzly 450, Polaris Sportsman 800, Polaris Sportsman 500, Honda TRX300, Kawasaki KFX700 and of course Yamaha Raptor 700R.
  2. Second part of our combined ride
  3. This year will start with videos from ride with two friends - Mitko with CFMoto 520 and Trajan with Honda TRX 300. Still not snow but lot mud cover us
  4. For the end of the year - Special Compilation Best of Crazy Race 2019
  5. Happy Star Wars day to all True Fans Hope you will like my small video especially for 19-th December - official premier day of last episode of the Saga! Wish you great Christmas holidays with all your friends and family
  6. And last - Part 5 Entertainment
  7. Presenting part 4 of Round 2 of Crazy Race 2019 - Final Race! Battle between two BMW. Interview with Finalist ... and more 😀 Enjoy!
  8. This is really a Yamaha 700R with changed fenders and probably with electric motor
  9. True Story will be quiet I also think about what amount of torque and power will have!
  10. I see a lot of Yamaha Raptor but with changed fenders, just to look crazy as the Cybertruck What do you think?
  11. Another 5 years old Dirt Bike fan, this time Truly Yamaha Fan!

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