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  1. This week our snow Adventures begins at " Stara Planina " Mountain near my home town Sofia. As we riding up in the mountain, snow was becoming deeper and deeper and at some point I was in need of some help with Raptor. Please, click the subscribe button so you won’t miss next part of this riding adventure and many more that will come in the future. Thank you for the support!
  2. Last part of our mud adventure! After this ride we have a really good March snow, so our next adventure will be from snowy area in our Bulgarian " Stara Planina " Mountain. Subscribe to my YouTube channel so you won’t miss my future videos. Thanks for support!
  3. Our MUD adventure continues in this video - second part of our MUD ride. Subscribe for my channel for support, and you don’t miss my next adventures. We have a fresh snow this week, so soon on my channel I will upload new snow ride video, probably last snow ride for this season. Enjoy!
  4. This week we ride into the Mud after snow last week. Awesome weather, just a lot of mud on the trails, but what to do. This is on " Season March " at our trails and this is part of the game! More mud to come next week! Enjoy and Thanks for Watching!
  5. One crazy video with all bad in the winter rides - Mud, snow, ice, icy rivers, fallen trees and cold weather. This is part of the Game! Please, don’t forget to Subscribe so you will not miss a single video, Like and comment, and of course if you like this video fell free to share!
  6. We get back from " Aleko " on a different part of road with snow, cool for some drifts on the turns Thanks for Watching!
  7. Get up into Vitosha Mountain hill and " Aleko " Hut at 1810 meter altitude. There are ski slopes and amazing view to our Capital - Sofia! Cool road to there with cool turns and some snow! Be sure to see the end of the video!!!
  8. From I really long time I am collecting courage to try wheelies. Watched hundreds of videos about wheelies, and finally decided to try. It is not great, but not bad at all for first try. Hope you will like my video and subscribe for my channel! Thanks!
  9. First time on snowmobile - Arctic Cat. We ride on group and only on slow speed, but not bad experience and really cool trail. Different than the ATV but cool to be driven.
  10. Second part of my First snow ride adventure for 2021. Weather again is hot, so not so much snow will left, but hope on some of our next rides to have opportunity for such a snow fun!
  11. It was about time for my First Snow Ride this year 2021. We have a snowy weekend with sunny weather and made a great run with my friend with Polaris Sportsman. Next week - part 2 Thanks to All Subscribers for the support!
  12. On our last ride from 2020, we get back on some new cool trails. Weather still was without snow, but ride was great as always
  13. As a Huge fan of Dakar, prepare compilation only for Quads races in Dakar 2021. All stages map, video from official Dakar YouTube page, all Ranking and General Ranking for all 12 stages and of course at the end - Dakar Quads Winners awards. Thanks of Watching!
  14. Get to some Road/Trails to Belchin village for a really delicious meal. Another great ride from the end of 2020!

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