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  1. As a Huge fan of Dakar, prepare compilation only for Quads races in Dakar 2021. All stages map, video from official Dakar YouTube page, all Ranking and General Ranking for all 12 stages and of course at the end - Dakar Quads Winners awards. Thanks of Watching!
  2. Get to some Road/Trails to Belchin village for a really delicious meal. Another great ride from the end of 2020!
  3. Some MUD adventures by the end of 2020. Stuck into some really deep and wet mud, but luckily not too deep ...
  4. Year 2020, Dec 31-st, Video number 100 into my YouTube Channel. Sofia Riders - Santa Claus Ride. Over 200 riders with Motors, ATV and UTV dressed like Santa Claus in our town - Sofia. Amazing Ride! Thanks to All Subscribers for the support and of course as always - Welcome all new Subscribers. Continuing in 2021 on schedule as every Thursday till now. Wish you Happy and Healthy New Year and many many safe miles!
  5. End of the year is here and it's time to show you some Best moments that we have in that crazy 2020. Every time we were out for ride was great fun and joy. This is video number 99 on my YouTube channel, so you can subscribe and not to miss my special video number 100 - Live on December 31-st! Thanks to all Subscribers for the support and wish you Merry Christmas!
  6. This time we get back from Samokov on some new trails. This is video number 98 in my channel, so one more left before video 100. Preparing something special for this video and of course as almost two years behind schedule will be followed and this video will be life on Thursday 31-st of December 2020, so we can send this crazy year in history. Please, subscribe to my channel ( I am getting close to first important step - Quote 1000 ) and be sure not to miss my last video for this year! Thank you for your Support!
  7. This week we are riding in area of Samokov Village and crossing " Iskar " River! Another Great Ride with friends on the Quads.
  8. Thank you. Also thank you if you subscribe to my channel In this week video we do a little rescue mission. We helped to a blocked Suzuki into trails. Two of the tires was down into deep track and the jeep was stucked! First try was for the Maverick, but unfortunately the winch rope does not withstand the strain. The we placed two Quads to pull the jeep - Can-Am Outlander 1000 and Polaris Sportsman 1000. Bolt succeeded to pul up Suzuki from the track. Then our rides continue Please subscribe for support for my YouTube channel. Every Thursday there will be new video from our adventure rides. Thank you all!
  9. Our power speed ride with Polaris Sportsman continues this week in second part video. Awesome ride with two cameras setup! Thanks to all for Subscribing my channel! This support means a lot for me! THANK YOU!!!
  10. In this week video I made a ride with one of my ride buddy with Polaris Sportsman and get to some wood trails to do a power speed ride. Awesome ride with two cameras setup to shoot us both at the same time! This will be part one of our ride. Next Thursday ( as every Thursday from year and a half ) there will be next video from this ride. Thanks to all for Subscribing my channel! This support means a lot for me! THANK YOU!!!
  11. This time on the way back from Okol Village we get to another new trails with the Group into Woods trails. Thanks to all subscribers for the support and thanks to all that will subscribe my channel in future! That is really important for me!
  12. We have really great places for riding. You can subscribe to my channel - uploading new video every Thursday on schedule
  13. Another great new ride with friends to village Okol, but we get there on some new trails into woods. Riding with friends is so much fun and joy. Please, subscribe for my channel! New video every Thursday on schedule!
  14. Part 4 of demolition derby - " Crazy Race 2020 ". Entertainment between battles. ATV and Motor stunts, Car on fire and more ...

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