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  1. I am not sure, because this Quad is European version, but I will check! Probably there should be such an option. This is a good idea for next try P.S. There is video on internet that shows only need to hold the button and turn the key switch. I will try!
  2. As I know this is fastest fabric Quad ( may be my information is not correct ). Of course there is a lot more reworked Quad that are much much faster, but for fabric is really good and fast.
  3. Didn't try shifting without coming off the throttle. Planing to download app and to detect time with it, but didn't find proper one before that runs. I will test more and will try next time with it
  4. This week try to see what will be the time for 0-60 Mph
  5. I am currently using iPhone XR from previous October, and doesn't need any upgrade with 11 at this moment. Doesn't provide anything more then XR model
  6. One of the last summer ride for this year
  7. Part 3 - Crazy Race Round 2 2019 - Semifinals!
  8. I am riding with Alpinestar Tech 7, but you have to try them out. Before I buy them I tried many different brands and sizes, but this boots fits perfectly for me. And of course they are with really high safety class for ATV and Dirt bike riders
  9. And even more into next rounds video
  10. This week is time for second part of Crazy Race 2019 round 2 - Qualifications! Enjoy!
  11. And the new Round of Crazy Race was this past weekend Here is first part and next week there will be 4 more from all rounds
  12. First serious problem with the Raptor! Problem was that first bearing kit that I ordered was with sizes 40x62x12 mm and this was not correct one. Correct bearing sizes are 40x64x12 and now I am waiting for delivery.
  13. Thanks Frank. Also is coming time for second part of Crazy Race this year - 5-6 Oct.

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