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  1. This week video is from this summer, when I actually have some small problem with Raptor and have to be on the back seat of can-m Outlander 1000. Great machine! Make sure to check my channel and Subscribe. There is more than 160 videos. Also check my new section #Shorts. Awesome adventures riding Quads on wood trails with many friends. Thank you for support!
  2. In this video will present the first time in Bulgaria - Segway Snarler AT6 on wood trails. Before you say that this are really slow rider, I will mention that actually this is first ATV for this riders and they are riding for the first time on such terrains. But machine are standing great on the trails.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/c/YamahaRaptor700R In this video our night ride bring us to the my home city Ring Road on the way home. It was amazing night ride with Raptor 700, KFX 700 and Renegade 1000. Make sure to check my channel on the link posted up and hit the Subscribe button, make sure to hit the Notification bell and of course will be great if you Like ,Comment and Share. Every Thursday on schedule I will upload new video from our amazing Ride adventures. Thanks in Advance for your support.
  4. This second part of our amazing Night Ride will continue with video this week. Follow the link so you can reach my YouTube channel and watch over 150 videos uploaded, included #Shorts video. Please subscribe to my channel and don’t forget to hit the Notification bell, so you wont miss any of my future videos. More and more riding videos will come in the future - New video uploaded every Thursday on schedule.
  5. With this last video into my YouTube channel we started new awesome Night Ride Adventure with 2 Yamaha Raptor 700, Kawasaki KFX700 and Can-AM Renegade 1000. We need to do some ride on asphalt before we get to wood tracks. Don’t miss out this adventure in 3 parts and also make sure to Subscribe for my YouTube channel, uploading new video every Thursday on schedule, and from just a week ago uploading videos in my New #Shorts section into my channel. More and more awesome riding adventures to come in the future. Thank you for support!
  6. This week video is for my friends who opened Official Representative of SEGWAY Powersports in Bulgaria. Official dealership of Segway ATV, UTV and SSV. Also this week I will start section #Shorts on my YouTube channel. Come check it out :) https://www.youtube.com/c/YamahaRaptor700R #Shorts
  7. Our Night Adventures ends with that video, but such an experience was awesome for me and definitely gets in into my Top 5 Best Rides! Make sure to check my channel and if you consider support feel free to Subscribe, Like, Comments and share my content. Thank you in Advance
  8. I was not aware how great is to ride on LED Bars at night! Never had this experience before and for sure will do it again. It is amazing to ride on known trails, so we succeeded to put a little more on the paddle and ride with descend speed for Night Ride. Hope you will like the video from this Night Ride, we have awesome time. Please Subscribe my YouTube channel from the link posted up the text ( Subscription is free, but will helps me a lot to continue my YouTube Adventure ). Of course feel free to Like, Share and Comment! Thank you in Advance for the support.
  9. Our Amazing Evening Ride continue on that video! We made great ride and on our way to get home ( on the next video ) will be at night on LED Bars on wood trails. Make sure to follow the link posted up the text and Subscribe my YouTube channel, don’t forget to hit the Bell icon so you won’t miss any of my next videos and of course feel free to Like, comment and share on all my videos! Thank you for support! It is really important for me and helps me continue on my YouTube Adventure!
  10. On this ride we get out for a Evening/Night ride with my friend with Polaris Sportsman 500. This is part one of our ride that start at 20:00 o'clock in the evening. Make sure to follow link to my channel and Subscribe, so you wont miss any of my next videos and especially next part of our ride, that with evening we ride on lights into woods trails. Thank you for support!
  11. In that video our ride gets us to another deep trail ruts. It is really awful what big trucks making on a wood trails ... Unfortunately we can’t do anything, just to pass them and continue our ride on better tracks. Make sure to hit the bell after Subscription so you won’t miss any of my next video. Interesting video will come in the future
  12. In this video, after deep trails passing we get up to 1182 meter altitude at “ Polovrak “ hill! Amazing view from the top. It is always great fun with group on amazing trails and up to awesome places. Make sure to check all my previously uploaded 129 videos. Subscribe for my YouTube channel and you will never miss next videos - every Thursday on schedule at 21:45 Eastern European Time. Don’t forget to Like, Share and Comment!
  13. Our ride adventure continues on difficult deep trails and we straggle a little bit passing them. Great to ride with friends and to be able to help and to helped you on hard trails. Thank you all for supporting my channel and as always - Welcome all new subscribers to my channel.
  14. Our new adventures starts in areas around my home town Sofia, and we will pass again true "Iskar" river on one really wide part with Quads. We have a great sunny day to ride with group - Polaris Sportsman 1000, Polaris Sportsman 1000 XPS, Can Am Outlander 1000 and Can Am Renegade 850. Thanks to all for the Support of my channel. Already passed 1000 subscribers and there is a new Goal - 10 000 subscribers. Click the link bellow and you will get to my Channel to see my last video and of course more than 120 of my previous ones. Don't forget to hit the Subscribe button to support my channel and to like every video you will see and comment everything you want. Thank you again for support!
  15. Our ride with Enduro and Cross KTM continues on great trails, unfortunately my inside tie rod end was loose and our ride was stopped incidentally. Luckily succeeded after a short repair to go back on wheels! My YouTube Goal is getting really close. Last 10 subscribers to the 1000 subscribers point. Thanks to all!

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