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  1. Here is first part of promised video from Retro Museum Bulgaria. Here is cars from Eastern Europe and Russia from previous century. Hope you will enjoy video
  2. Just as a little update - next two Thursdays will post two videos from a Retro Museum in my country with cars from Eastern Europe from 1960, 1970 and 1980 . Then on 10-th of October should be ready first video off second round of Crazy Race ( will be raced on October 5-th and 6-st ) for this year. For this second round will do videos from many places and different angels for better content . Hope to like my channel and subscribe for support and you will be the first to see new uploaded videos every Thursday on schedule.
  3. Or if any one can help me with bulk files for 2009 Raptor 700R stickers sizes. Or files that I could place my custom design and to put them on the raptor also will be very useful. Thanks in Advance for this type of help
  4. Hi All, Can anyone help me with file for new Yamaha Raptor 700R 2020 design I want to put this on my Raptor Thanks to everyone in Advance for any help!
  5. Thanks Frank Angerano. Trying harder every time
  6. And this week is another drive to high hills with amazing view at the top Enjoy!
  7. This week new video is with my cousin on the Raptor!
  8. This week a go back to a track that I ride on my first video for my channel. This track is around village that I ride, and now go back just for the Summer season. Here is video from this week and also my first video - same track on the snow Enjoy! Hope you will subscribe, like and comment!
  9. Thanks Frank Angerano! Schedule is every Thursday 21:45 my local time ( +3 hours Eastern European Summer Time )
  10. This week second part of my co-driving with my friend with CFMoto 520L. Enjoy
  11. I want to show my first video that I uploaded to my channel. Soon I will upload a video on the same trial, but done just now at summer season
  12. This week video is part 1 of my co-driving with my friend Mitko with CFMoto 520L. We have a very nice day with about 80 km trails this day! In part 2 there will be additional drone footages
  13. This week video is from a Spring season. Just summer time vacation at this moment and schedule need to be followed

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