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  1. Thanks Jordan Ritzman Here is one more of my videos, I made a video of 5 years old Dirt biker
  2. New summer ride this week into Green Forest Thanks to All Subscribers for the support!
  3. New video this week, Just get a little on the Road!
  4. And one more video with my Nephew who rides my Quad. He is only 9 years old
  5. One of my videos with best moment from Wither ride this year
  6. LOL amazing views What is the altitude at this area?
  7. It's now summer season, so we will have to wait for next winter ( at least at my area where I live ). Check my channel in YouTube where I have videos on snow and already on better conditions - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPNu9_grsQq2bYsLWtHw1aA I already post a topic, but still wait for approval.
  8. Great video Gunny. I loved when Quads go on snow, and your snow is looking Great
  9. Hi All, My name is Asen and I am from Eastern Europe, Bulgaria. Riding a Yamaha Raptor 700R and this is my first Quad wanted for a vey long time :)

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