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  1. mikeexplorer

    Northeast new

    Welcome, I am from the Northeast PA area
  2. mikeexplorer

    Just here for a manual

    What Ajmboy was referring to was the post. This website has a lot of technical resources available for the users of the site. Its a website and unlike social media, you don't get an instant response. Those who have the resources to share are only here on their spare time so a reply may be a day or two. Plus the way it was posted "I am just here to get a manual" is outright saying "once I get this manual, im gone" I wouldn't be too inclined to help that person either. Then on top of that to post 10 replies with only a number is childish, another reason to not help them either. A forum board is a community. There is already a lot of people who do come here to ask a question about a problem, then someone provides some suggestions to help solve it, and they never post back that it fixed the problem, so we never know if our suggestions worked. We assume it did, because otherwise they would post back that it didn't work. Mike
  3. Neat idea, hate to think what it costs
  4. mikeexplorer

    2007 Arctic Cat 400 ATV No Fire

    You found your problem Mike
  5. mikeexplorer

    2007 Arctic Cat 400 ATV No Fire

    It is possible they sent you a bad unit, keep us posted
  6. mikeexplorer

    2007 Arctic Cat 400 ATV No Fire

    Here is the schematic, looks at item 21 lower right corner, that is the stator, the three black wires are the AC volts for the charging system, the other four wires are the trigger for spark. The 2007 400 models were known for wire harness problems. The service manual is in the link below. You will have to check to make sure you don't have broken wires from the sensor to the CDI. 2006 and earlier models did have an issue with the stator magnets becoming unglued, but this was solved in the 2007 models. I had that machine for 9 years and put 16,000 miles on it and never had a stator problem. I did have wiring harness problems twice. The service manual should have the procedure to test the spark trigger. Mike http://www.mymowerparts.com/pdf/Arctic-Cat-ATV-Repair-and-Service-Manuals/arctic_cat_2007_400_500_650_700_service_manual.pdf
  7. mikeexplorer

    2017 Polaris Sportsman 570

    Easy test is with a meter on the battery, should read 12-13 volts with the machine off, start it up and rev it a bit, should read 13.5 -14.5 volts. Mike
  8. mikeexplorer

    No electric on 2007 arctic cat 400 atv

    I owned that exact ATV and that model was known for wiring harness problems. You will need a multimeter and the schematic. It is located here. http://www.mymowerparts.com/pdf/Arctic-Cat-ATV-Repair-and-Service-Manuals/arctic_cat_2000_thru_2009_atv_and_snowmobileSnow_Wiring_Diagrams__NOTE_LARGE_FILE_459mb.pdf The diagram shows the color codes for each wire. First I would check if you have voltage to the ignition key. Then turn the key and see of the other wires get voltage, it could be as simple as a bad ignition switch, but I am betting the wire is broken between the ignition fuse and the key switch. I do have pictures of when I had to repair the harness on that machine I can dig up if you think it would help. I can show the exact spot on the frame where the harness shorted out, and how to prevent it from happening once it is repaired. Mike
  9. mikeexplorer

    New member from Upstate New York

    Upstate New York does have ATV riding, Tug Hill https://adirondackstughill.com/things-to-do/atv-riding/
  10. mikeexplorer

    New member from Upstate New York

    There are after market kits to add that feature if you want. I found this kit online here. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Arctic-Cat-1000-250-300-400-500-550-650-700-Tusk-ATV-Horn-Light-Turn-Signal-Kit/292537799878?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 I already had the quads wired with a horn so if during a group ride you need to get the rider in front of you's attention, its easy The only thing this kit does not do is give you reverse lights. I added that on my own with a small strip of white LED lights. The reason I did this is because of the Northcentral ATV project, we will be interacting with vehicles more, as township roads are opened to ATV use to allow making connections to different trail systems and towns. Most drivers do not understand hand signals so I figured adding this kit will make it better for vehicles to know your intention. Even now the connection trail from Snow Shoe Rails to Trails and Bloody Skillet ATV area uses township roads to make the connection so it does come in handy to be able to signal vehicles of your intentions.
  11. Good video, excellent comparison and good review
  12. mikeexplorer

    Do You Use GPS For ATV Trails?

    AOAA only provides their maps for using a gps is via the maprika app on phones, which I always do not like to use on the trails. (the phone that is) They do have paper maps at the trailhead, but I was able to get them to send me a PDF of the trail maps and now calibrated them so they can be uploaded into a GPS unit. Here they are attached. The western map is off on the left side, based on actual tracking data I have from riding the trails. I did my best to compensate, but changing to aerial view, shows the problem is their map, the tracks are right on the money with aerial view. For other PA riders, I have calibrated maps for some of the state trails like Whiskey Springs, Bloody Skillet, Denton Hill (Potter County), and Dixon Miller. If anyone is interested, this website allows me to upload KMZ file. AOAA - East.kmz AOAA - West.kmz
  13. mikeexplorer

    2015 Arctic Cat TRV500 getting water in crankcase!!

    Does the water get into your belt system? Here is a link for the service manual, you can look through it to see for a breather for the engine and how its supposed to be attached. https://support.countrycat.com/posts/2799445-2015-500-1000-service-manual
  14. mikeexplorer

    2008 Arctic Cat 500TRV Transmission noise

    Check your shift linkage, it may need adjusting. Service manual with the procedure is here http://www.mymowerparts.com/pdf/Arctic-Cat-ATV-Repair-and-Service-Manuals/arctic_cat_2008_400_500_650_700_700H1_service_manual.pdf
  15. mikeexplorer

    Generate map of private ATV trails

    The software I use is for windows only, but I am sure there is something similar out there for IOS. Take this example, we rode this abandoned roads, stopped, turned around and went back the way we came but then continued in a different direction. By zooming in at the start and end points I can see the points that made the track. All I do is use the scissor tool to split the track at both ends then delete one of them. Now if I look at the track of this old road, it will show the true distance (one way of course) I then closed the track for the curved part to make it one track. I left the other track there unconnected, but my software allows a "Y" track. The "X" shown are where I made waypoints, the blue boxes are where I took pictures. This software can also take pictures from a camera and use the tracking data to geo tag photos, provided the clock is set in the camera. I attached an actual picture taken at that location, I am not sure if uploading it strips off the geo-tag info. If not, you can open the picture and see exactly where I took the picture. Hope that helps. Mike