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  1. I would check the battery to make sure it is good, should last longer then a week without running it. You could also have a parasitic draw on the battery.
  2. I also agree about disabling a safety feature. Removing the airbag might cause a problem when the car is recalled since it was removed. It also may not pass inspection with the airbag missing. I know in PA the airbag must be present to pass inspection. Since this is a known issue, I am sure there are Youtube videos in how to deal with this. Mike
  3. I can't help you, the two machines I have that are carbed have automatic chokes. Have you tried searching Youtube for how-to videos? Mike
  4. Some of the maintainers come with that connector so you have a quick way to attach the charger. No harm in attaching it. The only way it could have damaged the battery is if it overcharged it for a long time. (as in the charger is defective) you can check that by measuring the voltage on the battery with the charger attached. It should not exceed 14.5 volts. For a charger to "boil" out your battery, you would see over 17 volts. Mike
  5. There are many choices for LED lights nowadays. Some LED light bars have both in one unit. Mike
  6. Typically ATV incandescent head lights would draw about 35 watts each. If it used to have two lights, that is 70 watts. I would use a 50 watt LED light bar to be safe. That light bar will be far brighter then the original head lights and you would be safe that you won't overdraw the electrical system. Mike
  7. Need to know the year of the machine. A good resource is https://www.countrycat.com/ You can bring up parts diagrams and you can download service manuals for free. Example of a diagram shown below. I picked a random year so don't go by this. Mike
  8. Eventually they pick up mud and crap and will need to be cleaned out. I had my original WARN winch for 10 years and always worked well. I would take it apart every few years and clean it out. Sold it with the machine and it was still working well. One trick I use is when I am ready to wind the cable back on to the spool I use one of those battery jump boxes to power it to wind the cable back on. This way I can hold some tension on the cable so it lays on the spool better. Mike
  9. Yes, Here is a good guide on how to take apart and clean a winch. This is an excellent guide with pictures. Over time the winch gears will pick up mud and crap and make switching from winch mode to freespool very hard. I have used this guide with good results. Mike Winch_cleaning_instructions_V3.pdf
  10. I purchased this one and it seems to work better then what I had for maintaining the battery on the Jumping Jack trailer. I also found that this charger will work off the inverter that is built into my Tahoe. This gives me a means to charge the battery on the trailer if I run it down. My old charger would not work off the inverter. Mike
  11. Its working out well for us. It is the 6 x 8 (Standard) trailer. Since I changed rims on my machine, loading and unloading has been fine. This model weighs 1,200 pounds with the trailer plus tent. Axle is rated for 3,400 pounds. Last year a friend was interested in buying one, so we test fitted his Polaris General on the trail and it fit fine. (This sized trailer is rated for 2,200 pounds on the deck) When he called for a price he was quoted $6,500 for this model. Now there are no longer any dealers on the East coast so what they told him is for $500 they would deliver it to his house. These are made in Salt Lake City Utah, on the west coast these are very popular with hunters and riders.
  12. No, its just the camera angle for the second picture makes it look different. These pictures might be better, first one is with the SS rims, second with Arctic Cat Rims. Where the ramps go to load & unload, it changes how much room I have on the deck of the trailer which although does not look like much, makes a big difference. Mike
  13. Yes, it moves the tires out about 2 inches. First picture is with the SS rims. Second is one after replacing them with standard rims. What is a bit deceiving is the new tires are also 1 inch wider then the older ones. Mike
  14. I had those SS rims on my Cat, they look nice but they also offset the tires by 2 inches. It made it tricky to load / unload the quad because of setting up the ramps. The tires were on the edge with the Triton trailer and ramp placement for the jumping jack made it a tight fit with both quads on the deck. I removed the rims last year and went back to standard rims. Did you order the lug nuts for the rims? They are different the standard lug nuts. Mike
  15. I have Maxxis Bighorns on my machines, a good all around tire, but your looking for more mudding time so it is probably not the best choice. Mike

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