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  1. mikeexplorer

    2007 Arctic Cat 400 ATV No Fire

    Spark plug could have gone bad, I owned this exact machine, I had a crack in the spark plug boot once, I replaced the coil & boot as one assembly, it was only a few bucks more to replace both. but change the plug first
  2. mikeexplorer

    Jumping Jack Trailer

    Nice a 6 x 12, you will like it. You will also like that you can store gear inside with the tend closed. I think I posted a picture of how I arrange my gear to store inside the tent. It save a lot of packing. Its good you got the right sized drawbar, When I bought my Tahoe, I also got the all season package which has larger wheels and even a 5 1/4 drop was not enough. I had to get one of those adjustable ones and set it for 7 inch drop. Make sure you check your vehicles ratings before adding a tongue box, you don't want to exceed your tongue weight. Mike
  3. mikeexplorer

    Jumping Jack Trailer

    With he past few weeks being hot & humid, I came up with a way to have redneck air conditioning in the tent. Amazing what you can do with cardboard and duct tape Kept us nice & cool on the warm humid summer nights.
  4. I know a lot of people use their phones with apps now for mapping but a decent GPS unit is far better to use. When your running the GPS sensors in the phone all the time, I find the battery is used much faster, plus a phone won't hold up to dust, mud, & water depending on where your riding. I use a Garmin Oregon 340t which was $450 back in its day (not cheap) but it has features I use. A set of AA batteries will last over 12 hours with continuous use. It resists dust and rain with no problems. Cheaper units can be found for a reasonable price that would have the needed features such as marking waypoints and tracking. Mike
  5. mikeexplorer

    ATV Connector Trail Study

    I saw a recent post that Snow Shoe is close to making a connection to Philipsburg. This would start at the Black Bear trallhead and I think it would add about 6-10 miles. In Philipsburg there is food, gas, and a hotel. The mine reclamation project is supposed to be done this year, so hopefully the trail around the closed viaduct will open next year. Mike
  6. mikeexplorer

    1997 Polaris 500 wont spark

    Try another plug first, it has happened where a new plug was defective.
  7. mikeexplorer

    NO ELECTRIC. Any ideas?

    Not knowing any details about the machine, only thing I could suggest it checking the ground wires. They may have corroded with sitting and not allowing the circuit to complete.
  8. mikeexplorer

    ATV Connector Trail Study

    Snow shoe will be part of the connection. Once Whiskey Springs and Bloody Skillet are connected that also include Snow Shoe. This connection will include the town of Renovo so you can stop to eat of gas up. We rode part of this Northcentral Trail over memorial day weekend. It still requires a few "jumps" on state roads that are not legal to access the township roads that are. We went from the Potter County trails down to Cross Fork, and then over to Germania. It is mostly riding township roads but the scope here is to make the connections as outlined in the article. http://cmatva.org/nv/index.php/ncpa-initiative
  9. mikeexplorer

    looking for places to ride in P A

    If you ever plan to hit Lost Trails let me know! would like to meet you
  10. mikeexplorer

    looking for places to ride in P A

    Right now they are connected to Bloody Skillet. We were just there over the weekend. Camping is free to members but its primitive. You can ride right to the state trails and back. Newmans is a great place to stop to eat. The riding on the SSRT side is a bit limited right now due to a mine reclamation project. This SHOULD be done this year and the rest of the SSRT trail should open back up next year. There are also plans to extend further that way as well.
  11. mikeexplorer

    Jumping Jack Trailer

    The guy who is interested in a Jumping Jack called them yesterday and they told him they can ship it right to his door for a total of $6,500. (They are on sale for $6,000 and to ship is $500) This is for the 6X8 unit (the one I have) We are from Northeast PA, to drive to Ohio and back would be a considerable road trip and may not be worth it. Let me know if you pass on the deal
  12. mikeexplorer

    Do You Use GPS For ATV Trails?

    I use a Garmin Oregon 450, it was about $450 back in its day, but its been reliable and does resist water, One feature I like is it can display custom maps. Using the software I mentioned above, I can take a map and calibrate it to make it GPS accurate. The picture shown here is actually a historical USGS map I calibrated and uploaded to the unit. I am following an old railroad that no longer exists. The map shows the railroad (map is from 1947) so I can follow the old grade even when parts of it are grown in now. I can also take maps of ATV trails and do the same. On a charged set of AA batteries, it will last about 12 hours. Mike
  13. mikeexplorer

    Where is everyone

    Me too
  14. mikeexplorer

    07 Arctic Cat 500 automatic - NO POWER

    Ok that is good for a test, but do not run the machine like that for long! What you did proves there is a wire break to the ignition. The break is in the red/black wire from the fuse block to the ignition. You need to take the harness apart and inspect it closely. Pay attention to where the harness crosses over the frame areas which are common areas for wires to rub through and break. Once done, and the harness is taped up good, use some spiral wrap to add a layer of protection. These pictures is a 2010 366 which suddenly popped ignition fuses. I found a bare wire leading down to the 4WD actuator. While the plastics were off, I inspected the rest of the harness and found this area was starting to rub, but not yet causing a problem so I wrapped it to prevent any issues.
  15. mikeexplorer

    ATV Connector Trail Study

    (From the Express in Lock Haven, this is HUGE news!!) ATV trails to be connected by 2020 Local news Jun 30, 2018 SARAH PAEZ [email protected] New bill could increase tourism in the county LOCK HAVEN — Due to a hard-fought change in the state’s fiscal code, Clinton County will finally have an all-terrain vehicle trail connecting the Whiskey Springs Trail to Bloody Skillet by 2020. State Rep. Mike Hanna (D-Lock Haven) had a hand in pushing the legislation through, said county Commissioner Jeff Snyder, who has been supportive of ATV tourism in the region. Hanna said the project had been in the works since the era of former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, who ended his term in 2011. “We just decided it was time to get this,” he said. The bill, an amendment to the fiscal code, says that appropriations for the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) must include the agency’s collaboration with PennDOT to “develop, open and maintain an ATV trail connecting the Whiskey Springs ATV Trail to the Bloody Skillet ATV Trail by utilizing existing state roads and state forest roads by April 1, 2020.” The amendment also provides for DCNR and PennDOT to “implement the full Northcentral Pennsylvania ATV Initiative” which would create a network of ATV trails from Clinton County to the New York State border by April 1, 2024. This network would link the Haneyville, Bloody Skillet, Snowshoe Rail Trail, Denton Hills and Whiskey Springs trails. Central Mountains ATV Association President Henry Sorgen IV said his organization has been working on the initiative for the last four years, trying to connect all the ATV trails in northcentral Pennsylvania up to the New York State border. The organization has 1,300 members. Sorgen said Hanna and State Sen. Joseph Scarnati (R-Brockway) were instrumental in making the necessary changes to the fiscal code. But, he said, it wouldn’t have been possible without support from township and borough councils, county government, regular citizens and CMATVA. “It’s always been a team initiative,” he said. CMATVA gave a presentation to the governor’s staff several months ago, which “started that ball rolling,” said Sorgen. “It’s all about tourism…that’s gonna be huge.” PennDOT has a policy that ATV riders cannot use state roads. But state law says the district manager can authorize ATV usage on state roads. So, Sorgen said, the fiscal code amendment is a way to remedy that contradiction. Hanna said the project will rely very little on state roads to connect the trails. DCNR is conducting a study through Larson Design Group to determine the best way to connect the trails without using state roads. One place ATV riders will have to use a state road is the South Renovo Bridge, Hanna said. Hanna was clear that the development of these trails will have no cost to taxpayers. “As far as trail development goes,” he said, it will all be funded by ATV registration fees. Right now, there are around $180,000 in that fund, said Sorgen. “There’s no doubt about it, motorized recreation has a tremendous economic impact,” said Hanna. “The number of trucks, trailers and ATVs (on those trails on a holiday weekend) is phenomenal.” Sorgen said CMATVA wants to make northcentral Pennsylvania’s trail network “the Hatfield McCoy of Pennsylvania.” ATV tourism is a $1 billion industry in West Virginia, and Hatfield McCoy is one of the state’s most popular trails. Sorgen said he is sure ATV tourism will be a boon to local residents in Clinton, Center, Potter, Elk and Cameron counties. In Germania, which is near the Denton Hills ATV Trail, he said, there is a small general store with one gas pump that used to make $1,000 a month in gas sales. After ATV travel was legalized there, the store’s monthly sales skyrocketed to 10 times that. “That’s the potential,” he said. “What’s (ATV tourism) gonna do for little Renovo? It’s gonna boom.” And, according to a study on ATV recreation in Clinton County done in 2015, the average rider spends approximately $1,400 in the county annually. Those surveyed said they would visit about five more times a year (about 12 times total) if connector trails were built between the existing trail systems and the surrounding communities. The study said increased visits would more than double the annual spending per rider. Right now, Sorgen said, there are 1,800 miles of riding trail, and 49 percent of that is open to ATVs, whether that be on roads operated by DCNR, private property owners or township councils. But that is set to change soon, with the new state fiscal code amendment. Sorgen estimated the new law will add 200 miles of viable trail. And, he said, the existing CMATVA map will change once they submit the new map to PennDOT. Hanna said for people who have concerns about motorized recreation, the Larson Group study is taking environmental impact into consideration. “It’s not just “slap a trail on,“” said Hanna. And Sorgen said he fully supports finding an environmentally friendly way to implement ATV trails that would connect the existing ones. He lamented that while “98 percent of us want to follow the rules,” 2 percent of ATV riders don’t respect the land and want to offroad where it’s not allowed. “We don’t want to be in wetlands,” he said. “We don’t want to be in natural areas where we don’t belong.”