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  1. ATV won’t move except in 4 wheel drive

    You can find a service manual for free here http://www.mymowerparts.com/pdf/Arctic-Cat-ATV-Repair-and-Service-Manuals/
  2. ATV won’t move except in 4 wheel drive

    What happens when you try in 2wd mode? does it feel like it wants to move or do anything? Look down at the rear driveshaft, is it turning? Mike
  3. I have seen a lot of nice views myself
  4. Winter returns

    Went to Vermont for the weekend, the views from the mountain are great.
  5. 2004 Arctic Cat 500 service manual

    Go to countrycat.com and look for the technical section. You can download the service manual for free. Alternate location which includes wiring diagrams here: http://www.mymowerparts.com/pdf/Arctic-Cat-ATV-Repair-and-Service-Manuals/ Mike
  6. Jumping Jack Trailer

    You can slide the whole tent out and flip the gates vertical to use as a utility trailer. Mike
  7. That smell is the gas has gone bad, you will probably have to clean your carb now. Mike
  8. Jumping Jack Trailer

    All the accessories are discounted as well that would be a good deal. The unit I bought was a 1 year leftover but new. I do know the warranty is from time of sale, not manufacture. I don't understand why they are not more popular. I have friends who travel west to hunt and they see them all over the place. Its a unique way to camp and a great way to haul machines without needing a ton of towing power like a toy hauler. Mike
  9. A VIN number should be stamped on the frame somewhere
  10. Jumping Jack Trailer

    Just a note, there are not many dealers on the east cost, when I was looking for one, I had contacted Jumping Jack and they could bring one to a nearby dealer (about 20 miles from me) for $700. Then I lucked out and found the unit in Maryland. He discounted it enough it was worth the road trip to get it. ( 4 hour trip)
  11. Textron, Arctic Cat merger

    When I heard of the merger I pulled the trigger and replaced my girls quad with a 2017 Alterra. We kept her 2010 366 is a backup machine. I wanted to see what would happen after the merger. So far they are doing good. My local dealer has sold more machines because they changed the pricing to make them more competitive. That 2017 Alterra 400 I got for $4500, thats hard to beat (and that is not a sale price) They are keeping the plant open and I heard they plan to expand it, so that is a good thing, I hear they want to produce more engines from the facility. Mike
  12. Looks good, nice country side
  13. Jumping Jack Trailer

    I have found the cushions they provide are enough. I have an air mattress but don't need it with this. Of course after a good night a sitting around the campfire I could sleep on a bed of nails. 😀 With 4 bed extensions it will limit how much you can store inside. You will just have to play with arrangement and see what you can do. I added the propane rack which allowed room for adding a battery. I run a few camper LED lights with built in dimmers. I also use a 50 watt solar panel when we are camping primitive. Not shown is I also have a box I built with two 12v outlets and 2 USB outlets. It also has a battery meter in it. You can see in one picture there is a small velcro patch which allows passing wires and such through the tent. We use a buddy heater connected to the propane for heat. I also carry stuff for when we do have power available or if I bring a generator. Mike
  14. Jumping Jack Trailer

    We don't use the half bed extensions so it gives us a lot of room. The front gate can turn into a table and we also set up a 10 by 10 easy-up for extra outdoor space. All stores inside the jumping jack. This year I am going to get the small awning to provide cover over the gate. You can also detach from the vehicle and leave it by itself. Set up video: Take down Video: Mike
  15. Winter returns

    We got next to nothing from this last storm, but its still colder so the slopes will hold up fine. Mike