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  1. What Hauls your Toys and Why????

    Skiing pictures I would figure would be off topic . Mike
  2. ATV Bags & ATV Luggage - What do you use?

    I use the OEM cargo boxes from Arctic Cat for my machine. Her Alterra does not have speedracks so I bought a deluxe ATV bag from Rocky Mountain ATV. Mike
  3. What Hauls your Toys and Why????

    Won't be until the spring. Ski season for me now, go back to quadding in the spring. Mike
  4. 2004 Arctic Cat 500 4x4

    Agreed with that, typically wires short out by the steering column or where the wire harness crosses on the frame. Since you have blown a few fuses, a small burn mark in the harness should be seen. Mike
  5. What Hauls your Toys and Why????

    Just picked up a new 2018 Chevy Tahoe to haul the Jumping Jack and quads. The Trailblazer was starting to get too many problems with it and it was time. Looking around at late model used, the prices were still up there so I figure just go for it and buy new. More then enough towing capacity for our needs and more cargo room for camping gear
  6. 2003 arcticcat 400 4x4 fis no fire

    Next step would be the coil. I attached the diagram, it is #10 I would also check #16, if you look at the diagram there is a sensor that sends a signal to the CDI to tell it to fire the spark plug. Pull the connectors apart, check for corrosion. Clean with electric clean and grease with diaelectric grease before plugging back in. Mike
  7. 2003 arcticcat 400 4x4 fis no fire

    Is it getting spark? sometimes the plug will go bad and have spark outside the engine, but won't fire under pressure. Mike
  8. 2005 Suzuki King 700 Fuel????

    I use regular 87 gas, during the riding season, every two or three tanks Ill add a dash of seafoam. Winter time, my girl does not ride at all, so then I add sta-bil for the winter in all our machines. Mike
  9. 2004 Arctic Cat 500 4x4

    Good to hear it was an easy fix. Schematic diagrams and service manuals are available for free if you need it in the future Mike
  10. So far it looks like Textron isn't making any major changes to the Arctic Cat line. Mike
  11. Being from the East, I would call that good snow cover Mike
  12. Best after market ATV parts

    I am not a Honda person but the only advice I can give is concerning bearings to avoid all-balls at all cost. They are cheap and do not last very long. Best bearings I use are made by Koyo, I don't know if they make the size for Honda. Mike
  13. nice video, looks like there is a good snow cover
  14. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas
  15. I did forget to add the phone charger, tow strap and flashlight. I am amazed at how many people I see riding that carry nothing. Mike