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  1. Good it was simple. If the machine is going to sit for awhile, I use sta-bil to keep the ethanol from fouling up the machine. Mike
  2. If you want to check valve clearances you can download the service manual for free here https://support.countrycat.com/?home_feed=feed&order_by=recent&taxonomy_59981_taxa=78b1c963-9296-4d06-a420-3a0114241c4f I would also suspect there was some bad gas in the tank, gas goes bad with the ethanol. Mike
  3. Happy Hunting! Looks like you got some nice deer to choose from Mike
  4. Take a look at their ATV trail system! Wow! http://www.atvutah.com/southern/paiute.htm
  5. My brother is the one who owns the drone. I took the raw video files and made this video from it. Nearby is a 400 foot beaver dam, got some drone video of it as well since you can't see the whole thing from the ground
  6. We had one breakdown on Friday, a Can-Am broke a tie rod end, we zip tied it up and rode the roads back to camp. We cooked out on the trail for lunch and stopped at a local place on the quads for dinner. The pulled pork was excellent. For Saturday night, I ran down on the quad and picked up pizzas so we ate pizza around the campfire. When I stopped to pick up the pizza's I noticed grease sling by the front shaft. It has quite a lot of play and the front U joint is shot. So the only thing we missed out on is we usually ride a few hours on Sunday before heading home. The main rides were Friday & Saturday so it was not a big loss. Dropped the quad off at the dealer yesterday, I can do most mechanical work on the quad, but not everything since I don't have a ton of tools. So for something like this that is kinda rare to happen, let the dealer take care of it. His labor price is very reasonable and he had replaced the U joint before, so he will give me a break on this repair since it is the second time.
  7. Another great weekend at Snow Shoe Rails to Trails for their annual pig roast. Thursday and Friday nights were quite cool at night. We run a buddy heater in the tent to keep warm. One of our members brought a drone and was able to get some cool video. Ill have to put it together and upload it to Youtube. They were sold out of food by 2:15pm. Trailhead was packed and they had to use two overflow areas for parking. I took a few snapshots from the drone video. One is a railroad viaduct that a few years ago we were able to cross it on our quads. It has been closed for a few years now.
  8. This is a great ATV poker run.
  9. The older 650 V2 cats were Kawasaki motors, I think they were produced from 2004-2007. My first machine was a 2007 400 which had the Suzuki motor. I beat the snot out of that machine and sold it with 16,000 miles on it to a friend for parts, The upper frame was going and the lower frame was already welded twice. At 14,000 miles I sunk it good in a mud hole and it started burning oil like crazy. Dealer rebuilt the motor, Ran it for another 2,000 miles before selling it. He took the motor and transplanted it into a 2006 400 TRV which they guy who owned it blew up the motor at 800 miles (what he did was not known, but the quad was in pristine condition) The rest of the parts he kept. All 4 axles were good, both diffs, and the 4WD worked perfectly. I could not use these parts because my 2012 has a different assembly so the axles and such are different. They did not have any issues with the suzuki motors, they just switched production to their own motors, known as the H1 and H2 motors. Then for the smaller sized models such as the 366 and Alterra, they are using Kymco motors. I have two of these machines, only issue I had common to both was the fan sensor going bad. So we have three machines total, one as a spare. Mike
  10. Ive seen from other club members two issues with Polaris, the CVT is grip and slip so they need to replace the belts more often and the lack of engine braking. One thing I do like about Arctic Cat is you can download the service manual and wiring diagrams for free. My 2007 machine did have harness issues which was a known problem for that year machine. Once I added protection to the harness it never gave me any more problems. Beat the snot out of that machine and rode it to 16,000 miles then sold it for parts. Some model year Cats used Kawasaki engines and were known to eat belts the and engine was not reliable, they then switched to Suzuki engines for a few years then produced there own, known as the H1 and H2 motors. Smaller machines use the Kymco engine which I have found so far to be reliable. One machine I have with this motor is coming up on 10,000 miles and other then the fan sensor going bad, the motor has run well with no issues. Mike
  11. I have always owned Arctic Cats, but if I had to choose a different brand it would be Honda. Being with an ATV club for years now, the most issues we see with machines on club rides are Polaris. Exceptions are those who don't maintain their machine, then it doesn't matter the brand, you will eventually have a breakdown. Mike
  12. I also have a 2018 Tahoe, same color from looking at the picture. Bought it for hauling the tent trailer & quads. Mike
  13. You can download the service manual and wiring diagrams for the machine here. The wiring for the 4WD is different then Arctic Cats so you will have to look at the diagrams. https://support.countrycat.com/?home_feed=feed&order_by=recent&taxonomy_59981_taxa=78b1c963-9296-4d06-a420-3a0114241c4f Mike
  14. I have not worked on a model that old. It looks like either a speed sensor for the pod (if you have one) or a gear position indicator. The service manual for your machine can be downloaded for free here. https://support.countrycat.com/posts/2802935-1999-atv-service-manual Hope that helps. From looking at your second picture, it appears the mount on the right side is broken so when you try to screw in the part it stresses the one side causing it to break off. (the seat for the part is not level) You could try to shim that side to make it level, or tighten in the left side and for the right screw, put some blue locktite on it and only screw it in until its snug, not tight.

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