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  1. Triton ATV trailer "ramp rattle"

    I have the ATV88 model for 10 years now and the ramp always rattled a bit. Putting rubber stops on the end might help but it won't help for up/down rattle noise. Mike
  2. Jumping Jack Trailer

    Explorer model holds only one machine, mine is standard size (6 x 8) it was listed at $7000, I got it for $5800 its not cheap but the construction is high quality and the tent is marine canvas Mike
  3. Jumping Jack Trailer

    The nice thing about it is the trailer and tent combined is 1,200 pounds. Much lighter then using an enclosed trailer. Mike
  4. Picked up one of these this year to improve our riding and camping. Its a jumping jack trailer which can haul quads or other stuff on the deck, and then opens up into a nice sized tent. We have used it four times so far and really like it. There is even room inside to store gear with the tent down which really saves on packing. The model we have hauls two machines. but they have other larger ones and one size smaller. Mike
  5. Would you like to ride your ATV from the Snow Shoe Rails to Trails all the way to the Whiskey Springs ATV trails? It can happen! Read about the ATV Connector Trail Study being done by LARSON DESIGN GROUP to determine the feasibility of the most direct, environmentally sound, and sustainable connector trail possible between the Bloody Skillet and Whiskey Springs ATV trails. Download and read about the connector trail study here: http://www.docs.dcnr.pa.gov/cs/groups/public/documents/document/DCNR_20033209.pdf If you enjoy riding ATVs and want to see this connector trail become a reality, you’re encouraged to attend a public meeting on either October 26, 2017 or November 9, 2017 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at the Durrwachter Alumni Conference Center at Lock Haven University. The objective of the meetings will be to review the findings of the connector trail study, unveil conceptual routes, and answer questions and concerns. Your participation is needed to make this happen. Local businesses and the ATV community envision the trail as an economic and tourism driver, which would benefit small towns throughout the route. Questions and comments can be submitted through a dedicated email address at [email protected]
  6. 2000 Arctic Cat 500 no power

    You can download a free wiring diagram here: http://www.mymowerparts.com/pdf/Arctic-Cat-ATV-Repair-and-Service-Manuals/ Your model is listed, it is the large PDF file of wiring diagrams. Since you say there is no power anywhere, I would start with the ignition area. Mike
  7. Source for Koyo bearings

    You can now get Koyo bearings from Arctic Cat. Order them by the old part number 1402-027. Around $25 each Mike
  8. You do have to be careful to use the right oil. It has a wet clutch and you have to use the right oil. The one picture is not enough to identify the machine. A front and rear picture could help. It looks like a 2001-2003 machine possibly a 375cc.
  9. Arctic Cat ATV Service Manuals

    Country Cat also posts technical information for free as well. They recently updated their site and that section link is missing. I am told they will fix it, in the meantime this is the direct link: http://countrycat.com/ex-ccstore/index.php/kbase/ Mike
  10. What ATV for my needs?

    Well you have to consider what his budget is. In low range they can haul a lot. I used my 400 in low range for plowing and this past winter's blizzard, it was pushing a lot of snow no problem. Mike
  11. What ATV for my needs?

    Maybe you can find a used Arctic Cat TBX, they usually are 400cc motors and have a dump box on the back instead of a rack. Also has a 2 inch receiver. These have been made back to the early 2000's. The shifter has a hi and low range for extra pulling power. Mike
  12. looking for places to ride in P A

    There is also the Northern Wayne Outdoor Recreation Club which has 12 miles of old railroad bed to ride. http://www.nworc.org There are places to stop and eat along the trail
  13. Lost trails is local to me. I have a yearly membership there and do frequent the place. The tours they have where they supply the machines and helmets are a guided tour, they offer both side by sides and quads. They do well with these tours, I always see them out on the trails. You can pay by the day or buy a yearly membership. Its good for 12 months, so if you buy it in May, its good until next May. They have about 2,200 acres and about 35 miles of trails. The terrain is variable and marked as Green, blue, black and red. Some play areas with mud holes. Some of the trails follow the old gravity railroad bed and there is a cool tunnel you go through. There are also remains of the engine houses that used to haul the cars up the planes if you interested in history. I have found a lot of artifacts from the railroad including sections of strap rails and pulleys. These trails aren't the type to go very fast on, they are twisting in the woods type trails, some trails are rocky others have been groomed (but being in NEPA on the Moosic Mountain ridges, its never baby smooth) Mike
  14. Searching for manuals and ATV information

    This site I know is safe for Arctic Cat Manuals http://www.mymowerparts.com/pdf/Arctic-Cat-ATV-Repair-and-Service-Manuals/ This site is also safe http://countrycat.com/ccstore/index.php/kbase/
  15. mikeexplorer