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  1. mikeexplorer

    Bike/brand of choice?

    I have owned Arctic Cats, I did have a Kymco Mongoose for a few years for the girl to ride, we sold it to a friend and it is still in use today. The smaller Arctic Cats of the time were Kymco based, Her first utility machine was basically a Kymco MXU, its 8 years old now, almost 10,000 miles on it and still runs well. I upgraded her to an Alterra so we kept the other machine as a backup and I use it for plowing. Mike
  2. mikeexplorer

    what is a good 4wheeler with a manual transmission?

    I own Arctic Cats and like that they have a 2 inch receiver and an accessory plug under the rear fender for either a battery tender or for any pull behind machine that would need power. My first one I had for 10 years and put 16,000 miles on it then sold it to a friend for parts. Mike
  3. The smaller Arctic Cats have clutch spacers that can be removed if you want more speed. Mike
  4. mikeexplorer

    Diagnostics - Bad Voltage Regulator (2007 Arctic Cat 700 EFI)

    The video showed with the machine running "Volt" was flashing on the display. It will show when voltage is out of range, either hi or low. I would think the machine owner would be seeing this and apparently did nothing about it since the video mentioned he has to replace his battery every two years. With the regulator putting out too much voltage, he is frying the battery. Mike
  5. mikeexplorer

    Check this out

    That came out nice, she is really going to enjoy it.
  6. mikeexplorer

    2003 Arctic Cat 400 Auto 4x4 problems

    Easy check for a bad coil is when it is hot, pull the plug and check spark. bad plug can be the issue. Is it getting too hot? Like fan not running? Under the seat is the solenoid for the starter, jump it with a screwdriver to see if the starter turns. If you have a battery jump box, disconnect winch and apply power directly to it to see if the winch itself is working. If it is, its the winch solenoid that is bad. Mike
  7. mikeexplorer

    Your opinion on KYMCO atv?

    I had a similar noise and it was the heat shield. I put a hose clamp around it and the noise stopped. Mike
  8. mikeexplorer

    Your opinion on KYMCO atv?

    I owned a Mongoose 250 for a few years and sold it in 2010, it is still in use today. Most of the smaller bore Arctic Cats used Kymco engines. One I own is the 2010 366 with over 9,000 miles on it and still runs fine. This is very similar to the MXU and some parts cross between the machines (such as the shocks and suspension system. Mike
  9. mikeexplorer

    Arctic Cat ATV Service Manuals

    2013 manual is here https://support.countrycat.com/posts/2807051-2013-450-atv-service-manual
  10. mikeexplorer

    Side by side

    You can find parts for the 1999 Arctic Cat at www.countrycat.com
  11. mikeexplorer

    Tiger Tail in ACTION!

    Got to use it the past weekend at the Hallstead ATV Poker run. Worked well
  12. mikeexplorer

    No electric on 2007 arctic cat 400 atv

    Haven't heard back from him with my suggestions.
  13. mikeexplorer

    Tiger Tail in ACTION!

    I bought one of these this year, so far have not had to use it.
  14. I bought a RAM mount for my obsolete Garmin GPS unit and it has worked very well. This is for the vehicle, not the quad. Mike
  15. mikeexplorer

    2000 Arctic Cat 500 Need Carb

    The link I posted in the Arctic Cat forum, you can use it to compare part numbers for different year machines to see if they are the same