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  1. mikeexplorer

    Winch 4 less

    I have heard good things about this brand, bolt pattern should be the same as any WARN winch. Mike
  2. mikeexplorer

    Winch 4 less

    It wasn't "life saving" the driver of the side by side was ready to bail if the machine let loose. (Passenger already got out of the machine and is sitting on my girls machine in picture) She had to sit on her machine to add weight because the quad was lighter then the side by side and was being pulled back towards the drop off. She winched to my machine, I was winched to a tree holding everyone in place. The side by side in trouble can be seen in the background. I was winching in and had Michelle run her machine to help pull the side by side out, her quad lost traction and bam, that blew out my winch's gears. (but the winch held, I just could no longer spool in) Her quad is also equipped with a WARN winch and was more powerful then my old one. (at the time my machine was a 2007 400, came with a WARN 2000 lb winch) Hers was 2500 lb winch, With the added weight on her machine and careful winching, we pulled the side by side out. The side by side had some kind of aftermarket winch and was not strong enough to pull the machine out, this is why we had to do it this way. In the end, nobody was hurt, and we all got out safe. This was a true test of winches. Mike
  3. mikeexplorer

    Winch 4 less

    I do agree WARN winches are pricey, but I have always had a WARN winch on all my machines and it has never let me down. One time I blew out the star gear in mine, but the winch was overloaded in a desperate attempt to pull a side by side out of a dangerous situation. The gear gave out first rather then destroying the whole winch. $30 in parts and the winch was good to go again. I also use it for plowing, the winch gets a good workout with the plow. I personally think they are worth it since when you need it, you need it. Maintenance is also needed, every two years I take them apart and clean them out and re-grease the winch. I have an excellent PDF guide on how to do this (attached) Winch Cleaning Guide.pdf
  4. I purchased from them tires and rims several times and a soft rear pack for my girls quad. I never had an issue with them. Mike
  5. mikeexplorer

    2005 AC no fire

    Agreed with what you posted, sounds like it jumped timing. backfiring through the intake is a symptom. Mike
  6. mikeexplorer

    Site to download Arctic Cat manuals and diagrams

    countrycat.com will have a parts list for what you are looking for. You may also find the service manual for your machine under technical information. One option for the winch is to buy a 2 inch receiver plate mount and put the winch there. You can get a set of high current connectors (like ones used for jumping vehicles) and make the winch removable. Other option is to weld a plate at the rear bumper assembly and install a winch as shown in this picture.
  7. mikeexplorer

    what is the best brand of ATV?

    Agreed, well said. Maintenance makes a difference in reliability. Mike
  8. mikeexplorer

    2000 Arctic Cat 300 Cuts Off On Acceleration

    Is the machine gravity fed or is there a vacuum fuel impulse pump? Is the gas tank under the seat in the rear? Or is the gas tank on top? Another thing to check is the vent line to the gas tank, if its plugged up, it won't allow fuel to flow properly. Mike
  9. mikeexplorer


    Looks to be in good condition, good luck with it
  10. mikeexplorer


    Happy New Year
  11. mikeexplorer

    Happy holidays all

    Merry Christmas
  12. mikeexplorer

    2003 arcticcat 400 4x4 fis no fire

    If there was a recall for your machine, it does not matter how many years have passed. Call a dealer and give them your VIN number, they can check it for you. Mike
  13. mikeexplorer

    2009 Arctic Cat 90 not going into gear

    Ive never worked on the 90cc bikes, usually there is no separate transmission fluid. The oil does both jobs. The service manual is posted in a thread above so check that first. If there is no transmission fluid, what it sounds like happened is the oil is not wet clutch compatible and will cause those symptoms. Mike
  14. mikeexplorer

    Just here for manual

    I use that same program as well as Sbybot Search & destroy. If you were getting the warning that the files you were trying to download were infected, then what has probably happened is your browser was hijacked. The files here are clean but there may be something in your browser trying to re-direct your download request to another site. Download spybot search & destroy and install (they have a free version)Shut down your computer and disconnect it from the internet, reboot and run a FULL scan with both programs (not at the same time) Malwarebytes you have to choose "Custom scan" and select your entire hard drive to be scanned, let it do its thing, it will take some time. That should detect if you have anything going on with your system. Mike
  15. mikeexplorer

    Just here for manual

    I can't blame the administrator for imposing a policy of a post count before allowing downloads. Policies like this goes way back to the days of BBS's I was a sysop of one for years and you would have those that would do nothing but download files until they got kicked off for exceeding time. Of course in those days only one user could be online at a time since you had to use a phone line and modem. Nowadays that of course isn't true with hosting service, its only a matter of bandwidth depending on the hosting service you are using and how much they allow. Forums used to suffer from a different issue, bots posting links and scams. Registration process has gotten better to catch these bots and block them before they can post a bunch of scam and crap on the system. I maintain our club's website and it used to be horrible, I would have to clean out sometimes up to 500 bots a DAY! We as a club decided to only allow access for members only and I shut down the registration (nobody can sign up on our website) When a member joins the club, I just insert their member info into the website and they are good to go. We use a traditional forum board similar to this, We had talked about opening a social media page (like Facebook) but decided against it. Having topics arranged like they have here is much cleaner and more organized. Example, I am from the Northeast part of PA, they have a riding section, subtopic northeast. So when an important article came out about the trail initiative that will expand ATV riding in the area, that is the exact place to post it. Anyone from the area can clearly see it. Mike