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  1. It may only need a top end, if it sucked in dust it ruined the rings. I had this happen to my 2007. The later years with it since it had high miles it needed to be bored. Ran great after that and I sold the machine. Mike
  2. Do you hear the solenoid engage (click) when pressing the starter button? Mike
  3. Is the sound coming from the starter solenoid? Mike
  4. PA is slowly opening up. DCNR opened the state trails a few days early to avoid a Memorial Day weekend crowd. I have been out riding a few times so far, but our camping trips up to this point were canceled. For the most part I worked, only had a few days shutdown twice, but we were paid for it. Mike
  5. You notice how most of the scams are Gmail addresses? I actually never use craigslist, too riddled with scams and people fishing for information. Mike
  6. Either way, since I had thin pliers, i tapped both at the same time. (make sure your going from the 12 volt wire to center wire. If it doesn't do anything, I would suspect the wire first. This quad did have a wire harness problem in the front side. It was intermittently blowing the ignition fuse and I found a rubbed through wire in the front frame. If you have a schematic, you can disconnect the pod and verify continuity between the speed sensor plug and the pod. Its possible the connector to the pod is dirty and not making a good connection. I would suspect a pod problem last. Mike
  7. We had a chance for a quick ride on Friday at the local state trail before the rain came in.
  8. I have heard of that one about it being handled through "Ebay Motors" and such. I came across one of those "great deals" years ago and got a similar line of bull. I told them I only do Paypal through Ebay so if they had the Ebay transaction number. Poof! never heard back
  9. I do not know if this information will be accurate for you but last year I had a problem with my Arctic Cat 366 which is basically a Kymco MXU 375. There is a speed sensor that sends pulses to the POD to measure speed. (Picture 1) I had the same problem, reading zero. First picture is what the speed sensor looks like ON MY QUAD. It MAY be the same on yours? First thing to do is unplug it, clean it with electroclean (you can find it at any auto parts store) then measure with the ignition on to verify it has power to the sensor. (picture 3) I have a meter that can measure Hz and I was able to verify the speed sensor was bad with it quickly. There is another way. Look at Picture 2. With the ignition on take a thin pair of needle nose pliers or use a piece of small gauge wire and go from the +12V lead to the center lead and "tap" it several times. This will simulate the pulses sent by the sensor. If you POD shows a speed reading, the sensor is bad. If it does not. You may have a broken wire or a bad connection to the POD, or a bad POD. (My meter showed me with the quad running at idle, I had pulses coming from the sensor, but the voltage output was too low for the pod to read) Mike
  10. Look at this. https://www.mobilityquad.com/
  11. Sorry to hear, hope things work out for you.
  12. Here is a list of error codes and how to display them with the diagnostic plug. Mike AC Error Codes.pdf
  13. I think the 700's at that time were the H1 engine, smaller ones such as the 400 were Suzuki. I know my 2007 400 was Suzuki motor Mike
  14. I use pictures to document the maintenance on the quads. AT times it comes in handy to explain how to do something, like what I posted. Train project is coming along. Wiring and track layout is complete. I started writing the code. I am programming the routines that will be needed for the main programs such as the input debounce (eliminate chatter) Control of the track power segments (to stop and run trains) and the touch panel screens. Right now I am working on the routine to handle the remote switches on the layout. I only can work on this when I have time. Our plant did shut down for a little over a week due to the virus, but I worked several of the days to do an upgrade on two of the lines so I really didn't have many extra days off. Your going to have a blast with the drone when you get it. Look up videos on Youtube, they will be very helpful. Mike

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