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  1. No, orders to close down, they are seeking a waiver since the state trails remained opened.
  2. Lost Trails closed for now so that blew my riding and drone flying plans for now
  3. The drone is capable of flying up to 400 feet high, actually limited to that because of airspace regulations. You can set limits for the drone. Most of my videos I keep it under 150 - 200 feet. Distance will vary depending on how many other wifi signals are around. Urban areas I can usually get about 1,300 feet away from where I am standing. Yesterday I went to a more rural area and I went over 2,300 feet away before loss of signal. This is the what I bought https://www.amazon.com/Parrot-Bebop-Pro-3D-Modeling-Solution/dp/B07514PH61/ref=sr_1_3?crid=FW7Q0SY22D4F&dchild=1&keywords=parrot+bebop+2+power&qid=1585128975&sprefix=parrot+bebop+2%2Caps%2C175&sr=8-3 Mike
  4. The drone I have would be considered a good beginner drone. You can buy the complete kit for under $500. This would include the drone, extra batteries, extra propellers, and the sky controller, and a padded backpack. You can use the drone with your phone only, but the range will be more limited. I also found a refurbished one on ebay for $235, it did not include the controller, but did include one charger and battery plus a spare set of propellers. I bought it as a spare. The only add-on I am considering is the FPV goggles, sometimes its hard to see the video feed in bright sunlight, this is why during the video I took, I made some weird turns and stopped at times to look at what the drone was seeing. There are of course cheaper drones out there then this one, but this drone has the essential features. Mainly since it has an onboard GPS it has the ability to "return to home" automatically if it loses signal with the controller. Cheaper drones don't have this feature, and that is why a lot of people lose them. If you do crash the drone, the controller will know the last known position of the drone, the drone will also continue to transmit the video feed and emit a beeping sound. This drone has all I need, I mainly bought it to explore abandoned railroads and to get photos and videos of areas I cannot physically get to, or to take aerial shots of things, such as these gravity slope buildings. The GPS data is recorded during the flight (as shown with the overlay) and when you take pictures, the GPS data is embedded in the picture. These photos are taken across the river from where I was, I was following an old railroad grade. The field in the third picture used to be mining operation that was reclaimed.
  5. I have a Parrot Bebop 2. Picked it up a few months ago. Its considered older now that they came out with the newer models but that means I got this one at a discount. It has all the features I need. I used a free program to overlay the flight data from the drone. You must mean "milepoint" that I noted in the video. This railroad line was originally a Delaware & Hudson line and connected to Albany when it was known as the "Penn Division" Where I was standing it would be 183.5 miles to Albany. Railroads use the mile posts to note everything on their right of way. Back in the 1980's the line was abandoned from Carbondale to Ninevah, NY (its connection) so it is now known as the "Carbondale Line" its end of line. So nowadays the actual milepoint where I was standing would be 12.5 Since the train was returning from Carbondale, the cars would be empty, they would have had sand in them used for fraking natural gas in our area. Part of the video you can see a track coming off the line (a switch) that spur services our place, we manufacture plastic sheet, those cars would be filled with plastic pellets. I cut that part out from the video, but after the train left, I turned the drone and flew towards our plant. You can see the cars parked on the track and the stair step pipe you see blows the plastic pellets from the cars uphill to our facility to fill the silos. I meant to get closer but the battery was running low so I brought it back. Mike
  6. I am still working, but they are talking about a shut down next week. Last week took the drone out to do some flying.
  7. It looks like only the ATV specific mounts are being discontinued, probably for the older models. I have the 2 inch receiver mount for mine so I can move it to different quads as needed. I only had to use this Tigertail a few times but it works great. Mike
  8. Working this weekend but might try to get to Lost Trails Thursday if weather is ok. Going to use the drone to do some exploring. Mike
  9. A lot of ski areas shut down early due to this. We had a trip planned for early April which will probably not happen now. Looks like the quad will be coming out early. PA closed schools and such as well. Mike
  10. Yeah, Lost trails is local to me, hopefully it will be on a weekend i am not working Mike
  11. Agreed, It probably got wet and that is why its not working. CDI's or any other electrical part does not need a flow of power to keep it good, pure bunk. I don't know about other model ATV's but Arctic Cat usually encases the CDI in epoxy so its impossible to repair them, too bad, because most of the parts inside would be cheap to replace such as diodes and capacitors. Once a CDI box gets to about 20 years old, it is common for the capacitors inside to fail, then you have no spark. Electrolytic capacitors typically only have a life of about 20 years before the plates break down inside (kinda like a battery) Mike
  12. The flywheel magnet problem was common on years 2005-2007 models. He did not post the year of his machine. My first quad was a 2007 Arctic Cat and I did not have the problem. Guess I lucked out. It is something he needs to check as it can cause his symptoms. Mike
  13. PA Residents, please take a moment to send an email supporting this to [email protected] https://www.erienewsnow.com/story/41590987/proposed-changes-on-the-way-for-riding-atvs-on-state-forest-trails?fbclid=IwAR1EXkgtnRenBzFAKG5h1IOs7xDrNg6iedYSALckbjx2F5ZPjwdDFFij6Jc#.Xic-MeQ7aXY.facebook This week, the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) plans to outline proposed policy changes for ATV trails on state forest lands. They will also be seeking public comment. Pennsylvania has more than 260 miles of ATV trails in state forests. The department is reviewing its policy to respond to increasing demands for riding opportunities and well as interest from local governments in expanding tourism. “The purpose of the policy is to provide guidance to DCNR when acquiring, developing and managing lands for ATV use by the public,” Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn said. There had been a moratorium on new trail development, but the policy revisions now authorize DCNR to consider new ATV trails and connectors on state forest lands. “New ATV trails will be considered, while still balancing the protection of natural resources as outlined in the Environmental Rights Amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution, and the needs of all types of recreational users on DCNR lands,” Dunn said. In a 2016 survey of ATV users, more than 4,800 responded with many indicating a strong desire for more long-distance trails. Pennsylvania has around 285,000 registered ATVs. On state forest lands, ATV riding is allowed only on designated trails. Public comment will be taken at a meeting in Harrisburg Wednesday, January 22, from 10 a.m. to noon in Room 105 of the Rachel Carson State Office Building. Written comments can be submitted to [email protected] The deadline to submit comments is March 27. More information about ATV riding is on the DCNR website.

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