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can I run 5W-40 in my quad


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I have a 2017 Alterra 500 TRV,  manual says 0w-40 oil should be used.  I have read that Rotella T-6 meets all the standards that the OEM oil does but I can only seem to find the 5W-40 unless I buy a 5 Gallon pail...lol.  Can I use the 5w-40?  OR just stop being a cheap SOB and suck it up and spend the $85 for the OEM kit?

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You probably won't see any difference unless you're running it when it's cold (like -20 below cold) and even then only the short amount of time it takes the engine to come up to heat. Hell, the oil company I deal with at work "stopped making" 5W40 oil because their 5W40 tested good enough to meet 0W40 specs so they just started labeling it as 0W40. That being said I'm not a mechanic.

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On 4/26/2023 at 1:28 PM, Clifish said:

It was pointed out by another forum that Arctic cat has changed the recommended oil a few times, seems I will be getting the Rotella T6 for 1/3 the price - thx

That is kind of confusing that they would change the oil recommendation. Did they give a reason for changing it a few times? Were the OEM recommendations bad or something?

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