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2012 Coleman 500 UT plug keeps fouling.

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Many things could cause this. If it is oil fouling maybe rings or valve guides, hope its not that. If it is dry powdery fowling it probably flooding. I know its fuel injected, the only thing i can think of there is replace the injector, but before doing that i would run some fuel injector cleaner through it and see if that helps. The other question would be how does it run, good, sluggish acceleration, jerky accelertion. What im getting at is to properly diagnose i need a little more information on how its running. There may be other electronics involoved that control the fuel injector.

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Yup.. What Gw says..  What is this fouling like ? Wet or dry, oily or powdery, baked hard or fluffy ?

And how does the bike run ? When did it last get a tune ?

Is the fuel fresh ? Have you inspected the air-filter ? Is the plug the right one for the bike ?

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