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    • One compilation that is like a tradition into my channel! One video from our Best moments of Winter season rides - 2021  
    • There is a vaccine for stupid.  To make me no longer stupid all you have to do is tell me how masks stop one 120nm ball but not another 120nm ball and I will no longer be stupid. Now you take your ball and go home. New York Times says "Flu Has Vanished."  Lowest number of cases ever recorded.  But at the same time we had the highest number of coronavirus cases ever recorded. How do masks cause the lowest number of flu cases ever recorded while at the same time allowing the highest coronavirus cases ever recorded? Please login to view attachment Everyone I know had a mild case about like what Joe Rogan described.  A couple people are begging for it.  One works in the covid unit at a rehab facility and she wants to test positive so she doesn't have to get tested anymore.  Her husband wants to test positive so he gets 2 weeks pad vacation.  Their son tested positive and had a slight cough, but the parents could not catch it.  Neither could all the grandparents.  Maybe they already had it and didn't know it. Dad had it last year and his only symptom, mild fever, didn't stop him from pulling weeds every day.  I'm not sure if I caught it from dad or not, but if I did then I didn't know it. Coming from someone who just suffered a month of pneumonia, covid doesn't scare me too much except for the loss of taste and smell.  That's permanent because it destroys the nerve cells which grow back wrong, so there is no fixing that. I don't want covid, but I'm not naive enough to think masks are going to stop it.  I try to stay out of buildings as much as possible and use curbside pickup to stay away from people. I caught the flu because I let someone come over to do her taxes.  We were both healthy on that wednesday, but she got sick sunday and I got it the next thursday.  I let my guard down one time and boom.  She spent a week in the hospital for pneumonia (where she got 2 negative covid tests) and I just toughed it out at home.  Masks would not have prevented it.  In fact, she works at walmart where she has to wear a mask all day and walmart is probably where she caught it, so she almost certainly caught the flu while wearing a mask. I went through all my old emails and doctor records from childhood and I figure I've had the flu at least 20 times in my life.  I had the flu on my 1st birthday and spent 4 days in the hospital on IV.  I never get it from grocery stores or the community, but it's always someone I know giving it to me.  Masks would not have stopped any of it. Masks may even make it worse:  
    • Twist and spin the facts all you want . I  just hope nobody in your circles of contacts suffers from the reality and consequences of denying the  seriousness of the COVID pandemic and the steps to reduce its spread  until vaccines can at least reduce it to  a very low level.  It may have already  had enough mutations to  make it endemic like the flu  virus is so far ..  Have fun, I'm  done with this thread . There's no vaccine for stupid and no sense trying to  point to  fact with you lot .  
    • Sorry, there are 4 counties out of 56 that are requiring masks. No significant spiking.
    • I see a Warn 424 disconnect from a '99 300 TRX coming up on eBay

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