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Hisun ATV Forum

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Posts about Hisun ATV models and manufacturer specific topics.

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    • I’m in NY southern zone. I’ve seen some big deer and a bunch of little guys. They are all spread out now.   This new guy here showed up this weekend. Haven’t seen him until now. Nice big bodied deer. Racks are good but not like the monsters near you and Ohio and other states but I’ll take it.  
    • where are you located Frank?  I'm in Southern Indiana and still seeing several during the day.  I've got a nice one picked out that keeps strolling across my back yard in the mornings between 2 fields.  The bastard destroyed 2 of my cypress trees that mark our rear property line.  My two labs have chased after him a couple of times, I'm going to be pissed if they run him off.  They're about to get locked in their kennels until the season is over hahaha.
    • It’s like buying a car on a rainy day there’s no squeaks or noise.  Everything else is manageable but the oil plug is a bitch!  CANT WAIT FOR RIFLE SEASON!!   got some big racks this year.  They are all nocturnal now. I went from over 1000 pics of these guys all hours of the day to maybe 20 and they are all in the middle of the night and with a doe.   
    • thanks Frank and Spartacus.  I'll try to get in there one evening this week and see what's going on with it.  Deer season (firearm) comes in this weekend so probably going to have limited time to mess with the bike the next few weeks haha.  Lesson learned on this thing...... be very cautious when looking at a bike that is freshly washed off and sitting in grass area so as not able to see oil spots under it.  I especially like how previous owner mentioned the "fresh oil change".  I'm now 0-2  with bad luck purchasing used bikes.
    • My guess is you have a bad battery. 

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