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  1. View File 2001-2002 Cannondale ATV Engine Service Manual 2001-2002 Cannondale ATV Engine Service Manual Submitter quadmaniac Submitted 03/30/2018 Category Cannondale ATV  
  2. Version

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    2001-2002 Cannondale ATV Engine Service Manual
  3. DTV Shredder, Have You seen This?

    yeah me too.
  4. 2004 Yamaha Kodiak 450 Oil smoke

    I agree with @davefrombc probably got some oil somewhere from the oil filter change. Is the oil filter on there and tight?
  5. thoughts on buying this side by side?

    By the listing it looks like its a 2017 CAN-AM and I think its a maverick. Its got a salvage title, are you planning on registering it?
  6. I saw this on some show earlier today about inventions can't remember what the name of the tv show was now....I was reading something on atv.com and saw a review of it which seemed like a coincidence to me, lol. I guess its gaining some traction...no pun intended. Wasn't sure where to post this and since it has tracks like a snowmobile or tank even, I figured I'd post it here. What do you think? I want one! Here's the website https://www.dtvmotorcorp.com/dtv-shredder/ Paul Blart needs one of these!
  7. Winter returns

    Great photos! I miss skiing, haven't gone skiing in a long time.
  8. Member Map New Version

    Didn't realize how many members not that far away...
  9. Hey Guys

    Welcome to QUADCRAZY!
  10. Soooooooo,,,,,Its been awhile!!!! Whats new...Hmmmmmm

    That's a great pic with him standing where the engine is supposed to be! That motor is looking good. That's the get Smart car! Pretty cool.
  11. 05 king quad won’t start after stator replacement

    That's definitely a new word, but I love it! Sounds like timing maybe. That's fuel injected I believe.

    What kind of wheels did you get? Usually the manufacturers will recommend what size spacers if any are needed. When you mount then now, what are they hitting?
  13. If I'm riding at night, flashlights but also have this cool led from grote, has a magnet, holds a charge, has a flashing feature. Great for camping and night riding. Very bright. $80 at Walmart and $78 on Amazon. I use this light for other things as well and it's come in handy.
  14. So where is everyone in 2018? Still riding? Any new ATVs?
  15. 300 king quad rear axle

    Are you saying interchangeable axle because usually a part is a part and the price is the price so if part #XYZ fits multiple models, it still costs the same. It's aftermarket where you would be able to save vs OE. Have you checked ebay for used?