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  1. WOW, what views!!! Great pictures.
  2. I would agree. Couldn't hurt.
  3. Did you settle on anything yet?
  4. I haven't really used much except for a backpack. Am thinking of getting a soft bag.
  5. I don't think you can ever go wrong with a Honda but I would also take a look at the Polaris Ranger in the same class before you drop the money and compare the features. The Pioneer seems skinnier to me, smaller wheel base.
  6. Time to laugh..too funny!
  7. Kind of an old topic, but I was looking over at ThumperTalk and looks like they just updated their site and are using the same software to run it as quadcrazy. Login form and forum/topic layout is very similar..😎
  8. Great pics guys! I was looking at a few pics online and I really like these action shots...
  9. Got it, was just asking. So really you are looking for tuning without replacing. That quad is fuel injected right?
  10. I agree, always great videos! 😁
  11. What do you mean by free? Tuning? There are always mods but they cost money like tires, exhaust etc. 🙂
  12. Some great pictures in this thread....let me add one:
  13. Has anyone moved into anything else besides ATVs? Dirtbikes, UTVs, carts, snowmobiles, etc...
  14. I've bailed before when it's in the teens and the windchill is in the single digits.