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  1. @davefrombc well I’m not pissed and quite enjoy reading yours and everyone’s comments. I don’t agree with everything Trump, but I strongly disagree with a lot of left leaning thinking and policies.
  2. LOL...Give it a rest, you are way too left for even a democrat (if that's who you align with of course). It sounds silly when you say things like that. Violence has no place, but all those thousands of peaceful protesters in DC are not a cult. Dems will condemn today's protests but never condemned all the left leaning protests all year long that were violent. It's a bunch of nonsense and double standard. Twitter shuts down Trump and refuses to turn his account back on until he removes his tweets and 12 hours after that? That's not influence by a media company? Wow is all I have to say about that, people should worry about that... Oh, on another topic, anyone see this before? I'm not posting to say I buy into this, but it was interesting to watch... https://m.facebook.com/100003832833605/posts/1890921974378879/
  3. Thank you, this is some of what I was referring to when referencing education in the US.
  4. I disagree. The world did not shrink, it just got more connected with technology. I don’t want to live in a country that doesn’t put its citizens and country first, that’s just ridiculous.
  5. Why is it that other countries complain that America wants to take care of itself first. It’s a country with borders, we aren’t in a one world order here. Every country should put their interests first. If you want to be part of America, move to America. But to comment outside of this country on this country’s internal affairs, is a bit silly in my opinion. Everyone has an opinion even if they don’t live in the country, however, I wouldn’t dare say anything about Canada or other country not living there. It’s hard to take these comments seriously from non-Americans. Sorry guys, no disrespect intended and I enjoy reading your opinions, it’s just not reality for me.
  6. @davefrombc you missed your calling as a left wing US politician with the likes of AOC and the rest of them...lol. The reality is that the majority (even Democrats) don’t think like you do or give a crap about globalization. Most Americans aren’t globalists and could care less about what happens outside these borders. In addition to that, to call 70+ million Americans “cult members” is the same crap that Hillary did by calling them “deplorables”. What you missed in your “map” is that the northeast is not all blue. It’s red outside the metro areas. NY voted Democrat because of NYC. Democrats always win large populated city/metro areas, where this ideology flourishes. The real reality is that this country has been going down hill since Obama. You have no idea what goes on in education, business, and other sectors that are killing this country. Trump reversed and stopped only some of that. Biden intends to get back “on course”. The objective is to weaken America and if you don’t see that, you will, when the US will not be able to protect you Canadians, and Chinese bases pop up in your backyard. You should want the US to be the most powerful in the world, for your own protection. Democrats are incapable of protecting the US, they just break it down. Be careful what you wish for!
  7. Looks like its in great shape, did you get a good deal on it?
  8. Congrats! I would agree on highlifter. Here is a video of a guy installing.
  9. Is this the same issue from 3 years ago in the topic below?
  10. I had that happen on a Kubota one time, all of a sudden it wouldn't start. Found the switch under the seat was loose and causing the no start issue.
  11. Does anyone know where all the rioters went? Businesses boarded up their stores in case Trump won I guess, because now that the media has decided Biden won, the boards aren’t needed anymore on those store fronts? Just goes to show who is rioting...food for thought.
  12. A covid vaccine comes out with 90% efficacy the week after the election. Fauci says back to normal Q2 or Q3 2021. Just keeps getting better and better... I'm very happy to hear this news but boy the timing is questionable and 90% is unbelievable according to Fauci. How lucky we are that they came out with something so soon, but Trump will of course will get no credit and democrat superhero Cuomo in NY isn't happy its coming out while Trump is still president...You can't make this stuff up. The problem with mail in votes is that no-one is verifying them and they are easily duplicated. We may see in the coming weeks the legal battles that come out, unless Trump concedes of course. Mail in voting should not have been allowed at the levels it was under the umbrella of COVID. The dems wanted this for a reason. There is also a reason why Russia, China, and Mexico leaders have not congratulated Biden yet.
  13. Probably a sportsman, but no center headlight? The vin should be inside the fender well somewhere on the frame., front or rear.
  14. Exactly, how can a candidate that barely campaigned, had no enthusiasm, no platform to run on except covid and Trump are bad, is showing so much old age and makes incoherent statements, (I know I'm leaving something out) win? Harris had to drop out early in the primaries, so she's not driving any enthusiasm. I understand that its a vote against Trump and not because Biden is so good, but come on, some people need to wake up. One thing is for sure, we will not be getting the tweets like from Trump or much from Biden as his activity level will be much, much lower than Trump. They are going to hide him from the public as his aging appearance increases and symptoms get worse, until Kamala and the dems invoke the 25th on him. Then she'll get elected out in 4 years because people will see it was a sham. As far as early voting in NY, I went twice and the lines were too big so I went on election day. Trump flags everywhere. You can't assume early voting is all biden, mostly yes I would agree but not all. I think ballots are showing up as needed for dems at this point. A never ending election, until you win.
  15. @JustRandy If you read the comments, she's creating new ones from others that came in, the guy is supposedly reading to her from what was received and its legal. I will say this, Trump did call out issues with the election beforehand, but I didn't really think it would come down to this. Its very suspicious that after election day, Biden's votes keep increasing every day. I never want to go through an election like this again, its a big joke. With all the technology we have we are counting paper ballots with markers while going into polling stations with no ids. Its 2020, the system needs an overhaul. And what's up with all the pre-election polls? Way off...they need new careers. Sad to watch actually, regardless of who wins.

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