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  1. 05 king quad won’t start after stator replacement

    That's definitely a new word, but I love it! Sounds like timing maybe. That's fuel injected I believe.

    What kind of wheels did you get? Usually the manufacturers will recommend what size spacers if any are needed. When you mount then now, what are they hitting?
  3. If I'm riding at night, flashlights but also have this cool led from grote, has a magnet, holds a charge, has a flashing feature. Great for camping and night riding. Very bright. $80 at Walmart and $78 on Amazon. I use this light for other things as well and it's come in handy.
  4. So where is everyone in 2018? Still riding? Any new ATVs?
  5. 300 king quad rear axle

    Are you saying interchangeable axle because usually a part is a part and the price is the price so if part #XYZ fits multiple models, it still costs the same. It's aftermarket where you would be able to save vs OE. Have you checked ebay for used?
  6. It could be that the battery was drained and is now bad, I would get it tested. But more than likely if it was fine before, your mechanic left off a ground or something else. I would start testing wires for voltage.
  7. Ex dirt bike dude now has an 07 TRX400EX

    Welcome to quadcrazy! Great pics, looks like you got some action there with the mud. I would just look around online and check a bunch of sources for tires like motosport, tirerack, amazon, rockymountain, etc. I would look at some knobby tires a bit more aggressive for trail and mountain riding. maybe something like these on amazon: Full Set Of MassFx Front (2x) 21X7-10 and rear Tires (2x) 20X10-9 ATV Tires Pair
  8. I just saw this on amazon and it's not to bad for $36.49 if you don't have anything on your rear rack. Kwik Tek ATV Padded Rear Pack
  9. What Hauls your Toys and Why????

    Congrats on the Tahoe, love those trucks! Great color BTW, looking good! Let's see her hooked up with Jumpin Jack when you get a chance.
  10. CanAm Ds70??

    Good luck with it, I agree you shouldn't have to change anything when it's new.
  11. 1998 Kawasaki 400 bayou 4x4 input

    My buddy had a Kawasaki Bayou what I thought was a 300 but not sure, it definitely wasn't the 220. Couldn't kill that thing, went through mud, water, all over the place. Nice quad!
  12. (Honda) Honda is developing an off-roader that can carry just about anything, except a driver. The 3E-D18 has a rack system that allows different types of gear and components to be attached to it. (Honda) The 3E-D18 is an autonomous ATV designed to be used as a workhorse by construction crews, farmers, search and rescue teams, etc., or adventurers who just need a little help lugging their gear into the wilderness. It can even accommodate elaborate mechanisms like a fertilizer spreader. (Honda) The electric 4x4 is powered by swappable batteries and fitted with a rack system where all sorts of equipment can be mounted. Honda envisions it being used for spreading fertilizer, plowing snow, fighting forest fires and even picking crops, and its non-pneumatic “airless” tires mean it’s virtually flat-proof. Fitted with GPS and a guidance system, it can be summoned and deployed via an app on a smart device. via GIPHY
  13. 1992 Big Bear 4x4 Rear swing arm install

    Do you have the quad elevated and tires off? Check out this video towards the end:
  14. snow plows: what's the best one?

    I'm reviving sort an old topic. 5 years or so later, any new plows? Its snow time here in the northeast. What are the best ones out there for ATVs?
  15. I was googling something and started to think about the word "QUAD" and how it's used. Is an ATV a QUAD? We used to call it "quad riding" with my friends and not "ATV riding". I think over in the UK they call it "Quad Biking" from what I can tell. So what actually falls under the term "QUAD"? Do side by sides and UTV fall under this and do they fall under UTV as well? I'm interested to hear what people think about this here at QUADCRAZY.