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  1. @Freedomflyer, great photo! I bet sasquatch lives there somewhere...lol. @Finnforest, welcome to quadcrazy!
  2. Thats funny and a great movie. I agree. Someone knows something...
  3. So here's a topic for anything goes forum and to get a way from the china virus stuff...lol. Has anyone been noticing the small drips of news about ufos and the government confirming? President Obama has an interesting late night segment. How warm and fuzzy do you feel when an ex-gov official confirms objects in the sky they can't explain...
  4. Yes indeed..workplace as well. It’s almost like a club now and the empowerment of people who are vaccinated vs not is interesting to watch. On a slightly different note, I was in a UPS store in upstate NY yesterday with my mask on but in front of me was a man who didn’t have his mask on, meanwhile there’s a sign. The UPS Kid behind the counter had his mask on and asked the customer to put his on. The customer hesitates, says some things and does it, while proclaiming “only in communist New York”..lol. Now why give the UPS kid a hard time? I don’t get it. The day before that I got int
  5. View File 2009 Can-Am Renegade 800 Wiring Diagram 2009 Can-Am Renegade 800 Wiring Diagram Submitter quadmaniac Submitted 05/01/2021 Category Can-Am BRP ATV  
  6. I uploaded the wiring diagram if you need it:
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    2009 Can-Am Renegade 800 Wiring Diagram
  8. wow, you have this issue from 2017 and still no fix? I would think that there is an issue with getting power with key off to the trip meter unit. when you shut it off, it resets. I would try tracing wires to see. Get a wire diagram.
  9. did you end up finding your plastics?
  10. Ebay has some chinese universals that may work. I see the lt50s all over the place even amazon but not the quadsport carbs. Not sure if the same carb. What year is it?
  11. Nice video, wasn't sure everyone would get up the hill!

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