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  1. Just had to post these, hilarious!
  2. Damn, there are so many old phone in this topic. my iphone 6 is getting old too...lol
  3. I think spring is here! Good morning everyone!!!
  4. SoUnds like a carb adjustment problem. So when you give it choke it stays running?
  5. Nothing on eBay? Just keep google searching and check Craigslist.
  6. How does it ride? I'm not familiar with that brand. How much did you pay?
  7. So the air filter is good? You definitely don't want air restriction. Could be that sand or dirt scored the cylinders.
  8. Welcome to QUADCRAZY! Good looking ATV. What type of box is that you have? where do you ride upstate, private land, state land, etc..
  9. Now that is pretty cool. Looks lowered and I'm wondering if those lights are stock...what did that start out as a Yamaha?
  10. I like the member map! https://www.quadcrazy.com/membermap/
  11. Where are the ladies at?
  12. Welcome to QUADCRAZY! I believe you can get a big bore 700 to 800 kit.
  13. IT'S SPREADING!!!!!!!!!!! Must be Alien in nature. 😉
  14. The snow is still melting away, can't wait for Spring!
  15. I personally don't care if Obama "wire tapped" Trump tower....I would also to get a leg up for my party! 😎 (J/K)