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  1. Looks like we are still waiting and the ladies have all abandoned us or changed their email addresses! This topic is so old, they've probably all moved on with their lives and families by now, only us dopes are still around....where is the next generation? Oh...on facebook...lol!
  2. Welcome aboard @automatcentral!
  3. I don't think Colombo could do a better job than that! Nice job @davefrombc
  4. That is hard to tell, do you have any more pictures from the side and back? Could be a Kawasaki Bayou 185, but not sure and it looks like its missing racks.
  5. Is there anything else on the ATV, a manufacturer tag?
  6. Looks like a great line up!
  7. Isn't this the same video as
  8. Pretty cool, I had no idea you can get tires on a bike like that. I had a mongoose bmx bike when I was a kid, looks like a lot has changed!
  9. @Ajmboy This site used to be a lot like atvconnection and other forums that use older versions of vbulletin. The interface is very similar. I do like the editor on this site a little more along with pasting images right in and some other uploading features.
  10. I think like @Ajmboy said, it's a typical 110cc Chinese kids atv. Is there something you are looking for to fix? I think these quads go for $499 and up.
  11. Cool, they have definitely come a long way since the old mules. The RZR is a sport utv and those seem to be coming out more and more. Lots of mods available for RZRs.
  12. Maybe a warrior rear?
  13. Just had to post these, hilarious!
  14. Damn, there are so many old phone in this topic. my iphone 6 is getting old too...lol
  15. I think spring is here! Good morning everyone!!!