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  1. quadmaniac

    Suzuki Ozark 250

    Its sounds like your carb bowl might be running dry. If its been sitting for a while, there's a chance that the carb float pin is a little sticky.
  2. quadmaniac

    RZR Masks

    Looks like RZR Masks is still in business and they've expanded their lineup a bit. Good to see they are still around. https://rzmask.com/
  3. Here's a funny video and something you don't see every day!
  4. quadmaniac

    1998 big bear clutch adjustment

    Sounds like it's not engaging if you can roll it like it's in neutral.
  5. quadmaniac

    Yamaha Grizzly getting stuck

    Now that is a lot of mud! iI applaud you for even trying to go through that stuff. The water looks like fun also
  6. That's a good looking outlander, love the color. Congrats on the new machine!
  7. quadmaniac

    The Official Good morning thread!

    Good morning quadcrazy people! It's a beautiful day out and too bad I have to work! Now here's a sunrise for you!
  8. quadmaniac

    How do I pop a wheelie??

    There are some really good wheelie shots in that article and in the gallery https://www.quadcrazy.com/gallery/category/57-atv-wheelies-on-two-wheels/
  9. quadmaniac

    honda recon 2002 ignition

    The battery is good? If you tested the battery and it's good, I would start checking wires and make sure you checked all fuses and found the main fuse.
  10. @LMI great info and recipe. What bait or lure do you use to catch walleye and pickerel? I usually catch a pickerel "by accident" when I'm bass fishing using rubber works or rapala lures.
  11. quadmaniac

    87 Quadsport wont shift past 1st

    Check out this topic:
  12. quadmaniac

    2001 Kawasaki prairie 650 No Start

    I would think a wiring issue to that rear coil. Check all your connectors and wiring.
  13. quadmaniac

    1989 Yamaha Warrior cuts out

    When was the last time you cleaned the carb?
  14. quadmaniac

    2003 LTZ 400 Not running right. Need Help!

    Is the chain loose?
  15. quadmaniac

    Memorial Weekend Plans?

    Old topic but anyone here have any cool Memorial Day Plans?