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  1. Welcome to quadcrazy everyone, you'll like it here!
  2. Looked at https://atv.polaris.com/en-us/sportsman-570/ and it looks nice. I was never a fan of the plastic racks, but I guess they are ok. I would look at the 2019 king quad also.
  3. Yeah it's well worth it and if you look around you can find a used one.
  4. I think like @mikeexplorer said, you can get a 400-500 cc atv within your price range. 700 cc will be tough and you'll have to go used. Looks like you are in NY so check out this topic:
  5. I think a lot of non-trumpers feel the same way as @davefrombc where they can't believe there was no collusion.
  6. I've been watching a few of the news channels this evening and its amazing to see democrats grasping at straws. Its like a not winning the lottery and trying to find a reason why the lotto machine may have given you the wrong numbers. I think the more they do this and act like this, the worse it'll be for them in future elections. They should just move on and focus on a real agenda for this country.
  7. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/12/14/mueller-investigation-cost-25-million-in-first-16-months-report.html $25 Million in only the first 16 months. Has to be upwards of $40 million if not more. What a joke.
  8. Its amazing to me that we havent seem the Mueller report yet today but dems like adam schiff basically say "whatever" even if no collusion, we are still going to investigate more. If nothing is found, enough already. If something is found then say something and have the president face it. But networks like cnn and msnbc are already moving along to other investigation. How pathetic..it really is. Here you go dems...from CNN just now!
  9. I would imagine any warm climate would do...the more south the better. Get off the grid!!!
  10. Here's a deal but the person never replied. Think its fake? https://hudsonvalley.craigslist.org/snw/d/port-chester-atv-four-wheeler-only-has/6843827043.html
  11. Usually if its brand new, it may feel a little stiff. Standing on the foot pegs/floor, can you shake the atv side to side? Looking at the ice you have there I suppose you could have frozen/stiff shock, what's the temp? I don't know much about these but some do come with shock adjustments.
  12. Do you have a machine you are running Ubuntu on? Do you not use windows, mac or other system? Just curious, always thought of loading it on an old pc but never did. As far as this thread, I mostly use Chrome on my desktop, laptop, tablet and iphone.
  13. I'm going to revive a really old thread here. I was searching the forum and wanted to ask this of the community....do you have insurance on your ATV and if so what company are you using? Allstate, Progressive, etc., and about how much per year?

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