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  1. quadmaniac

    Rancher 420 Rear end rebuild

    Its good you know how to tear it down. Hopefully no internal damage. Those quads are normally great quads. The rear end is often overlooked.
  2. quadmaniac

    snow plows: what's the best one?

    I was looking at their website but didn’t see the Atv plows any more. Good point, it can wear on your chassis but overall if the snow isn’t heavy, I’ve plowed a foot of snow with some difficulty. Even 6” of wet snow can be a headache.
  3. Great read and great points of view. The reality is that Trump tapped into what the majority was thinking. Had he been a little less “off the cuff” and had a little less of the women and name calling issues, he would have received even more votes because the working class was getting tired of: paying for government services for those who don’t work rising healthcare costs, lower coverages to subsidize uninsured Jobs disappearing from the US and economy not improving fast enough Open borders and immigration policies Less money in their pocket from rising costs and lower wages Working class people vote with their wallets and if they think they will be financially better with one party or the other, they’ll vote to better themselves. Most working people won’t vote for free money or “insurance for everyone” policies because they don’t feel people who don’t work should get anything free. That’s just not what this country was founded on and it’ll take years for people to ditch the belief that you have to work to achieve the American dream, you don’t get it for free. Views are going to be different everywhere and I for one think the tax reform is good and it’s about time these blue states start to look at their over taxation and entitlement programs. Internet tax should have happened a long time ago to even the playing field. It’s sunk enough retail businesses already. Just look at all the dying malls and retail stores that have closed. It’s the internet and not just tax but at least it’ll be fair play with tax. Unless the dems have a message that will appeal to the working class, there’s just not enough unemployed anymore to win them a seat. Criticizing Trumps behavior will do nothing, dems need to appeal to the working class. If you are a business owner, in most cases you love trump. If you are a lower earning individual, your taxes are a lot less giving you more under trump and companies are raising their wages. Plus, you now have more jobs than those unemployed, isn’t that something.
  4. quadmaniac

    02 Prairie 650 Repair Manual

    It’s a good requirement because it forces new members to take part in the community to try it out and not just register to download a free manual.
  5. quadmaniac

    2000 Kawasaki Bayou 300 4x4 Electrical power loss

    Could be the battery, might have not had enough juice to crank the starter and then just completely ran out of charge. The easiest way to test that is to charge the battery and then see if it starts or jump it with a 12v starter pack or jumper cables. If it starts, its the battery. If not, you may have an electrical problem.
  6. quadmaniac

    Welcome to QUADCRAZY!

    Welcome @Andrew Weston! RZRs are awesome, wish I had one!!! Welcome @Bill Moore, bayou 220s are tough ATVs and can keep up in the trails with the best of them. Had some friends that all had them at one time, great ATVs for the price. Welcome @Doug Davis! Yes this site has been around for years and has a rom of great content. Glad to see members joining regularly and contributing, makes it fun to read and be a part of
  7. I agree and I think it’s because the oil breaks down and doesn’t do the job it’s intended to do with the additives and all. Old oil even in cars can cause issues. I was getting a tranny slip in my Chevy and just changed the fluid, problem went away. Fluid was black that came out instead of red. The oil breaks down and affects the clutches in the tranny.
  8. That's hilarious! @Dravkracing if you didn't reply to this, I wouldn't have seen this...haha. Way to go @dtbprc
  9. quadmaniac

    How did you get into Quads?

    3 quads for the wifey sounds like "happy wife happy life"! That's pretty cool that you race motocross.
  10. quadmaniac

    Just a shout out

    Welcome @Dravkracing
  11. Bayous are solid quads, good luck with it!
  12. quadmaniac

    How fast have you had your ATV?

    I've had a yamaha grizzly 660 up to about 60 and had a friend king quad 700 up to about 70. For sport utility quads, that's pretty fast I think and not really going to do that in the woods or on trails. It's pretty impressive some of the speeds these sports quads are getting up to . Here's a fast as hell banshee.. .
  13. quadmaniac

    Suzuki Ozark 250

    Its sounds like your carb bowl might be running dry. If its been sitting for a while, there's a chance that the carb float pin is a little sticky.
  14. quadmaniac

    RZR Masks

    Looks like RZR Masks is still in business and they've expanded their lineup a bit. Good to see they are still around. https://rzmask.com/
  15. Here's a funny video and something you don't see every day!