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  1. You can’t really bend the truth behind the CSPAN video, Biden owns the crime bill and all what he pushed for during his career. It is what it is, I think most dems just bank on people not knowing that part of legislative history. I’m curious what everything thinks about the NY POST Hunter Biden article that twitter and Facebook pulled:
  2. Not sure where you get that from, I think you are a little out of line here and I am a republican. This is really the only topic on this forum that has any political discussion so unless you have some private PMs going on with other members, you might want to rethink your response....just saying. and thats an old poll from 2016 when it was Trump and Clinton running. I do agree on not being able to support Biden. I'm looking forward to the debates and really hope Biden does them and doesn't find an excuse not too.
  3. Middle class is already paying for it with shitty healthcare, high deductibles and couldn't keep our doctors. Its outrageous actually. At least I have a low income family member that can benefit and I can feel a little better about it for them, by my healthcare plan for what I pay was drastically reduced. If I wanted the same coverage, my monthly payment more than doubled under a family plan. This is why I hate ACA/Obamacare. Screwed the middle class worker who relies on an employer sponsored healthcare plan. I want that thing gone.
  4. @davefrombc I can appreciate your point of view and just wanted to mention that. Although I may disagree on many points I do acknowledge that a one size glove does not fit all. There is a case to be made for both sides of this. Personally, I want better healthcare cheaper (like it used to be) and I want to keep more of my money I earn. You make a point that states have a lot of control and one thing that most states have a lot of are entitlement programs, pensions, unions, independent local agencies, etc. I wish they would convert pensions to 401ks, get rid of unions, and take all those programs and offset the cost of healthcare for those that can't afford it or need help. There are too many government programs already that don't benefit everyone.... The more people depend on government programs, the more freedoms they lose. This country was founded on freedom, I just don't see that going away with history. I predict there will be a lot of closet voters voting for Trump because they want to keep their money and what they have..
  5. Interesting point of view @davefrombc but keep in mind that it was the Obama/Biden years that got Trump elected. If their agenda was so good, Hillary would have won. I don't want more government programs, I want everyone to work and earn what they get. I'm only for helping sick, elderly, disabled veterans, and single moms (maybe some others I forgot). No drug addicts or lazy asses. Everyone else has to work. I loved my employer sponsored healthcare before the ACA and wish it would come back. I don't like that employer sponsored healthcare changed so much since Obama. I'm for big business, small business, medium business, and everything that helps drive more business growth. Nothing is free, someone will always pay. I can't believe they couldn't find anyone better. Harris did not enhance the ticket at all. They had a chance to put up a winning agenda but they got so consumed in trying to highlight what is bad in their point of view. That's a losing strategy, most vote with a WIFM and their wallets. Trump will end up winning.
  6. How's everyone doing lately? I know of a few people that got corona and were fine and a couple that ended up in the hospital and didn't make it.
  7. I agree it sounds like bad inner or outer tie rod. but check your ball joints also
  8. @Frank Angerano I gotta check that app out. thanks for posting 👍
  9. How much are you selling it for? Is it posted anywhere?
  10. That number on ShadowStats measures people who are not working as much as they would “like to” or “could”. You can bring a lot of “noise” into the data if you look for “alternative” data. The actual unemployment rate is those that a working vs non working as a %, not those that are working but not in their ideal job... Could be, polls will show. I’d rather actions like this to deter bad behavior than waiting to see how far a rogue regime will go. Sanctions aren’t always enough. I’m going to enjoy my company sponsored 401k under Trump for now..it’s never been better.
  11. The 2020 ATV Girls Deluxe Wall Calendar is available on Amazon for under $13 for anyone interested. 😋 There's also the Moto365 2020 ATV Race Calendar on Amazon for under $13
  12. If you pull the plug like @Ajmboy mentioned and it cranks freely then it’s good. I suppose timing could jump? I would jump the battery, check the starter motor, see why not enough crank.
  13. This economy is going to win the president another term. Housing prices are up, wages are up, and I just looked at my 401k for the year end return rate and it finished at just under 25%. I’ve never had that, usually 4-7%. Add to the fact that there are no good democratic candidates to bring anything better to the table, he has a clear path. The impeachment lack of severity has helped him as well. Republicans may win the house as well.

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