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  1. I like the member map! https://www.quadcrazy.com/membermap/
  2. Where are the ladies at?
  3. Welcome to QUADCRAZY! I believe you can get a big bore 700 to 800 kit.
  4. IT'S SPREADING!!!!!!!!!!! Must be Alien in nature. 😉
  5. The snow is still melting away, can't wait for Spring!
  6. I personally don't care if Obama "wire tapped" Trump tower....I would also to get a leg up for my party! 😎 (J/K)
  7. Clean quad....that's the before right?
  8. Have you guys seen these Arctic cat Mud Pro ATVs? Sick looking quads...
  9. My thoughts while reading this are that I know absolutely nothing about snowmobiles but now want to know more. Is that 160 HP? what's the top speeds?
  10. 7 Outrageous Amphibious Vehicles You Have To See Video
  11. Another quadski video back from 2013...☺️ WTF happened to this concept?
  12. Saw this forum and just had to be the first one to post and the first thing that came to mind was this hybrid jet ski/atv from like a decade ago...]
  13. Cool deal. 👍
  14. Great picture @wylde1! You must be a proud papa ☺️
  15. Good morning, we got some snow here and now they are calling for a Noreaster on Tues/Wed. Last week I thought spring was here... Don't forget to set your clocks tonight!