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  1. Looks like a nice find! How much did this blaster cost you? Its good you're mechanically inclined! Is there a pic of the entire ATV before you took it apart? Are you putting it back together or parting it out?
  2. Yes, this is due to inflation, shipping container shortages, shortage of workers and price gouging or taking advantage of the pandemic.
  3. I heard from two people at work yesterday that shared stories of someone sick in the ER and had the vaccine. Another one has a sister that works in the ER and a majority of the sick are vaccinated according to her but its not being reported, for whatever reason. I think what's happening is that people that got the vaccine 4-6+ months ago are getting sick and the the GOV knows this, hence the boosters. Everyday the media reports on someone famous getting ill and was vaccinated. Its all over twitter and facebook as well, which changes the narrative and reduces public trust. I even think someone sent out a "memo" to the media to stop saying the "pandemic of the unvaccinated" because we don't hear it as much the past two weeks because the eye opener is that the vaccinated are getting sick. It's a problem and people are pissed.
  4. Thanks for posting this. Looks like this is the latest meeting that drove the decisions about booster shots (Sorry Biden). It is concerning and you won't hear this in the media. What is also concerning is the the fact that she says vaccinations are driving the variants. It does seem to me like vaccination is not the best path forward and I would shift focus on therapeutics (Grandpa Joe is rationing those for some reason...). People are just used to getting a "vaccine" and never worrying about it again, this is not that. You don't get a shot and are covered for life, clearly. Plus it wanes and wanes, so we will live on boosters forever? Not a good strategy. Yes I read this as well. They are looking at an inhaled vaccine in the future. In the spirit of research, watch Israel and other highly vaxxed nations. This is what the US can expect. Go to the source, the WHO. Its their site and their data: https://covid19.who.int/region/euro/country/il Make your own determinations but my guess is it may be a bad fall/winter as people move indoors in the US.
  5. Isn't this the flu though? COVID is supposedly much more transmissible. The point with masks is if you are breathing out a virus, you are less likely to spread it.
  6. Did you figure it out? Almost sounds like a possible timing issue.
  7. Are you looking for something specific for your Kodiak or an issue you are having?
  8. If it started and ran for a bit, timing and spark are good. My guess is fuel shortage. Check your carb first. I had an old suzuki years ago that sat for a while. The float in carb was stuck, corroded pin. Fuel would not fill the bowl so it was always fuel starved. You can also get a cheap carb on Amazon for under $50. https://www.amazon.com/Carburetor-Suzuki-LT230GE-Quadrunner-1985-1987/dp/B085DJS9X5/ref=pd_lpo_3?pd_rd_i=B085DJS9X5&psc=1
  9. The CDC has lost credibility, its becoming a joke. Whoever said to "trust" the government, needs a better education on the history of government. The bigger the government the less free the people are. You can't have your freedom and then get in line like sheep with whatever the government wants you to do without a vote, that's not freedom. The more the gov pushes and now mandates, the more it will increase hesitancy, these idiots don't realize that. You have medical professionals in the US willing to lose their jobs than get vaccinated, why is that? For some its about the science (or lack of) and for some its about the freedom of choice. So why are vaccinated people complaining, they are supposed to be "safe", no? Hmm... Biden told us in June to throw out our masks if we are vaxxed....oh yeah, he jumped the gun I guess, and the science changed, and Delta came out, and vaccinated people were getting sick. Well maybe when he told everyone to take off their masks, they started spreading it around, even though vaccinated. That's the likely scenario, but they don't want to report on that. Unvaccinated were wearing masks up until then, so the only change was vaccinated throwing theirs out...and poof...spike in cases. Try this...Get rid of the mask mandates and let people decide for themselves if they want to take a chance...but wait, is it possible that even after you get vaccinated, you may still be in danger? Probably until the next variant. People are going to quit their jobs because of mandates, the backlash is intense across the nation. Morons in entertainment and business are starting to even say "F... your freedom". What is that? You can't be an American and say that, America IS Freedom, or was supposed to be. Add to this the Afghanistan tragedy, rising price of gas, beef, groceries, commodities, inflation, etc.....Biden is not doing a good job at all and Obama warned everyone about Biden but no-one listened. Obama....“Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f--- things up.”
  10. It doesn't work the way they sold it or have long term efficacy. Israel is already talking about a 4th shot. I really hope there aren't long term affects they are or aren't aware of. What happens when everyone is vaccinated and people are still getting sick being vaxxed? The way its being pushed is all too fishy to me, even for a believer of most vaccines. Its over the top and yes, he has to know that its going to hurt the party in the long term, but he doesn't care about a possible next term because he's barely making it through this term.
  11. This is because vaccinated people are testing positive and will continue to test positive. It went from you are free if you are vaccinated, to you should put your mask back on but don't worry, you probably won't get severely ill. The WHO is against boosters and vaccinating children, but the US is full steam ahead. Two top dogs quit at the FDA because of the push for boosters by 9/20....Its all very suspect. This says it all...
  12. I think less that .05, but not 100% sure. Higher would be an open. I like this video from partzilla which explains testing ATV stators.
  13. I like Partzilla, but not sure if they ship to Canada. Maybe ask @davefrombc as he's from Canada I believe.
  14. Those are nice quads but a bit older. Really depends on what it needs and how much the cost is.

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