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  1. Has anyone seen this new Argo ATV? https://argoxtv.com/xplorer/ https://www.therecord.com/news-story/7506035-argo-motors-into-atv-market/
  2. sounds like what happens when the belt gets wet, I would need to ride it to tell...😎 Have you checked the belt maybe it's slipping?
  3. Is there any difference when you put it into low gear?
  4. That didn't decode for me. Check out this similar topic:
  5. Great video! So you have 2016 and 2017 yamaha Grizzly 700 atvs it looks like by the title and video. very cool. They seem to go through everything with ease. How's the ride and do they have power steering?
  6. Are they selling name brand manufacturers or Chinese off brand? EDIT: Just checked and this is what I see: https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/search/atv
  7. Welcome @WarPepper! post some pics of that warrior, I used to have a 1987 yamaha warrior years ago.
  8. Very cool. have you finished it with the rails and all? Post a pic if you did. Nice job! 👍
  9. Gotta check out these trucks, pretty crazy stuff.
  10. That must be the tire that's missing from the other photo...😆 I think that's a honda ATV, not sure though. Nice quad.
  11. That stinks. How did it fall off? Did the studs break or an axle issue?
  12. It sounds to me like it's not moving into a higher gear ration, shifting issue. I'm not too familiar with the sportsman but if there is a high rev and low speed, looks like its in a lower gear. I'm assuming it's electronic shift and you have it in "H". Maybe there is a shift sensor?
  13. First off, love the quad! The rims/tires and color scheme looks great. Looks like you have some aftermarket guards/bumpers on there, correct? Post some more pics, maybe even in the gallery https://www.quadcrazy.com/gallery/ As far as your power steering issue, I'm not sure if its the ECU. When you are getting the electric power assist, it should be consuming or drawing on the electrical system and the fuel injection may be cutting out from not enough power. Maybe it's your voltage regulator?
  14. I was looking online and saw some cool lifted ATVs and figured I'd start a topic. Please post if you have pics or if you find some cool lift kit ATV photos or videos online, let's keep the topic going. I just added this one in the gallery but you can just add them in this topic also.
  15. Not my quad, but love the lifted modification on this Yamaha Grizzly! Found this picture online and had to share.