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  1. That's funny... There is a shortage of auto mechanics in the industry, could be a great career!
  2. Good Morning! A little brisk this morning, summer is definitely over (maybe not by technically). Almost had to turn on the heat in the house last night...
  3. Nice write up, very detailed. I would probably check with the manufacturer of the exhaust what recommending jet sizes to use. My first guess its not jetted properly. Normally with aftermarket exhausts, they ask you to re-jet the carb. It may need to be adjusted as well.
  4. Could be Do what @Frank Angerano mentions, see if the relay is working.
  5. Welcome! What are you going to do with the plastics? You can always camo wrap it. This is from amazon for like $160 you would just need to find your fit or get the rolls Here's an example of the rolls:
  6. @Elijah Johnson did you ever find out what your leak was from?
  7. @Charlie Garcia Looks really good.
  8. I agree with @mrfartsalot , slime is messy. plug and patch or put a tube in.
  9. Friction, so poor oil condition/incorrect oil? Engine overheating causing oil to overheat and burn?
  10. Why rebuild, unless you are having issues?
  11. The fact that the fuse melted tells me there's a short somewhere. Do you have a manual with a wiring schematic? Where the fuse melted, start tracing that wiring to see what could have caused it.
  12. Try suzuki parts nation, suzuki parts house, partzilla, bike bandit, and check suzuki atv parts on amazon
  13. Why don't you just install a new ignition switch? It's $10 on Amazon Here's the manual which may have a wiring schematic:
  14. Looks like a fun group and nice riding there!

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