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John Deere UTV Side by Side Specific Discussion Topics. Technical and General Discussions. Gator, Gator Crossover XUV, and Gator RSX, HPX, TE, TH, TS topics.

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    • I was just looking at the PDF Mech sent, there are 2 things I see that could be problematic, the pulser coil, is it in tact and putting out proper voltage, and the ignition unit itself, there are resistance numbers listed in the PDF for checking that unit, they generally either spark or don't spark, but those 2 things might be worth checking.
    • After tracing the reverse cable, the only part I need is the small reverse lever that the cable end slips into. I've got the nut for it I just have to find a reverse lever.
    • He is just bypassing having to push the button and pull the lever, im sure it would work fine. I always thought it was kind of annoying the way honda did their reverse switch, but I will say this, it has always worked I have had this honda since the 80s its one of the early TRX 250 a little different from yours, and I have never had to replace the cable or any parts associated with the reverse switch. If your on a tight budget it would certainly be a cheap fix, especially if the parts are expensive. I would do it for a temporary fix, but I like to put things back as close to factory as possible. 
    • Interesting they call it an ignition unit, and on the next page they call it a CDI, but the coil resistance is higher than a CDI coil.
    • I couldn't see the link Params. The coil will only make one spark every time you disconnect the power from it's two primary terminals. The spark will be from the HT lead to the negative coil terminal. If you connect the sparkplug and the jumper to the coils negative terminal, and then just rub the positive jumper clamp on the primary positive terminal it should make and break contact as it scrapes along and make several sparks.
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