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    • Yeah and second is really reverse you said.. I think ? That's not right..  My guess would be(because it's probably the easiest if you aren't reading the book or being careful), that they have muddled two shift forks up.. I don't think the gear change mechanism in the outer case could cause the reverse problem..  That mechanism is really just a ratchet so the lever goes to center..  The gear shifting/selection is all about how the gears are on the shaft, and how the shift forks engage in the shift barrel. If you have the side case off you can remove the ratchet mechanism and rotate the shift barrel, and the gears should all engage in order R-N-1-2-3-4-5- and without two gears being engaged at a time. The clutch dragging/locking is a different matter and should be relatively easy to suss.   Check the clutch doesn't have an extra steel or friction in it.  
    • Yes the motor does turn. I can start it by jumping the solenoid and drive it in 1st gear. Shift into 2nd and it's like hitting a brick wall with the anchor at max chain length and motor just dies
    • That one spark and then quit could be because the ac that's charging the cdi is not in the right phasing with the trigger coil.. The way the cdi charges up is often important. Some of the electronics(in the cdi) count the number of pulses of charge before they will allow a trigger event. They sometimes need two positive pulses say, with a negative pulse between, but if the ac windings are back to front they can get two negative pulses and one positive.. something like that, or backwards from that.
    • its a new cdi.  After replacing both coils, new plugs, new cdi, new regulator I finally got spark, but only for a second and then it quit sparking.  I did this numerous times and each time it only sparked for a second and then quit.  That was before I saw the cut wire.  I'll trace the wires and make note of their resistance and try your suggestions.  One step forward and two steps back on this project.  Good thing I'm retired and have the time and patience for this ordeal.  Thanks for all the help.
    • Is the cdi original ? Or aftermarket ? It could be that you need to reverse the charging wires to the cdi, or reverse the trigger wires to the cdi, if it's not an original cdi unit. Some(lots) cdi need to have the ac going into them the right way. They may need to have a positive first wave, or a negative first wave of charging, to set them up to be triggered.. The trigger probably only works with the right trigger voltage, positive or negative, and rising or falling.. You could just try swapping things and trying.
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