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  1. You notice how most of the scams are Gmail addresses? I actually never use craigslist, too riddled with scams and people fishing for information. Mike
  2. Either way, since I had thin pliers, i tapped both at the same time. (make sure your going from the 12 volt wire to center wire. If it doesn't do anything, I would suspect the wire first. This quad did have a wire harness problem in the front side. It was intermittently blowing the ignition fuse and I found a rubbed through wire in the front frame. If you have a schematic, you can disconnect the pod and verify continuity between the speed sensor plug and the pod. Its possible the connector to the pod is dirty and not making a good connection. I would suspect a pod problem last. Mike
  3. We had a chance for a quick ride on Friday at the local state trail before the rain came in.
  4. I have heard of that one about it being handled through "Ebay Motors" and such. I came across one of those "great deals" years ago and got a similar line of bull. I told them I only do Paypal through Ebay so if they had the Ebay transaction number. Poof! never heard back
  5. I do not know if this information will be accurate for you but last year I had a problem with my Arctic Cat 366 which is basically a Kymco MXU 375. There is a speed sensor that sends pulses to the POD to measure speed. (Picture 1) I had the same problem, reading zero. First picture is what the speed sensor looks like ON MY QUAD. It MAY be the same on yours? First thing to do is unplug it, clean it with electroclean (you can find it at any auto parts store) then measure with the ignition on to verify it has power to the sensor. (picture 3) I have a meter that can measure Hz and I was able to verify the speed sensor was bad with it quickly. There is another way. Look at Picture 2. With the ignition on take a thin pair of needle nose pliers or use a piece of small gauge wire and go from the +12V lead to the center lead and "tap" it several times. This will simulate the pulses sent by the sensor. If you POD shows a speed reading, the sensor is bad. If it does not. You may have a broken wire or a bad connection to the POD, or a bad POD. (My meter showed me with the quad running at idle, I had pulses coming from the sensor, but the voltage output was too low for the pod to read) Mike
  6. Look at this. https://www.mobilityquad.com/
  7. Sorry to hear, hope things work out for you.
  8. Here is a list of error codes and how to display them with the diagnostic plug. Mike AC Error Codes.pdf
  9. I think the 700's at that time were the H1 engine, smaller ones such as the 400 were Suzuki. I know my 2007 400 was Suzuki motor Mike
  10. I use pictures to document the maintenance on the quads. AT times it comes in handy to explain how to do something, like what I posted. Train project is coming along. Wiring and track layout is complete. I started writing the code. I am programming the routines that will be needed for the main programs such as the input debounce (eliminate chatter) Control of the track power segments (to stop and run trains) and the touch panel screens. Right now I am working on the routine to handle the remote switches on the layout. I only can work on this when I have time. Our plant did shut down for a little over a week due to the virus, but I worked several of the days to do an upgrade on two of the lines so I really didn't have many extra days off. Your going to have a blast with the drone when you get it. Look up videos on Youtube, they will be very helpful. Mike
  11. Sure I can help. First if you can find this part number 1402-027 go with them, they are the Koyo brand and are the best to use. The replacement part number 1402-809 are ok to use as well. I would avoid using the cheap Allballs brand and they do not hold up. There are no seals with this model, the bearing is a double radial single bearing. What I do is remove the knuckle and remove the bushings. The bearing has a C-clip holding it in place so that has to be removed. (usually covered in grime) First thing I do is take the new bearings and put them in the freezer. While they are chilling down. I heat up the hub with a torch. This will make it easier to remove the old ones. I do have a 12 ton press in my shed but I have used a hammer and an old socket to pound the old ones out from the back side. Hopefully the old ones are not too shot that they fall apart then it will leave the race inside and that is an issue to remove. I clean the inside of the hub with scotchbrite to make it smooth and clean. I then heat the hub up again and grab the now cold bearing. 90% of the time it will just drop right into place. I kept the race from an old bearing to use if I need to tap the bearing in place. Make sure it clears where the C-clip goes. I then douse the hub in water to cool it off quickly. Put the clip back on and its done. Mike
  12. I had to work a few days even with the shutdown, to help install upgrades on two lines. Not so bad since its quiet inside and I can concentrate on my work. Did get the drone out a few times. This video of the famous Starucca Viaduct, known as the "Bridge of Stone" build in 1847-1848 and is still in use today.
  13. I have an around the wall layout in my living room. Once I complete my programming project, I am going to transfer this to the wall layout. I also did a wall layout for my now deceased uncle in his bar. https://www.nepaview.com/the-wall-mount-counstruction.html https://www.nepaview.com/a-second-wall-mount.html Mike
  14. Ive only started my "Vacation" from work. I have been mainly hiking to different places to fly the drone since this time of year there is no leaves on the trees yet and no growth so this is a prime time to look for abandoned things. My other project when I have time (or a lousy day outside) is a model railway layout controlled by a PLC. I built this to learn how to do programming. I built a first generation unit using an older PLC, but soon ran into problems with limited points and memory space. Decided to go for it and I bought a more modern unit with a lot more points and memory. Had a good chunk of time so far to complete the layout and soon will be ready for programming.
  15. I own an Alterra and its older generation model the 366. Ive been happy with both machines. Mike
  16. Good deal, are you into hobby electronics?
  17. That is not a fusible link, it is a diode to prevent backfeeding into the electrical systems. I have seen a few cases where the diode broke since they stick it inside the wiring harness. Any generic silicon diode rated for 10 amps will do as a replacement, polarity is important. Mike
  18. Our place will be shutting down next week for 2 weeks. They are going to pay us normal rate. Since I am maintenance, Im sure they will bring us in to do work while the lines are down. Hopefully get a few extra days off during this time. Ive just been walking and flying the drone, good time of year for this since the leaves are still not on the trees. Mike
  19. No, orders to close down, they are seeking a waiver since the state trails remained opened.
  20. Lost Trails closed for now so that blew my riding and drone flying plans for now
  21. The drone is capable of flying up to 400 feet high, actually limited to that because of airspace regulations. You can set limits for the drone. Most of my videos I keep it under 150 - 200 feet. Distance will vary depending on how many other wifi signals are around. Urban areas I can usually get about 1,300 feet away from where I am standing. Yesterday I went to a more rural area and I went over 2,300 feet away before loss of signal. This is the what I bought https://www.amazon.com/Parrot-Bebop-Pro-3D-Modeling-Solution/dp/B07514PH61/ref=sr_1_3?crid=FW7Q0SY22D4F&dchild=1&keywords=parrot+bebop+2+power&qid=1585128975&sprefix=parrot+bebop+2%2Caps%2C175&sr=8-3 Mike
  22. The drone I have would be considered a good beginner drone. You can buy the complete kit for under $500. This would include the drone, extra batteries, extra propellers, and the sky controller, and a padded backpack. You can use the drone with your phone only, but the range will be more limited. I also found a refurbished one on ebay for $235, it did not include the controller, but did include one charger and battery plus a spare set of propellers. I bought it as a spare. The only add-on I am considering is the FPV goggles, sometimes its hard to see the video feed in bright sunlight, this is why during the video I took, I made some weird turns and stopped at times to look at what the drone was seeing. There are of course cheaper drones out there then this one, but this drone has the essential features. Mainly since it has an onboard GPS it has the ability to "return to home" automatically if it loses signal with the controller. Cheaper drones don't have this feature, and that is why a lot of people lose them. If you do crash the drone, the controller will know the last known position of the drone, the drone will also continue to transmit the video feed and emit a beeping sound. This drone has all I need, I mainly bought it to explore abandoned railroads and to get photos and videos of areas I cannot physically get to, or to take aerial shots of things, such as these gravity slope buildings. The GPS data is recorded during the flight (as shown with the overlay) and when you take pictures, the GPS data is embedded in the picture. These photos are taken across the river from where I was, I was following an old railroad grade. The field in the third picture used to be mining operation that was reclaimed.
  23. I have a Parrot Bebop 2. Picked it up a few months ago. Its considered older now that they came out with the newer models but that means I got this one at a discount. It has all the features I need. I used a free program to overlay the flight data from the drone. You must mean "milepoint" that I noted in the video. This railroad line was originally a Delaware & Hudson line and connected to Albany when it was known as the "Penn Division" Where I was standing it would be 183.5 miles to Albany. Railroads use the mile posts to note everything on their right of way. Back in the 1980's the line was abandoned from Carbondale to Ninevah, NY (its connection) so it is now known as the "Carbondale Line" its end of line. So nowadays the actual milepoint where I was standing would be 12.5 Since the train was returning from Carbondale, the cars would be empty, they would have had sand in them used for fraking natural gas in our area. Part of the video you can see a track coming off the line (a switch) that spur services our place, we manufacture plastic sheet, those cars would be filled with plastic pellets. I cut that part out from the video, but after the train left, I turned the drone and flew towards our plant. You can see the cars parked on the track and the stair step pipe you see blows the plastic pellets from the cars uphill to our facility to fill the silos. I meant to get closer but the battery was running low so I brought it back. Mike

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