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  1. So the 2 nuts that attach the fuel valve up into the gas tank are really tight. I have tried different metric and standard sockets and they won't budge. I can't see underneath them but was wondering if the bottom of those nuts have a star pattern or hex pattern to remove them?
  2. Recently I noticed gas leaking from under the gas tank on my 2005 250 2x4. As I looked closer it appears to be leaking from the shut off valve under the tank. It's the valve with the handle that can be turned to open, close or reserve. Can this part be replaced? Thank you.
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  4. Thanks Dave, I'm going to start with a new ignition switch and see what happens. I couldn't see any corroded or broken wires.
  5. Just a quick question regarding a 2005 Artic Cat 250. It started right up, I went about a third of a mile and it stalled. Normally I would put it back into neutral, the "N" would light up and push the start button and it would start right up again. This time I tried putting back into neutral but the N did not light up and nothing at all would happen. It doesn't seem like the battery because the headlights come on and there is plenty of fuel in it. It seems like an issue with the ignition switch or an electrical problem. Any thoughts please?

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