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Recommended Lubricants for for my Artic Cat 400 Auto 4X4

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I think my Eiger has the same 400 engine as your Arctic Cat, this is what I used, not saying its better than synthetic, I used Suzuki Ecstar R5000 10W-40 mineral oil. I also used the compatable suzuki oil filter, and this is why, I went to change the oil and it had a Fram filter, when I pulled the filter it concerned me that there was no oil in the filter, I assumed it had drained back down, maybe the Fram doesn't have a check valve to keep that from happening. Not sure of that I just ordered the correct Suzuki filter.  

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That's strange about the filter being dry Gw..  Have you checked it since in case there's a blockage. That filter should be under pressure and so the oil should get through, but some bikes have a pressure bypass that lets oil bypass the filter if it gets too dirty, That bypass valve could be stuck open, or the filter might be causing an air lock..  It shouldn't, but... 

On some manuals they say to undo a bolt in the center of the filter cover and bleed the air and check the oils getting to there after an oil change.

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