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  1. Ajmboy

    Ordered a new trailer

    Where's the picture?
  2. This is not a secured website so be careful downloading * Topic moved to Yamaha ATV Forum
  3. These types of sites traditionally charge you are are filled with malware, so be careful downloading. * Topic moved to Yamaha ATV forum and added issue to topic title.
  4. Ajmboy

    Just here for manual

    Is this a manual on here because they are all checked. If so, what's the manual and link to the page you are getting this?
  5. Does anyone here "Deck the halls" with their ATV? Put lights on it or anything like that? One year here at QUADCRAZY, we did have a contest for decking out your ATV for the holidays. Outside of Halloween, I haven't done anything in a while.
  6. Not sure if I ever posted about this, but every Halloween I hook up my trailer to my ATV and make a hayride for my kids and our neighbor's kids. I've been using The Silent Rider atv silencer as a slip on over my HMF exhaust. It's not perfect put would quiet it down for a few hours while going out trick or treating. the exhaust however was flowing back so I added a snorkel sort off and wrapped the connections with 3M High Temperature Flue Tape which works very well quite frankly. I pitched the muffler up and came up with this. Worked pretty good but for next year may just weld the connections instead of tape. You can get the silencer on Amazon for @ $200 The tape is under $10.
  7. I'm starting this post and then sending it straight to Santa! So let Santa know what you want for Christmas! Me: I want Satellite Radio for my car, a new chair for my computer desk (because my ass has wore this one out), and a new pc!
  8. It's that time of year again! Anyone do anything interesting with their ATV for the holidays?
  9. I'm going to take this opportunity to revive a very old thread, instead of posting a new one on this topic. It's been 11 years since I started this topic, can't believe I've been posting on this site for 11 years and back then I wanted a satellite radio for my car but today I have it built in, plus a fancy little app for siriusxm on my phone. Times sure have changed, have 2 kids now and really just wait to see what they want for xmas mostly. All I really want is happiness and health and for my kids to have a great xmas, sounds corny but I'm blessed and can't really think of anything I REALLY want. I'm 43 and gadgets and electronics aren't doing it for me as much anymore, don't need the latest. However, I'm working on my house so anything "Home Depot" will do! Post your xmas wishes and list for 2018!
  10. Well that's pretty cool, it's the first time I've ever heard of this. Had to look it up! Wasn't even sure what PTO was...lol. I want one to cut my grass! Found this video on Youtube. As far as shutting off in high gear, I wonder if there's some fail safe switch or something like that. This way you aren't in high gear with an attachment maybe? Do you have manual?
  11. Ajmboy

    Street tires

    I think you would need to find very small car rims, 12 or 13", what kind of ATV is it? Maybe get those trailer rims/tires combo but as long as you can get a lug patter that works.
  12. I changed your topic title because it was too long. LT 400 is an ATV. Try using the forum search to read some topics on this ATV, you’ll find some good information. Your two topics have been merged.
  13. Many towns and government agencies have ATVs in their fleet. If you see some and take a picture, please post. I posted a couple in the gallery section of the Sheriff's Polaris ATVs. Pretty cool setup.
  14. I had to find this photo on the "archives" and was taken before smart phone were even available I believe. This was my first "new" quad I had purchased I think back in 2002 or 2004, not sure.
  15. Ajmboy

    John Wayne on his Suzuki Eiger 400

    Great photo!
  16. I saw this article on Motosport and thought it was pretty good. Anyone add anything? You might think hopping on-board an ATV and going for a spin is just as easy as taking your regular 4-wheel car for a ride around the block. After all, both have four wheels. How hard could it be? In many respects, you're right. Some adventure riders choose quads over their two-wheeled counterparts of the dirt because there's less chance of crashing and it's easier to learn. ATVs also offer more manageability for younger riders to get acquainted with outdoor riding than a dirt bike. However, beginner riders on ATVs tend to make the same mistakes that result in crashes, roll overs and injury that could be avoided with some instruction and know-how. If you're looking at a fun family outing by renting ATVs or want to get into the sport take advantage of the following points and avoid the same mistakes so many other first time ATV riders make that end their day early or before they barely get started. 1. Nerf Bars Get Nerf bars. These are not soft cushy add-ons that are cousins to the football you use during backyard football games. In many respects, Nerf bars are gigantic foot pegs. Don't bother with traditional foot pegs because you'll constantly slip off and because of the "I feel safe factor" that comes with riding a quad you'll also have a tendency to let your feet drag when riding. That's a recipe for getting one or both of your feet caught in the back tire resulting in serious injury. Nerf bars allow you to stabilize your feet and get maximum control over the ATV Rest your feet easy on Nerf bars 2. Rolling Over Believe it or not, it's fairly easy to roll an ATV over. And you don't want to be on the bottom of that sandwich. The most common way of ending underneath a quad is looping out. That's done by hitting the gas and having little to no experience with the power of an ATV. The front spikes up like an out of control stallion, throws you onto your back like a bucking bronco and then pins you like a UFC Champ. The second way is when you're having a bit too much fun sliding around in mud or other slick conditions, the tires finally do what they're designed to do and grip the ground but the rest of the bike, with you on it, keeps going. Finally, those who think they've found their bearings take aim for a steep slope and try to conquer it only to end up upside down or in their attempt to arch alongside said steep hill, tumble over the side. 3. False Sense of Security This goes somewhat hand-in-hand with the roll over capability that many riders fail to appreciate therefore they also neglect wearing proper protective equipment. Don't think wearing jeans, t-shirt and sneakers is adequate protection when riding a 4-wheeled machine powered by a gas engine that doesn't have seatbelts. You need a helmet, goggles, gloves and riding boots at a minimum. Once you start ripping it on the track or trails add a chest protector, neck brace, knee brace, etc. 4. Throttle Control Everybody wants to skip the kiddie stage and get right into hair-raising speed when it comes to riding ATVs. OK, most everybody. But for those who do so many put on the cloak of invincibility and think a quad is merely a mini car that finally enables them to release all sorts of pent up childhood inhibitions. So they jab their thumb into the throttle with the expectation of a controlled roller coaster ride. Instead, they loop out and end up underneath the quad or manage to stay seated only to careen off course and introduce their 4x4 to a large tree. ATVs normally have a thumb throttle and most have an automatic clutch so the clutch is one less thing to worry about. So go slow and figure out how much "thumb" is too much and get used to the speed and power an ATV delivers before really going for a ride. Oh, one more thing, learn to take your thumb off the throttle! It's not to hard to loop out on an ATV 5. Loading the ATV Never, ever ride an ATV up a ramp into the back of a pick-up. If you want to know why just go to YouTube. If you want to know how to load an ATV check out this fine piece of quality information on How to Load a Motorcycle, Dirt Bike or ATV into a Truck. The bottom line to riding an ATV the first time is treat it like you would anything that comes with a modicum of danger. Careless behavior endangers you and others but with common sense and a willingness to learn you'll enjoy of lifetime of riding quads. For additional information on riding and/or maintaining ATVs see: 10 Quick Safety Tips for ATV Trail Riding Tips for New ATV Owners Choosing the Best ATV for Beginners 10 Things That Alter Your ATV Performance Written By: AndrewT
  17. Here is the Polaris online parts catalog, looks like you need to register with then first. I haven't used it since I'm not a Polaris owner and don't need any parts right now... http://parts.polarisind.com/Browse/Browse.asp
  18. Most of the smaller ATVs I believe have throttle limiters and not speed adjusters exactly, but it will allow you to keep them below a certain speed if they can't give it more gas. * Topic moved to General ATV Discussion Forum and adjusted topic title
  19. Ajmboy

    ATV Carburetor Tuning How To

    You would definitely want to look through the manual but here's a good video to give you some idea on the process of air/fuel mixture.
  20. * Topic moved to Kawasaki ATV forum and added ATV info and issue to topic title.
  21. Ajmboy

    Need used stock pipe for a Honda 400ex

    I would agree with @Frank Angerano, look on ebay for used. I changed your topic title to be more descriptive of what you are looking for on your Honda 400ex.
  22. Ajmboy

    New member

    Welcome to QUADCRAZY!
  23. Ajmboy

    Impressed with the amount of manuals

    I agree with @Frank Angerano ! It's all from members contributing their stuff. I edited your topic title since its not about a bayou, so renamed it
  24. @joseph how are you making out on this?
  25. Who has an atv trailer for their ride? A dump cart. I've seen them at home depot and sears for tractors, which can be used for atvs. I've also seen them online. Just wondering who has one and how do you like it. If you have one, please include brand, price, place of purchase, photo (if available) and what you use it for mostly. Thanks.