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  1. Yep That's the only way to prevent a scam, in person.
  2. Sounds like a nice project! Found your post on instagram...you can also just add the link to your Instagram post and it will automatically embed like below... if you want to share here also.
  3. Its amazing how many of these types of ads are on craigslist.
  4. So here is the latest scam on craigslist I came across today... bunch of ads by MadelineCook1988 @gmail .com and some others If someone is selling an ATV too cheap, 90% of the time its scam! Here's some of the correspondence with this seller... Here's some more listings. When they list an email address, its a sign that its a scam...
  5. @toy4wd sweet, great pics. You have a fleet of toys!
  6. That’s pretty cool, what are the 2 UTVs you have?
  7. I've never messed with an electric atv. What are you trying to do with the rear brakes, replace the pads? Is the setup like:
  8. I merged your new topic with your existing one. If your relay is clicking, I would jump the relay to see if the starter engages. If not, might be a bad starter, poor ground, or loose connection. Good thing is you are getting power to the relay, now you just need to see why the starter isn't getting the power from there.
  9. You are always very helpful here and I hope you find a way to still enjoy some time riding something. Honda Odyssey? I'm sorry to hear this and like @mikeexplorer said, hope things work out for you.
  10. Exactly what @Frank Angerano said, same goes for any engine, check when not running. 😁
  11. Congrats! I like VWs in general and had rabbits and jettas when I was younger. Reminds me of knight rider when they installed that "C" button...
  12. Got my Yamaha Grizzly buttoned up finally and went for a quick 2 hour ride in the power lines with my neighbor, who has a Yamaha Kodiak. We have access from his yard, which is nice. Was a beautiful day today to get out and will try to go more often. Ran into two other quad riders with a sportsman and I think grizzly. Also ran into a dirt bike rider. 😎
  13. Went for a ride with my neighbor today. This is him on his Kodiak today.
  14. For trail riding I would go with the 400ex and for open riding I would go with the the 450r because you can open it up and it has more power. Added more info to your topic title 😀
  15. https://www.quadcrazy.com/announcement/16-requirements-to-access-downloads-read-here/
  16. Check the manual and make sure its the correct amp fuse.
  17. Do they call that atv a quadzilla? Wasn't aware of that. Sounds like something is grounding out. Does it blow after a specific action? Do you have any accessories?
  18. I think sites like that are scams. They get created, take people's money and then fall off the internet. This domain was only created last month. My recommendation would be DO NOT BUY from them. Check out the domain registration...

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