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  1. You can download the entire pdf free once you get to 10 posts or if you don't want to post you can update your membership for immediate access. https://www.quadcrazy.com/subscriptions
  2. I would agree with @06kfx440 on that. Is this the winch and is that the plate? Also, is it remote only or is there a wired switch you can install? Just curious.
  3. Reviving an old topic....with black friday around the corner, anyone have their eye on anything? My go-to for this is https://blackfriday.gottadeal.com/ I'm looking at TVS, ipads, and toys for xmas some other stuff.
  4. Click view file in the first post and then hit the download button.
  5. Has it sat for a while or did it just start happening all of a sudden? When was the last time it ran fine? Did you do anything, tune up, part changes?
  6. I ended up buying 2 on ebay used in January 2018 so the other one was laying around. Over the summer it finally broke so before the winter comes I figured let me get it installed. Alvin chewed through my wiring for the winch remote (which I can't even find anymore)..lol. The other side I had fixed still going strong.
  7. Well today I started on the other side because I only did the one side when I started this topic. I Actually started off today taking my front wheels off to check a brake squeal but ended up pads were still good. I think my wheel bearing is squealing. I sprayed some lube and it seemed to stop, so we’ll see. Thought it was the backing plate or cracked pad but they were fine. Still have this used footrest, drilled out the broken screws. Just coated it with some rust converter and will spray it tomorrow. Chipmunks made a mess of under the seat wiring. Had to address that..
  8. Depends on what you want to spend, you can get a universal for cheaper or something designed for your king quad like this from Vip-Air and on amazon:
  9. I'd really like to do what @Frank Angerano does and buy atvs cheap and fix them up. This is not the year because I have so much work on my house, but its my plan. I look at uses ads once in a while already!
  10. Dorman makes a universal drain plug for auto applications you can get at napa, carquest, or advance auto parts. Amazon has them as well. Might work for you on this.
  11. @Frank Angerano great topic! Glad you found quadcrazy, you have helped so many people here. Every day I look you are answering and helping people. You are the best bro! quad looks great!!!
  12. Welcome to quadcrazy! There is a 2013 in the downloads section:
  13. @Frank Angerano I forgot about hunting season, I’ll need to make sure not to disrupt any hunters when I go out!
  14. How about something like this on amazon from kolpin?
  15. I've been so busy lately but coordinated with my neighbor to go do some riding by us on the Wednesday before thanksgiving, in a few weeks. So looking forward to that. Just ordered some EBC front brake pads for my grizzly I need to install before then. My riding has been mostly around my property doing landscaping these past few months. Almost done.
  16. Canelo vs Kovalev tomorrow night! Should be interesting as Canelo goes up two weight classes.
  17. You might be in luck very soon... https://www.engadget.com/2019/10/31/motorola-foldable-display-razr-leaks-official-looking-images/
  18. Yes very easy. If you can wait a few weeks, I’m sure there will be some good Black Friday deals.
  19. Looks great! I've used thompson's honey gold transparent sealer for years on my deck. HD didn't have it this spring (I put it down annually) so I used their: I haven't heard of it being banned and I would probably say the HD folks are making this up because Lowes still sells it and its available in NY. HD went with PPG and that's one of their brands: https://www.pcimag.com/articles/104753-ppg-and-the-home-depot-expand-partnership-with-launch-of-olympic-stain-products Thompsons is part of Shermin Williams paints, who probably just lost the HD contract or pulled out. My local lowes has this in stock.

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