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  1. gmail, whats gmail? Sorry bro, I don't have a gmail, otherwise I would. Hopefully enough will chime in here to help you out though.
  2. Ten post required to download, and then its in sections and you can only download so many a day (took me two days). I have my 1999 motor on a 2009 frame now. I does great, some clearances were close. Had to move the mount locations a little, move the front two mid support rails forward a little.
  3. I think your version of steep terrain and mine are different... but thats why people have opinions... also, mine doesn't engine brake (CVT) very well. Given that their both diesels and I do live/drive on steep terrain that is a very big plus (if I had it). BTW, my driveway is paved, and I've had vehicles not make it up the "steep" side...
  4. I read a review of quads and only one was not CVT, they chose it over the rest cause its not a CVT (I'm sure among other reasons as well, they just stated that). I know my side by side is a CVT, and I'm looking at going Kubota since its not. But I also lived in steep terrain and want something that'll work hard. If I were "racing" I'd probably be fine with a CVT.
  5. Got it to run today, just needed the injector cam/throttle linkage freed up... Got it in place, what a pita working the engine/transmission in that hole... I'll have to move the two front small suports a little forward and move the mounting brackets a little but everything should work out well... Also will have to change the drive belt to be a little longer. Dayco has a wonderful page that list lengths/widths if anyone ever needs it.... Maybe even do a new thread once its complete... But its not like your going to find a lot of Polaris diesel threads on here...
  6. I'm in the middle of putting a 99 diesel into a 2009 frame.... I bought the engine (nothing with it) by mistake (thought it was a different engine till it was too late to back out) and it sat here... a week ago I found a free to me 2009 500 with a locked up engine... so far everything will be simple to swap out... mounts are in the same places, hoses hook up the same, and the clutch will swap as well. Its good to read you like yours, I'll try to keep you updated on how this one turns out.
  7. So belts tend to work in high but not low if worn? I'd had thought it the opposite...
  8. How long are Honda warranties? I need to read more post here, it'll help me make a good decision when I buy my next one.
  9. I'm new to quads, just had two given to me... But I've had a Gator for a little while, does that count as a quad? Is it a sin to even ask that? Pretty much got into them by buying some land up here in very steep North West CA...
  10. I agree, doesn't sound like a head gasket..not if its running anyways. I suspect the oil ring but it could be valves...could be..
  11. If you can get a title, its always smart. I bought a 1985 gold Wing in GA and then gave it away in Florida as I had no title.... I also had a Jeep when I moved from there, and gave it away in Ohio as I had no title... I've learned since then...California will title it if you move from a state that doesn't title them and you can prove ownership... So..check with your DMV, each and every time.
  12. I've seen people get on and ride it like they stole it when they have never rode one before... It didn't end well. Where I live the hills can be so steep you will end up dead quick, so I'll be slow and slow on mine...
  13. I bought a new tractor last winter, not a large one, but went with a Kioti after I sold my 1993 Kubota... I've since aquired a 2010 Gator diesel A 1999 Polaris Diesel ATV Engine (nothing else with it) A 1999 Artic Cat And a 2009 Polaris 500. I'll be selling the Gator next spring and most certainly buy a Kioti UTV. The Gator is ok in quality, nothing special, but JD is pricey on parts and its just "ok"... I hated my Kubota. In 1993 they were still using a Generator on my tractor. I know they didn't always (neighbor has a really old one that had a alternator). The power steering leaked and when I tore it down it was built cheap and complicated. The front end (4 wheel drive) bearings were simply captured and no way to adjust them so they would be tight, so, they just flopped around even after the rebuild. I know people love Kubota's, but I sure don't. Artic cat looks great for a 1999. I'm impressed, but, I'm just not finding parts for it. If your not going to support a well made machine...why would I buy it? (Kubota is know for doing this as well) But my 1999 Polaris motor will mount right up to the 2009 and everything will simply swap right over. I'm very impressed in that respect. Which brings me back to the Gator. I needed new fenders. I was told in 2010 they showed three different part numbers depending on the serial number...as mine is a old military unit it doesn't have a serial number you can find... there is something to be said about a company that changes frequently on parts... That Polaris found something that works and stuck with it, I like... But the build quality doesn't seem as nice at the artic cat...but its also not a high end Polaris... So, look around, compare them all. Look at longevity of parts (including support) and how accessible is service? Are they know for frequent changes (JD is, I have a friend who works for them also)? Is the model your looking at easy to work on? I put my Kioti side by side one 10 years older. He listed all his "trouble" spots (just minor ones) and they did update those places in those 10 years. But everything else was the same... Just my .02cents...
  14. Is this the same as a 1999? I just had two atv's given to me, the 99 runs, and the 2009 Polaris doesn't but I have a 99 polaris diesel that will fit (If I get it to run). I'm on the fence as which one to keep...Considering parting out the 99. Its all there, runs, but blows a white/light blue smoke...pretty much all the time.

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