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  1. Thank you all. We ordered a new throttle cable because it looked like the end was damaged. When we replaced it though we had trouble getting the RPMs to stay at one setting. They kept jumping all over. Adjust to 900 and would jump to 1000 and 1100. After fighting with it we think we have it now. Seems to be shifting fine now.
  2. My ranger crew 700 is hard to shift and gets locked into forward. When trying to shift into reverse we have to shut engine off. Shift then restart. Checked linkage and gears are fine. The RPMs arent really that high but did notice a little improvement when we lowered it. Did notice the throttle cable looks damaged. Could this be the issue?
  3. 04 Polaris 400 automatic 4x4. No whining. Shifting into park, drive or reverse sometimes a little hard. . Did notice my guages havent been working late;ly. But runs great
  4. my o4 polaris 4x4 lost power just going down road at 10 miles an hour . Had only been on it for 20 minutes. Engine still ran just no power. Shifted into reverse had little power. Shifted back in forward and it ran for about 5 minutes then no power again. Was afraid to drive it any further so towed it back to cabin while still running.. It had power once again for a few mintues. No smell of anything burning . Several years ago I had to replace belt becasue it did something similiar. Could it be the belt again?
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  6. A lot of the trails here in mo. are legal to ride in if you have a county tag. Tags are about 10 a year. In order to get a county tag you need insurance. Insurance is cheap enough and you can ride for hours and hours without having to pay at places like St. Joe and others. They are also allowing atvs on the town streets now. What a break thru for us atv fans!
  7. I bought it new. We went riding and everything was fine. Took it out again a month later. Took it off the trailer and rode down a hill. Tried to come back up the hill and it wouldnt pull up the hill. The bike has been serviced only once because I drive it very little.
  8. When in high it just sits there and wont move. Engine runs fine. no problems with the spark plug. Dont know if it has one or 2 belts
  9. I have a 400 polaris'04 that when in low it pulls but wont in high

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