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  1. outlander560


  2. hey guys you should do another ride...lookin to take the wheeler somewhere to challenge it....after i fix a few seals first
  3. welcome to quad crazy mike the pirate...bayous are strong lil suckers
  4. what exactly caught fire on it? agreed you should have 1 ground and 1 power that goes to the battery
  5. welcome to QuadCrazy...youll love this place...i keep comin back!
  6. good luck its not your traditionally splice..and run with it....but hey if you can get it to work more power to ya! and you got a nice cheap fix! just put di-electric grease on it if you like playing around water
  7. good job wylde! helping fix another CAT...as far as getting the wire they dont just sell it..its integrated inside the CDI box...you might be able to use the same boot and re-attach the metal piece to the wire but i doubt it...might just have to buy a new CDI box
  8. congratssss brother..nice truck to
  9. so was the sensor opening at the correct temp set by the manufacturer?
  10. haha doing things the last minute is the best thing thats when you really think...and nice sounds like you got yourself one speedy 4 banger...you have a turbo manifold are you running a turbo? i don't see any plumbing for one in the pic's you posted (very clean btw) so i am curious. and im hoping she's a standard
  11. started with a can-am rally when i was 13-14..then moved to a 03' arctic cat 400..then rebuilt a 94' polaris 400L a year ago
  12. what exactly did you do to test the temp sensor?

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