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  1. yamamama


  2. Well. It kinda sparked and maybe the coating of the wire caught fire. ???? the coating was melted and wire was really hot.
  3. ok. when i tried to start it it caught fire on that one side of the battery. Does that mean its touching metal somewhere or do i have a bigger problem.
  4. IT looks there are 2 grounds going to the battery. Do one of those possibly go to the wench??? (or is my imagination running wild).
  5. R there any signs to indicate a problem with needle / seat. Is there a really small hole or something that is in this same area that can be soaked in carb cleaner and very gently be blown out. After taking out needle etc. I remember watching someone do this. Or...heck....I may have dreamed it.
  6. From the exhal. But I really haven't noticed hotness. Speaking of air. Are u suppose to put oil on the air filter? Just was told that and I would just like to confirm
  7. It does back fire. The kid didn't tell me that it was doing that. Is the carb. Still the 1st thing to check. Please pardon the idiotism
  8. I can't fit a screw driver in there. Far enough to just unscrew bowl. Is it ok to unscrew it from the block.....or is that really even what it is called.
  9. That sounded stupid....is there suppose to gas in the bowl? H
  10. How much gas should be in carb. Bowl. I really need a book huh
  11. Will try just spraying carb cleaner 1 st (. Sorry for bouncing around..easier to post here by phone). Also,I only here the soud when in 4th and 5th gear. Don't know if that helps any
  12. Just got everything put back together and she cranked right up. Ox, I feel like I need to send ya a check. You sure do deserve it!!! Thank you so much!
  13. The screws that hold the pick up coil in are really tight and I don't want to stripe them. Any advise. Sorry fpr type o'S I am using phone with gloves on. Didn't want u to think I was completely stupid. Ha
  14. Can't wait till tomorrow to see if she will run again!!! Funny thing is ...my son is grounded from it. so I guess ill have to ride all day... haha......I can't thank u enough!!!
  15. You are Great!!! It is the pick-up coil!!! I tested the one on the old stator and them tested the one on the new one and guess what??? You are Right ON the MONEY!!

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