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  2. I still have a weak spark on this dam thing. Once in a while it will try and start with hit or 2 but not enough to keep it running. Mike aka the pirate:realmad:
  3. Thank for the welcome Now I said I had old snowmobiles well heres some vidio my buddy took of us and made a short movie of us with sound and creadits and all. It's in 2 halfs on Utube The first half is when we first started out with still and then vidio on blue lake In Hope Valley off of hwy 88. So I hope you enjoy our having a good time. The second half is a lot powder snow running, Mike aka the pirate:biggrin: part one [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56ADKAEsL80]Snowmobiling fun part 1 - YouTube[/ame] part 2 [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1W48VoaL9hE]snowmobiling part 2 - YouTube[/ame]
  4. Hi i'm Mike the pirate I 'm called the pirate because I lost a leg. I snoiwmobiled for 20years up in the Seirra's O I live in notrhen Nevada I also like old outboar motors I have about 30 of them from 1940 to 1985 and a 1 1/2 to 75hp.Alos into old fiberglass boats my fishing boat is a 1957. Quade are something new to me. Just picked up a Kaw Boyou 300 that needs some work so wil be picking some heads for info on it O yah for got to tell you I'm 72 years old so that makes me a and old fart. Mike aka the pirate:confused:
  5. OK my grandson fround these number on the left side down low JKALF8C19YB57F8614. Now can someone firgure out the year and modal this is. Mike aka the pirate:biggrin:
  6. Aw but if you niticed I sign my name the pirate That means I have one leg to work with. Plus to top it off I'm 72 years old. I have had snowmobiles old ones for 20 years and my main hobby is old outboard motors. Some of the newer outboard motor have had the power packs on them Noiw these Quad runners are something new to me. So if I seen a little slow its just that these are new to me. And I will take any help I can get Thanks Mike aka the pirate:biggrin:
  7. OK thanks now I got to figure out how it get into the stater
  8. I realy do need some help on a weak spark on this 300 so if anybody had some ideas that can help me please give me some help Mike aka the pirate:mad:
  9. I have new plug in it but still weak spark.I have had snowmobiles but the motor on was easy to get to. I know some about power packs. I did down load the manual that was on here but does not give much on trouble shoting. So if someone on here can give me some ideas on were to start and what to look for maybe I can get some good spark Thank Mike aka the pirate
  10. just got this boyou 300 don't know the year and need to find were the numbers are plus the spark is real weak and one other thing can't see any oil in the crank case fill hole and was wondering how to tell when its full. I did download the manual for this but not much info for what I need. So help Mike aka the pirate:aargh:

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