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  1. lol im gonna pass on this time, if it was a 94 chevy truck motor i could take it all apart and put it right back together a dozen times with a blind fold on but this is new to me
  2. Well I took the carb off I dont feel comfortable doing it myself i know its easy I just rather someone else do it if I can find someone
  3. ya i was looking at those their pretty high I was told i can cut the end off and slide it back into the boot and it will work to
  4. Ok my 2005 Arctic cat 500 wouldn't start so i ran some carb cleaner threw the fuel line and opened up the drain and it seemed to work and runs good it just wont drive over 12mph it dosnt bog down or anything it just wont go fast at all when I push the throttle down all the way. I changed the spark plug so whats going on?
  5. Do you know by chance where I can find just the wire and boot for the spark plug?
  6. nm I found it the wire was bad and broke off when trying to take the boot off :-S
  7. Well i was driving around with it on a trailer and i stopped at a friends and it tried to start so im sure it was the starter now the problem is it wont start it keep turning over but just wont fire off. This might sound stupid but where is the spark plug on the 4 wheeler Its a 2005 Arctic cat 500cc 4x4
  8. Ok I went out on the river the other day and road around and it was wet and raining off and on my 4 wheeler was running fine and i cleaned it off that night and I went out to run the mudd off the tires today and it wont start it sounds like the starter is locked uped I tried the pull start but it wont even budge at all my motor isnt locked uped on it is it?
  9. Im sorry if I posted this in the wrong thread> Ok I ended up stripping out the threads on my oil pan where you drain the oil its not the bolt I stripped out it was the hole where the bolt goes to whats the best way to fix this problem without any oil leaking out after I fill it back up?
  10. I found out amazon is 10 bucks cheaper on alot of their filters and brake shoes
  11. Cheat as in the cheapest place to get them, not cheap made
  12. Wheres the cheapest place on the net to buy oil filter, air filter?
  13. I think its the linkage also i got to playing it it and the shifter needs to go a little higher to shift into high so im pretty sure it is the linkage
  14. I just bought me a used 2005 Arctic Cat 4x4 500 had 500 miles on it and it keep popping out of gear when I put it in high most of the time it wont go in high when its not warmed uped I have to put it in low then slam it in high what do you think is the problem? Oh by the way its an automatic

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