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  2. Wake up everyone and say good morning to our community. Good Morning!!!!!!!!!!
  3. At the age of 17 I purchased 85 honda 250 fourtrax. Sold it in 87 to buy a left over 86 250 suzuki quad racer. In 1988 sold quad racer because of lack of places to ride. After several years gone by it was time for new toys. In 2004 got Honda cbr 600 then to Ninja 750 and finally 07 Suzuki 750 gxr. New Years eve of this year bought 2 2003 Honda 300 sportraxs for family fun. Finding places to ride in pa for free is like hitting the lottery but not going to give up trying lol.
  4. You still finished good, next time you ll get them.
  5. Nice holeshot, where did you finish on race...
  6. Good Morning, hope everyone enjoyed the 3 day weekend. Now get your sorry a$$ to work.
  7. The easiest way is to pull the plugs. Black = rich / white = lean and a light tan = just right. A black dry fluffy colored plug is caused by deposits from a carburetor that is running too rich (too much gas), or excessive idling on some engines. Black smoke coming from the exhaust is a sign of a rich air/fuel mixture. The rich air/fuel mixture must be repaired before installing a new spark plug. Common causes for a rich air/fuel mixture are: dirty air filter. air mixture screw or carburetor needs adjusting. choke is sticking. carburetor float height is out of adjustment or float is sticking open.
  8. How old were you when you got your first ATV and what kind was it?
  9. That depends on what your do achieve.... louder or silient
  10. Well thought I would be able to sleep in today but that didnt happen. Wife woke me up late last night to tell me I didnt win the pa powerball worth 144 million. Maybe next time.
  11. Have you over filled the oil? Is it smoking only when first started, during engine rev or all the time? Blueish color smoke is created by excessive oil going into the cylinder.
  12. I was referring to forum rules, ok just want to make sure I didnt over look any.
  13. Just wondering where to find QuadCrazy site Rules? Ive been looking and also tried to search with no success.

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