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Found 30 results

  1. View File 2008 Kawasaki KFX 450R Service Manual 2008 Kawasaki KFX 450R Service Manual Submitter Xyla Cat Submitted 08/25/2018 Category Kawasaki ATV  
  2. Version 1.0.0


    2008 Kawasaki KFX 450R Service Manual
  3. Tagels


  4. So i recently bought a Honda TRX 450r 05 kick start model i am the 3rd owner. this bike ripped when it was running but i ceased it.I freed up the piston but there is little compression now. i think i ran it out of oil but it was like 20hrs or so since the last oil change. My real question is that i heard you have to rebuild the top end every 15 hours is this true? Now i have bought a new big bore kit to replace the cylinder and the piston but i dont really want to have to rebuild it every 15hrs.
  5. I'm brand new to riding. Also brand new to fixing and/or maintaining a vehicle. I picked up a 2008 KFX a couple months ago and just realized that a wire was hanging. After downloading the owner's manual, I think I may have narrowed it down to the "Inlet Air Temperature Sensor". It fits in a slot underneath the seat, in the air filter housing. I'm not sure how long it's been unplugged and, honestly, I have no idea what it does. How important is this piece? I'm going to the track this weekend. I'm not even sure how to reattach it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Videos here: [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvoRJexYDYc[/ame] [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRLYFFfu-Mw[/ame]
  6. ok well as of now i have an 05trx450r but ive been seeing alot of raptor 660s out there and i cant help but wonder if there the best for the riding i do i do ride tracks every once and a while some if my friends have tracks but i mostly ride trails and the 450 is not the best on the trails ill be the first to admit i love it and its stupid fast but not very good at going slow so i was going to try and get some input on whether or not i should get a raptor or keep my 450??
  7. predrider305

    2 Problems at the same time

    Took my 05 for a ride yesterday after getting it dynoed and tuned and it scared me. I had a dead empty tank before I started it (brother needed gas ) and when I was riding it at steady throttle I could feel it giving up a little and it was popping way more and backfiring on decel. I was riding with a friend who was also having problems with his quad when mine just gave up and died in 5th gear so I pulled in the clutch and popped it in 4th so it would start. It started and seemed to run fine after a while at a stop sign talking and worrying. Seemed to not "give up" on steady throttle after a while. I was thinking this all could be the result of a dirty carb since I had an empty tank (all the garbage at the bottom). Any input? Part 2 : Ever since before the dyno and tune my quad ticks steadily when I'm letting it out of first gear. Why would this be happening? Its a 2005 Honda 450r with a pro circuit full exhaust, k&n filter, no lid, no pre filter, and sprockets.
  8. I have a 450r and recently bought two hotdogz full exhausts for my 450r even though I have a pro circuit one(its really dirty anyway). I swapped them yesterday and it sounds a little lean (popping while giving steady low throttle) which seems normal because this pipe looks less restrictive. I don't think i'll have time to jet it before this Sunday so MY QUESTION IS: is it okay to run it for a few hours if the jetting isn't perfect?
  9. Jons450r

    05 450r have some questions

    ok well im new to the 450r ive had a 300ex an old big red 3-wheeler and a kawi. mojave 25o(big p.o.s. ever) but my questions about the 450r are prettty simple its got a full fmf exhuast and axle,bearings,sprockets and im not sure what else i got it the way it is but when i ride it when i let off the throttle it pops back thru the exuast im just wonderin if thats cheap gas or supposed to be that way or what its the first quad ive had that actually has some real power and upgrades so im just looking for info lol thanks for th help
  10. tfred13

    Honda 450r fuel injection?

    Does any one know when honda well come out with fuel injection in the 450. i love my hondas but man i wish it would come fuel injected..
  11. predrider305

    My 450r overheating?

    Well, I rode my 05 450r yesterday like I always do, maybe a little harder than usual. But then again I never beat on my bikes. Seemed to get really hot, but the fan didn't turn on! Nothing crazy like coolant boiling out of the radiator, but it was HOT. Ever since i bought it, it hasnt used a drop of Anti-freeze that's in it. Any help is appreciated
  12. predrider305

    450r swingarm question

    I recently bought my first 450r from a buddy of mine its a 2005 with a JD widening kit(i think thats the brand), pro circuit full exhaust, jet kit, k&n filter, outerwear, ITP rims, front bumber, AC six pack rack, custom seat, and i think its +4 on the swingarm. Would the swingarm give me trouble at an mx track? im definitely going to take off the lowering/widening kit
  13. I felt like making my 450r look a little more unique so i decided to paint a few parts. Tell me what you think of it!
  14. Hey guys as you can see from my other post I am doing a rebuild on my quad anyway when it's all put back together I will have stage 2 hotcams a fuel customs intake lexx exhaust and a lexx fuel controller my question is does anyone have this same set up and if so what are you setting your controller to?? Thanks!
  15. dirtjunkie85

    KFX 450R knock Rattle help!!

    Hey guys I have a 2008 KFX 450R and just got a new FCI intake installed on it and went out for the first trip of the year to the little sierra sand dunes unfortunetly I didnt get to ride very long, I started to notice it seemed like I was loosing power so I came to a stop and then went to go again and had to rev the machine pretty high to take off almost like I was in 4th gear trying to start out but I was in 1st gear then shortly after the noise begun, rattle and knock almost sounded like the entire motor was going to blow into pices so I shut her down took it home and tore it down took the head and cylinder off and the valves cylinder piston crank everthing looks good I thought for sure with all the racket I had to have sucked a valve or broke the connecting rod but no its all in great shape also keep in mind the machine only has around 30 hours on it. any ideas should I just put it back together??? and see what happens im baffeled thanks for any input or help!!!
  16. dirtjunkie85

    Kawasaki KFX 450R Intake

    Got my FCI intake today cant wait to put it on and see what kind of power gains it gives, if anyone is familer with this install and knows any tips let me know, I image it wont be to bad.
  17. Heres some pictures of my TRX450R after i got it all back together today, still need a grab bar though. I was just riding it around a while ago and WOW being 50" wide made a huge difference, definitely worth the money. And the new tires are SO much better then the stock ones, i feel like i actually have control over the quad haha. Also you can see me and my brothers moto-4 225 in the pics, we have beat the #$&! out of this thing and it just keeps on chugging! gotta love detuned utility atvs lol, plus we got it for free and it just needed 1 piece welded and a seat cover, which we made out of a old golfcart seat
  18. Stoopidbot1

    Unison VNX 450R

    The last couple of years, the Taiwanese based company, Unison has been working on a 450 racer. They are getting ready to release them. They actually teamed up with a company called Metrakit. Metrakit is a Barcelona based company that has been huge in the GT mini racing. Those 2 along with Fuji Heavy Industries, developed their racer. The motor was built in Japan by Fuji, which is the parent company of Suburu. The powerhouse is a 448cc DOHC 4 valve, liquid cooled, with a 36mm carb. It has a 5 speed manual with reverse, 520 O-ring final drive. Dual A-arms up front with preload adjustable piggyback shocks with 8" of travel. The rear is solid axle with rebound adjustable gas shock. The biggest problem I see with it is the weight, it comes in at 445lbs. DRY WEIGHT!!! It has a very similar look to the KTM in the hood and front fenders. The fenders are removable for the shaved look. Comes with nerfs, doesn't look to bad. The quality tends to be shakey at best with these off brands, I have a feeling that quality levels have been stepped up for this one. Seeing how they worked with 2 other companies that would not want to hurt their own name by releasing poorly made equipment. Unison, Fuji (parent of Suburu) and Metrakit really stepped up the off brand quad market this year.
  19. Hello I just bought a new KFX 450R 2009 and have been looking for a exhaust for it I am looking at the Lexx Exhaust it is just a slip on but the stock head pipe is pretty good so I think that's all I need. Anyone have any input on the Lexx or any exhaust for the KFX?
  20. predrider305

    help me catch a theif!

    i recently got the news that someone tried stealing my brothers 450r and my predator! its the worst feeling ever! anyone have suggestions on booby traps to make so i can catch these theifs or scare them away for GOOD!? if you ever decide to steal a quad, think about how you would feel if yours was stolen.
  21. dirtjunkie85

    Thinking on buying a TRX 450R??

    Hey guys I have a 2008 KFX 450R but am thinking of buying a new TRX450R who rides one and what do you like and dislike about them thanks!
  22. Hi I have a KFX450R 2008 model it has been great but I was riding the other day and I let off the throttle and it just died so I tried to start it back up and it would not start unless I gave it a little throttle and then would die again if I let completely off the throttle?? as soon as the machine cooled it will start fine without any throttle?? Keep in mind this is fuel injected so you shouldn't have to give it any throttle any help would be appreciated thanks.
  23. dirtjunkie85

    KFX 450R Gearing???

    Anyone have any suggestions on gearing for the KFX450R it has plenty of low end right now I would like to get a little more out of the top end but don't want to loose to much of the low end either any help or anyone set there's up?????
  24. Check out the latest dune video from the Spartan Racing Crew [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pu_uD5D_ZeA]YouTube - Oregon Dunes Apocalypse Two - Winchester Bay HD[/ame] Our you tube channel is spartanracing43 , please leave a comment we want to know what you think, good or bad let us know!!
  25. Snapped a few pics today while I had the quad out taking my little cousins around the yard. Tell me what you think! Background Status: -