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  1. I have a 2008 KFX 450R and currantly have a lexx fuel controller but here the Dynatey is what most guys are running does anyone know if there is really a diffrence I know my lexx one was alot cheaper then the Dynatek?? Is it better to get one with or with out teh program to change the map?
  2. Thanks for all input I am going to try the comp 5 boots.
  3. Nice but ill pay alittle more for gas and know I am going to make it up the next hill but hell if tis all you got then give it hell!
  4. I really like my Kawasaki KFX 450 R it is fuel injected and offers reverse which is nice if you are a woods /desert racer but I really think any of the 450's are a great bike anymore its a matter of opinon because they are all so close as far as performance goes.
  5. Do you know if he is running a full synthetic oil? if so that would be why the clutch would be slipping, I still cant decide but my wife likes the looks of the 2009 so we will proably go that route.
  6. Thanks Quad nut this is exactly what I was looking for it should work perfect.
  7. Gosh I guess when it rains it poors just had to do a complete rebuid on my race quad and now my belt in my Teryx is slipping is there a way to adjust this or do I just need to replace it?? If I do replace it what brand would you recommend I go with thanks!!
  8. Hey guys I am thinking about buying my wife a new quad I found a 2009 LTZ 400 the fuel injected model, for 3500 the guy says it maybe has 5 hours on it and still looks brand new, or I can get a brand new 2008 off the showroom floor from a local dealer that still has some left from 2008 for 4000 out the door, just wanted to see what you all thought would be the best deal thanks!!
  9. Anyone know of a good yet small and light weight flat repair kit I am looking for something I can carry with me during my desert races incase I get a flat tire and am out away from any help any suggestions would be appricated thanks!!
  10. Thanks for all the feedback I normally wear fox but like i said they dont hold up the best and my hands blister Ill try the Thor thanks again.
  11. Well I am guessing nobdy has this set up?? I guess I will just have to see if I can get it tuned in thanks!
  12. I agree I purchased the smae parts to do this project and they worked great and were defintly the cheapiest I found.
  13. Just wanted everyones opinon on riding glove I do long desert races and none of the glove i have wore seem to hold up really good they always wear fast and dont do much to prevent blisters any advice thanks.
  14. Hey guys as you can see from my other post I am doing a rebuild on my quad anyway when it's all put back together I will have stage 2 hotcams a fuel customs intake lexx exhaust and a lexx fuel controller my question is does anyone have this same set up and if so what are you setting your controller to?? Thanks!
  15. Well i went for it and it wasnt to bad I used a Tusk crankcase spliter it worked great and wasnt to expensive just took my time and it actually went alot better then expected, thanks for all the info and advice!

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