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    I am back folks. My PC took a shart on me a while back and I finally got tired of doing all my online activities via smartphone, so I finally broke down and bought a new computer. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Josh and I like to help fellow members who are having mechanical issues, rebuilding, modifying or anything that they may have a question about. I am a fabricator and mechanic by trade, I even built one of my quads largely from scratch. I used square tubing to replicate a 1986 TRX 250R frame and stuffed a CR 500 motor in it. I am constantly adding or changing things and have put a lot of time in to customizing it to my liking. My other machine is a 2007 LTR 450, it has a few go-fast goodies and other mods, it has been very reliable and fun. Anyhow, I am back and look forward to catching up with old friends and making new ones as well.
  3. It was a toss up between Stoopidbot and Quadnut for me, but I won't say which one I picked. Don't want to hurt any feelings.
  4. Things are up and down, then sideways as usual. We just had a nice winter storm here, a bit of snow, then a deep freeze. There was a 1/2 inch of ice in literally everything, trees, fences, edges of the gutter. Then just a bit of wind and all I heard all night was the sound of tree brances falling on my roof, and a few trees falling over here and there. That night several hundred thousand people lost power. Including myself. I work for the gas side of a utility co. that has the contract for most of the energy maintinence in the area, be it gas or electricity. So all our work was postponed, so we could help the power side out. We had crews from like 7 different states and Canada over here helping us get power back. Over 1200 people working 18 hours on, 6 off to get power back. It was crazy, and I am tired. Even when work is regular, I have no time to myself. My wife went off the deep end, and is in jail, I am trying to care for a 12 year old disabled kid and work a more than full time job at the same time. God bless my family, without them, I would be in real bad shape. They are helping so much with my son. I am truly blessed to have them.
  5. Been such a long time since I've been here, thought I should at least drop a line to let you all know I am still around. Life is even more crazy and stressful than ever. Hope that someday I can return to a regular routine of visiting the forum. I do miss this place, hope you all have a good 2012.
  6. Exactly what kind of machine is this? Someone may be able to get you more specific testing specs if we know exactly what you have. You need a digital multimeter to check resistance on the stator, you need the same thing to test the coil and all the other tests that Pete suggested. Also, double check all your wiring for loose or corroded connections.
  7. First thing I would do is put a new spark plug in it and take note of what the old one looks like. The condition of your plug can give you clues as to what your problem may be. I am leaning toward an ignition problem since the problem started suddenly and you haven't let the machine sit for a long period. But I still would not rule out a carb problem, you may have a clogged jet, or or a stuck float or something.
  8. Have fun, and try not to hurt yourself. Hope you enjoy your new toy.
  9. I did go out for a bit on Saturday, had a good ride, and we stumbled across a little track that someone built out in the woods. Got a nice sunburn and some nice scratches on my arms from blackberry bushes hanging out into the trails. It was a good time.
  10. That sucks, back an neck problems are a terrible thing to deal with. I have some of the same issues, but nowhere near as bad as yours. I feel for ya bro. I work for an underground utility company, we maintain all of the natural gas distribution pipelines in the area.
  11. I think Gearhead is right, the oil seal should be right behind the ball bearing. I also agree with Pete's opinion to just go ahead an replace the bearing and seal since you are in there IMHO.
  12. A Clymer manual usually runs only about 30-35 dollars, you may be able to find pdf. downloads for 5-10 dollars, maybe even free. A manual is really what you need for all that info, hopefully someone who has one can chime in with some help for you if you can't come up with one yourself.
  13. Look for any wires that are coming out of the clutch handle perch, if there are any, they are most likely a clutch safety switch. Test for continuity between the wires with the clutch handle in both the pulled position and released position. If there is no difference, the switch is probably not working. If it is not working properly, you may check to see if there is just a plug that is loose, or maybe you can bypass the switch altogether.
  14. DirtDemon

    Im new

    Welcome to QC Muzzy.
  15. EBC, a little more spendy than other brands, but I think they are worth it. It's not like brake pads are that expensive anyhow. I usually get most of my stuff from RMATV, but I know BikeBandit has them too, I'm sure most other places carry them, they are a pretty popular product.

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