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  1. thanks guys. I sold it because i needed the $$ last year when i was between jobs, i miss the EX everyday lol. but i guess the ol TRX350 will have to work for now, cant complain to much about it lol
  2. oh and i also picked up a 1999 Suzuki LT90 for the daughter for $10.00..not sure what its problem is yet though
  3. Hey guys, havent been on here in quite some time, between work and everything else i havent had time to do anything. I sold the 400EX(wish i never did) and just bought a 1986 trx-350 for $150, guy said it had no spark, but i just bypassed the kill switch and it runs just fine. Its a beast for an old smaller ATV. Hopefully ill be on here more often, since i have some questions an this trx. Jason
  4. Good luck to everyone. This is probably the best and only contest I have ever won lol
  5. Welcome to the site! great helpfull group of people on here
  6. yea im doing fine, luckly it didnt hurt that quad one bit, except for a few more scratches. Dont u hate it when ppl try spoiling your fun!
  7. Thanks man..it was fun racing aginst u to get the most comments lol..Oh and just to let everyone know the quadboss tire sealant is AWESOME stuff!
  8. haha thats about the same with me, this last friday n yesterday i went to visit the parents. They have about a mile long oval track in their field, i was having fun raising hell out there drifting around the corners at about 20-30mph, you know just having fun. Then yester i came around one corner and not sure what happened, it went compleatly sideways and rolled, threw me about 10ft from the quad and it threw my helmet and glasses off and knocked the breath rite out of me for a bit haha..i must say my right arm and back sure are sore, good think was no open wounds or broken bones.. It was fun!
  9. Wow the truck window came out awesome! what does something like that cost?
  10. I use Google Chrome. Works really good. Most of the time I'm using my phone though lol
  11. Thanks Guys! Got Giftcards and RZR mask on Monday and the Tire Sealant today Cant wait to get the Magazine. Now to order some goodies with the girt cards!
  12. haha 700r4 in a p-stroke lol...yea the 99 i almost bought, the trans was jacked up wouldnt shift into OD, so id have to redline the hell out of it and finalld "BANG!" and it shifted lol
  13. haha they must like me or something..Iv gotten all 3 of them so far lol

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