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  1. cheriah


  2. cheriah

    New Nevada Member

    Oh Oxy and Mario, nice of you two to join in... and I'm BAAAAACK!!! (heavens to mergatroid)
  3. cheriah

    New Nevada Member

    Hi Leah and welcome to QC!!! since none of the guys bothered to reply and welcome you, let me be the first:laugh: then you can go kick their asses riding!! you go girly!! nice ride the YZF450!!
  4. cheriah

    1988 Yamaha Big Bear 350 hard to start

    what color is your plug and is it new?
  5. cheriah

    2005 Suzuki 700 Twinpeaks - Fuel/Carb Probs

    you are getting too much air somehow, check for proper fuel flow in lines and tank screen, intake boot for air leaks and check airboxand vacuum lines. You can also adjust your fuel screw. Start there.....
  6. cheriah

    Hello from East Tennessee

    HI and welcome to QC!!!
  7. cheriah

    Hey Everyone

    HI and welcome to QC!!
  8. cheriah

    New here...

    HI and welcome to QC!! Yummy carb! Enjoy your quad!
  9. did ya use a rebuild kit or just clean everything and put it back together?
  10. cheriah

    Bitten in the Bum!

    now comeon, you know how long I've been at the kx have...depends on how much you got it for,,,,,I did a ton to the kx, but only paid 150.00 for it and it'll sell for 750.00 easily...makes a nice little backyard pit bike too...LOL:wink:
  11. cheriah

    2000 Polaris Sportsman 500 - DEAD / HELP

    yep, im sure its the red one,,,,the yellow button below it is the override, as Oxy said, for the reverse limiter....pm polarisrich and ask him I think he has the same machine or something similar... wish you the best getting all those wires back together...
  12. cheriah

    2000 Polaris Sportsman 500 - DEAD / HELP

    turn on the key so the dash lites up, push up on red switch on left handlebar...thats your starter switch....E GADZ where do all the loose pigtails go? OMG!!!
  13. cheriah

    service manuals

    HI and welcome to QC!! If you go to the forums by brand you can find other atv brand forum and Oxidized_black has posted miscellaneous chinese quad manuals, you might want to check if yours is there. If no luck, I'm pretty sure the engine is a honda clone GY6, but not positive.....good luck:yes:
  14. cheriah

    Newbie from Indiana :)

    Hi Marian and welcome to QC!!
  15. cheriah

    What's your best OOPS!!!

    Wylde1.......hope your not hurt...just did that on the little kx60 I just fixed. was flying around the backyard testing out my top end rebuild and turned a little to close to the ground, footpeg dug in and that's all I remember...hurts like hell! I need to start videotaping my rides.... Damn those little bikes!!!