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  2. I'm going to check where I have my house and vehicles insured. I want to use it more than on friends farms.
  3. Where s the best place to get cheap ATV insurance, just the basics as my machine is old. I mostly use it for hunting.
  4. I was thinking if pulling and putting the original jets back in it and go from there. I'm wishing now that I didn't touch it, but it ran like crap in mid-range. Should just tried cleaning it. Oh well, live & learn, crash & burn
  5. A 1983 Honda 185s ATC 3 wheeler. Which is still running strong today, starts first pull almost every time. Sorry, that was my first official off road toy I started in the mid 70s on an old Honda 90 stripped for off road bush riding. Wasn't the best but it was all I had
  6. Ok, it was warmer out thus morning, about 36 F, started right up. Never had this issue before I rebuilt the carb. My problem was mid-range. I cured my problem, but caused a major one. Is there nobody out here that can help me? Seems to be something in the pilot circuit. Could it be the pilot valve (the long pin that slides up/down by the cable) is in the wrong notch. Should I try moving the clip up one notch to drop the pin & lean it out? Should I change the pilot jet back to the old one? Should I spend $600 and by a new carb? Or pay $85/hr to have it all redone.
  7. Thanx. Tried that and it's good. Definitely has something to do with the rebuild kit I used. It was a Shindy kit, package said 89-92 Big Bear but the guy where I ordered it told me would work for my 88. I'm thinking different jet size. Guess I'll have to pay $85/hr for a shop to fix it. I've never had luck rebuilding carbs.
  8. You lucky B*st*rd! Wish I was that lucky with my 88 Congrats!
  9. Again this morning, extremely hard to start. But once started runs great. This is turning into a long, frustrating week.
  10. Same problem starting it this morning. What I did notice was when it fired and died on the first attempt the plug wasn't wet. It almost appear like it isn't getting any fuel at the beginning and taking a bit of fiddling to get it to draw. Once it starts to draw gas it runs great.
  11. New iridium plug, which is black when I pull it out
  12. I just put a carb rebuild kit in my Big Bear 350 and it seemed to start fine. Today I take it hunting and its hard to start. Lots of spark, turns over fine. It fires and stalls, then while trying to start it again it floods. I pull the plug and its soaked. Only way I can start it (cold) is to spray the plug with quick start and reinstall it. When it fires I bring up the Rpms until it warms up, then it's fine. Sometime I have to pull/spray the plug 2-3 times before it will stay running. I need help quickly or it will be a long week. BTW the screw is out 2 1/4 turns
  13. I tried to send her a message but the system wont let me. I cant send any messages to anybody, the message area is greyed out Why cant i send messages?

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