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  1. hangingon


  2. You need to check to see if its getting fire. Pull your spark plug and put the plug wire back on the plug if you can place it close to a metal part of the quad turn it over and see if you have spark you should see a spark from the plug. Make sure the ticking is not from it being low on oil. Do you know if it over heated? Do you know how many hours is on the quad?
  3. Good morning QC Im up early enough to say good morning for a change.
  4. I got the Alba / Artrax clutch kit installed today! Its seems to work good on the short ride I took. Once I heal up from having surgery this past Monday Ill give it a good long test ride I cant wait!
  5. Has anyone used the Artrax clutch kit sold by Team Alba Racing? I got the kit for my z400 it has no instructions and by what I have read on the web with some aftermarket brands you don't reuse the judder spring. I cant find any install info on this clutch kit. I am also waiting for a reply from Alba racing. I wanted to get it installed before I am down again to recover from having surgery this Monday 6/16.
  6. I just order one for my ltz400. An after the fact ? anybody on QC used the kits before & if so did you like it & did it hold up?
  7. Get it done quadnut its time for riding! I have to find a better riding place now so I can open up my new to me quad and enjoy it.
  8. I went searching and read its been as simple as the carbs needing cleaned and a sticking choke plunger in one of the carbs. To it being a head gasket. Still pull the plugs and take a look from there I would go to the carbs first for cleaning and adjustment these are the cheap things. If that don't cure it then you may want to look into the head gaskets. Does the smoke have an oder to it. coolant , oil or fuel? If your losing coolant out of the radiator or over flow jug that would be a good sign of a head gasket.
  9. Pull the spark plugs and see what they look like. Spark plugs can be a good sign to go by. Does anything work on the gauges? If not make sure its plugged in. If the front plastics have been pulled off or changed it may have got left unplugged. Check the fuses. You need to find gas smell problem. Check all the fuel lines make sure the choke is working. Is it popping back thru the carbs or just the exhaust? Does it have the stock pipe & air filter? To run big tires you need an aftermarket clutch kit and heavy duty belt. If it has an aftermarket pipe or air filter the carbs may not be jetted right. I know with cars a blown head gasket will cause white smoke and coolant will mix with the oil and cause white deposits in the oil. Caught early enough it can be fixed by replacing the head gaskets that's with cars Im not sure if it works the same in quads. With rings you have a blue to somewhat dark smoke not white.
  10. Did you do the belt replacement or a dealer? When the belt smoked or slipped it sounds like it was wore out it can cause the quad to go into limp mode which kills the power. It will pop and backfire have no power. I had the prairie 650 an 05 BF might be different for resetting it to get it out of limp mode. Do a internet search on how to reset it and give it a try . I would check that first since you had a belt problem. Then move on from there.
  11. Does it pop or backfire? What condition was it in when you got it was it running good? Did it run good after the belt change? Did the quad go into limp mode before changing the belt? For the white smoke is it all the time? Check the coolant level. Was there any sign of white spots in the old oil you changed or in the new oil since you did the oil change and rode the quad? Is the quad over heating ? Have you checked the plugs & air filter. The more info you can give the better. The carbs may need cleaning. You said you adjusted the idle on the carb which is one knob for both carbs. Also the BF has 2 carbs with dual carbs on a V-twin they have to work together if the carbs are out of adjustment they have to be synchronized which is an adjustment made by hooking up a sync tool to the carbs and there is a adjustment screw to balance out the carbs.
  12. I had used the same paint on my Prairie. I think it gives it a good look on the cheap and holds up well.
  13. Looks good! That's one thing I miss is not having a rack & rack bag. I want to add the rear grab bar that holds a 6 pack cooler to my LT-Z400 so I will have drinks & a snack while riding. Its not fun when my sugar drops while riding.
  14. I got a good bit of riding in today I am liking the sport quad! How many of you got to ride this weekend?

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