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  1. Ill pull the plug this weekend and get back with on ya the condition of it. Only thing that i know of that works on the gauge is fuel and temp and not sure how true they are. The choke defiantly works somebody told me that the brute is very cold nature but it shouldnt be that cold nature i had a honda that i knew was cold nature and it started better than this one. the last time i checked the carb it sounded like it was back firing through them but ill double check this weekend and get back with on it ill probably tare it down and see if i can see any physical signs in the carbs the pipes app
  2. also when you start it and let it idle you can smell gas fumes from somewhere havent pin pointed it yet
  3. did a little bit of research on limp mode it dosent seem like it is in limp mode because it revs fine just smokes and when your riding feels like its only running on half power. I had the dealer replace the belt and clean the clutch and when in idle it feels and sounds like it has pleanty of power just when you ride it it might be doing thirty mph if that but the cluster is not working so no way to tell real speed. Do you think the rings could be bad since it is smoking and poping when you hit the trottle or could it be the carbs or a deeper problem in the engine. Dont really know the previous
  4. i have a 2001 Polaris 500 ho has not been started in about two years before then i was a pain to start basically had to jump it off with a car battery after it ran for a little bit it was fine just had to pull start it a the rest of the day i believed i smoked the belt while riding it one day and started it a couple of times after that but its been sitting for a while any body know where i should start about getting it back up and going.
  5. it does back fire and pop its was prolly running about the same when i first got it improved a little bit after changing oil and belt and having clutched cleaned actually idles like it has some power but when you hit the throttle it just seems like its working on half power like something its missing. It does pop and back fires a little bit as far as the white smoke defiantly smokes when idles and when you hit the throttle not to sure if it does when its in motion haven't looked. Coolant level is good there wasn't any when i first got it put coolant in the resiovor i did ride it before the b
  6. i recently took a trade for a 2005 brute force 750 replaced the belt had the clutch cleaned changed the oil and adjusted idle on carb rode it the other day noticed that it was blowing white smoke out of the exhaust pipe and running like crap. it has thirty inch mudlites i expected to loose a lil bit of power with the size of the tires but its acting like it has the power of a 400 or less cc can any body tell me were to start and what to start with as far as the power,performance and the smoking issue thanks.

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