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  1. sorry the first one never come up when I was on the site I thought it didn't work... won't happen again
  2. yeah horsefalls... when is dune fest?
  3. you should ride at Moon Rock NV.... I will find a map
  4. hey I didn't want them merged they are 2 differan things... and an oops will find you :)lol
  5. KFX 450R becaues I love it more then any thing I do
  6. Well there was this one time I went camping at this place called Horse Falls in Bend OR right on the coast line. It was awesome, miles of giant dunes... We had a Arctic Cat 650 V2 it was about 675lb….. I asked if I could take it out on my own while my hubby went to get more food:) he said no jumping... so I wouldn’t get hurt…. I agreed and headed off on my own… about an hour passed and I stated back to camp… I was riding some great s turns kinda sharp but not to bad and came around a corner and a root grabbed my wheel and in a flash I was under the quad face down in the sand….. I panicked, I was so trapped it took near 30 minutes to dig out from under the bike…. I got out and tried to push the quad, yeah right! I dug a giant hole and push the quad in the hole I got on and goosed it till all 4 wheels were back on the ground… I got back to camp an hour and a half after I flipped. I ended up with a really bad sprained ankle, some black and blue spots and covered with gas and sand… I still rode the rest of the week…
  7. WOW no way!!!! what a mess... never really seen that befor...!
  8. my best oops???? I was changing the oil on my quad and was just putting that last little bolt in under the bike and hared a tink like sound I look over every thing and it looked ok. about 10 hours of riding time later on my new quad I was changing the oil again:) I took off that little bolt and and saw that the tinking sound was me striping the the metal right out of the oil pan . I did not have a torch wrench at the time but after drilling a bigger hole and finding a new bolt that was the first thing I went to get.... ;p
  9. I have a KFX450R and I love it but.... I have wanted a KTM when I first saw the test on them, but whitch one do you think is a better bike....?
  10. I love to jump, in the woods or on a track it dosen't matter.
  11. new to the site thought I would say hi to every one...

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