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Hey Lady! What do you ride and why???

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I'm curious what all the ladies ride on this site and why! :yes:

I ride a 2008 Yamaha Rhino 700. Just added a new roll cage, dual exhaust and some other things. Here are a few pics:



I chose the Rhino because my arms and wrists get way too tired on a quad. I haven't tried a bike, but, I don't think my coordination would be good enough to handle that! :wink:

I LOVE my Rhino though!!!!!!! It's the perfect machine for me. :yes:

So, how about you???? :cute:

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I ride a Kawasaki KFX 450R. I went with it because I prefer riding in the sand over trails. It is a light bike, but the front end stays down in the tree shots. Plus the green is purdy LOL I also figured I wouldn't outgrow the power with this bike. I started riding with a Suzuki Ozark 250 and outgrew it very quickly!

On a side note, I still have the Ozark. My daughter currently rides it but we are looking to upgrade her to a 400 sport quad. I will keep the Ozark, as it is a great trail bike and actually does a little better than the Kawi.


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i need new pics of my 400ex....i ride it cuz i love her. she's my first quad but shh dont tell her, after this year i'm upgrading to her big brother the trx450r :) need more power as i'm gettin better in the woods!!

400ex's are pretty much bulletproof for the most part if the right maintenance is done...you can find parts for them EVERYWHERE. it's great. just wish rekluses were made for them...

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On 9/28/2016 at 1:13 PM, Wonderwoman said:

Hey all, I have an Arctic Cat 250 and have had it for 13 years now. We do most of our riding in the mountains and she pretty much goes where the 300 and 500 go. I have to keep an eye on my ground clearance but wouldn't trade her for nothing else.

Post some pics!

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