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  1. Tink


  2. Tink

    Our boat

    There is no way to answer that question really Both are equally fun!!
  3. Tink

    My daughter

    That is my quad. She wanted to give it a spin. It is an 08 KFX 450
  4. Tink


    He is scared of EVERYTHING! LOL
  5. It was our first trip to Florence together...of course we HAD to stop there!
  6. Tink

    My daughter and I

    We still ride whenever we can
  7. Tink

    My daughter

    We ALWAYS have fun
  8. Tink

    Our boat

    Yes for sure...we love this boat!
  9. Capitol Forest, Olympia, WA. My fiancee proposed to me here on Memorial Day!!! http://www.quadcrazy.com/listing/view/id_131/title_rock-candy-capital-forest-wa/
  10. Getting ready in Florence! Kawasakis and the Suzuki!
  11. Here are my furbabies in Florence, Oregon this past weekend
  12. I have yet to ride there but plan on it at some point! You should hit Florence next weekend...gonna be a big ride!
  13. SSSSoooooo, I bought a new quad today!!! I got a new 08 LTZ 400 black for my daughter. I am not going to tell her, it's a surprise. I figure when we get down to Florence next weekend and open the garage on the toy hauler she will see for herself Think she will be stoked?

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