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  1. hey guys ok so heres the thing.. i ditched my 250 and got a kfx400 oohhh yeah and my boyfriend and i went riding and i jumped about a foot and it was awesome but it was going up hill haha oh well it was still great heres the new ride the green ones mine locked and loaded
  2. hey everyone here is my new quad 03 predator 500..now lets see if i can learn to ride it haha
  3. hey thanks for the welcomes guys does anyone have any tips on learning to jump? and also how do i make my pics bigger
  4. hey how do you make the pics bigger?
  5. i have a 04 ltz250 i like it but i think i want a rappy 350 something that goes a little fater but heres my quad
  6. hey ladies do any of you jump your quads? if so any pointers? ive been 9yr old get more air and jump bigger then me and its kinda sad lol
  7. hey everyone im kristy 23 from maine and i own a z250

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