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  2. No I got a sinus infection right when I got the new stator, I tossed it in but no spark. I was down for two weeks from being sick and didn't recover my time. My brother saw the 4 wheeler and bought it for $350. He checked everything out and thinks the cdi is bad as well. He doesn't like the new stator is twice the resistance of the original one. He's gonna double check everything and if cdi is bad probably going with Arduino ignition. I will keep you updated.
  3. Stator came today and I tossed it in real quick, no spark. Note I just have the cover on no bolts and only a little oil, I just turn it over a few times, does it need to crank a bit before spark? I don't have any time tonight so I'll have to mess with it tomorrow. I'll have to recheck everything and all wires. Does the voltage regulator affect spark? Does the source coil color wires matter Do the pickups matter, there's two can they need to be switched? Thanks
  4. That's good to hear, I'm hoping that it's a 1988 bike with a 1987 engine in it or something like that. I get the new stator on friday
  5. Kill wire is good. I'm gonna send the new stator back, what do you recommend to get? I noticed the 1987 stator part has 4 wires, I'll try that one I guess. Thanks for your help
  6. The old pickup coil, 180 old source coil, open New pickup coil, 400! New source coil, 280 Last night I pulled a prong from the old harness and wired it into the new pickup coil. The new on had them soldered together so I split it and made it 4 wires. It had no spark before and after. I'm gonna check the kill wire, I did check the kill switch awhile ago. Thanks
  7. Old stator 4 wires with two pickups 2 wires for the source coil 3 wires for the stator New stator 3 wires with two pickups (Same) (Same)
  8. Ok I will tonight Any idea why the new pickup coils only have 3 wires while the old one has 4?
  9. The 3 white wires? No Haven't checked the regulator, how do you check that, I could search that if it's easy to find. I haven't checked the kill switch wire. Will tonight. I think I checked the fuse in the front of the atv, will double check. I check the coil resistance, I have also been using a Ford coil on plug as well to rule out a bad coil as the new coil thumps a lot when you manually spark it. Thanks!
  10. Fixing for a friend. Atv was at a different friends house to be fixed and he rebuilt the carb and had it running nice, then it shut off and no more. He replaced the key and the coil. So he got busy, so I am helping, I checked the wiring from the stator to the cdi, and from the cdi to the coil. All is good. I checked resistance on the pickup coil, good, and on the source coil, open. I buy a new stator (China) and the 4 prong plug only has 3 wires in it while mine has all 4. I checked resistance in the source coil and it's in the 300's. I pulled one of the old pickup wires out of the old stator and wire it in the new one. Still no spark. Why do the wires differ, I checked the VIN again and it's "J" for the year and I got a 1988 stator. Please help!

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