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  1. Yep inspection cap for inspecting/adjusting the clearance of your valves. Just don't over tighten it when putting it back on. They are only cast alum. and I busted one because I over tightened and couldn't get it loose.
  2. It is your voltage regulator. Just had to replace the one on my Arctic Cat 250 2003 again. When the voltage regulator goes it fries the battery and nothing will work. So if you got a new battery without checking the voltage regulator and tried to pull start it you probably fried the new battery too.
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  4. Hey all, I have an Arctic Cat 250 and have had it for 13 years now. We do most of our riding in the mountains and she pretty much goes where the 300 and 500 go. I have to keep an eye on my ground clearance but wouldn't trade her for nothing else.
  5. Hello, well back to where I was last year with this carb. Took my 250 to the mountains for the first time this year and blue smoke, too much gas again. I can't believe that this carb gives me this much trouble. Seems like the choke is stuck but the cable moves freely. Anyone else ever experience this issue? Do you think a new choke cable would maybe resolve this?http://www.quadcrazy.com/atvforum/images/smilies/arghh.gif OK it was the choke. Put on all new cable and plunger and she is running 100% again. So now the question is, is the carb getting worn out where the plunger needle goes in the
  6. Ok, got the right jets for the carb and adjusted the valves. Smoke is gone and running great. Final test will be taking it to the mountains this weekend and see how it runs up there.
  7. Ebay but be careful because most of them are for California altitude.
  8. Ebay, but the kit was for CA and not CO so the jets were wrong. So now that we have the correct jets and adjusted the valves I think we have the 250 running again.
  9. You don't think the flooding of the carb could be washing the oil off the cylinder and burning it?????????////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  10. Smoke is blue, gas flooding is the symptom. Cylinder specd out great all the way. Cylinder walls were as smooth as can be and ran the hone down it one time. Never checked the crankcase vent line. Will do that. Found out that the jets are not correct. Dealer mechanic didn't think to check that until I said something. So we are going for correct jets and see what that does. I'll ask them to check the crankcase vent also. Thanks for your help.
  11. I am about at my wits end. Took the 250 back to the dealer repair shop AGAIN. Had it in there two months ago for a bad smoking issue. I thought it was to much fuel and washing the oil off the cylinder and burning it. They said it was the head. So I purchased new valves, valve guides, oil seals and had the head professionally done. So $225 later I had a great looking head. Well while I had the ATV apart this far I also got new rings for the piston. Mic'd everything out and everything was in spec. Put it back together and seemed like it smoked a little at the house (5000 feet above sea level). T
  12. Still running great. Just wanted to let everyone know.
  13. Go to Walmart and get a battery. Go to NAPA, Auto Zone or O'Rilleys for the spartk plug and plug wire and fuel line. I get my brakes off ebay, about 1/3 the price of buying from Arctic Cat. I do buy some parts from Cat but when I can save money I will. Hope this helps and good luck with getting it running.
  14. Ok put the carb kit in and it got a little better but still leaking gas into the cylinder sporatically. Found out that the diaphram in the carb also needed replaced. Carb issues resolved but not the voltage regulator/rectifier went out. Get that replaced and it aught to be good for another 8000 miles.
  15. Check your voltage regulator/rectifier. If it is bad it will drain your battery in about two days.

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