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  2. Mike. This is an embarrassment. I did not get the jump start by using the solenoid post. Not the battery. I left the battery cover in place since we were on the trail. When I got home I just plugged in the charger to a plug outside. Tonight I tried to start and it was still stone dead. Here is where I got embarrassed. Removing the battery cover I found the positive bolt and nut gone and the cable was dangling loose. The battery is fine and the trail ride tonight uneventfull. So this is a very long story to feed and explain my red face. Sorry for taking your time. Yes, you can chuckle at my expense.
  3. "Belt" message appeared on console screen. Does that mean a loose belt and either needs tightening or replaced? I kept going and turn off ignition. Could not start again. Not even a grunt, new battery. Partner jumped and I was able to do all my errands and drive home. (Total 2 hours). Battery still dead. What am I looking at as to possible diagnosis and corrections?
  4. Thx for the info. Hopefully I got it corrected.
  5. Thanks for the tip but I think it was a bad battery and maybe a wire next to the steering column. It now has sat 3 days and all is still good (Too hot to ride) Would the regulator be on the ACC fuse? I don't know.
  6. Thanks Mike. I checked the amps and it was minimal. I do not have a winch or hand warmer so that part was easy. I found a way to examine all the console wires and could not find any rub signs. A new battery is now in place and lasts at least 24 hours. I am sure you had the expert advise. Thanks Keith
  7. Arctic Cat 2006 ATV 500. The battery is dead overnight. Recharges fine with 1 amp charger. I disconnected the negative cable from the battery and put a meter between that post and the cable with everything turned off. It read a 10 volt draw. I pulled each fuse one at a time. The power draw went to zero when I pulled the ACC fuse and no others. The engine starts and runs without the fuse but the display panel keeps starting to show then goes off briefly. The display works fine with the fuse in place. What is the most likely culprit? How do I get to it? How do I fix it.

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