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I traded my dirt bike for a 2000 arctic cat 500 semi automatic. when i went to go pick it up the guy said it didn't get spark, so i thought it was going to be something simple like a coil. well it wasn't. first thing i did was take all the plastics off to get easy asses to every thing. so i bought a brand new battery for it seeing if it got power, it didn't. the dash wouldn't light up neither would the lights, so then i tried to see if the starter worked it didn't so i jumped the solenoid and the starter started turning over the motor. so i bought a new starter solenoid, when i installed it the electric start still wouldn't work , so i bought a new kill switch and starter switch that goes on the handle bars, when i installed it, the electric start still wouldn't work. so then i went to see if i could get spark by pull starting it, i didn't get any spark, so i bought a new spark plug, and guess what, still no spark, so then i bought a new coil for it to see if that would fix it. so i installed the new coil and guess what no spark still and still no power to the dash. so to sum it up i'm not getting any power any where to the four wheeler. so i cleaned all the leads and plugs and still nothing. so then yesterday i took the wiring apart to see if their was any frayed wires, and no their wasn't. does any one have any ideas what this could be i'm up for anything. also if any one knows how to bypass all the wiring just to get it to start i open to that to, or if someone knows where  i can get a wiring diagram.

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Couldn't find a  free  service  manual  or  wiring  diagram  .     If  you  have  no  power  to the  lights  or  anything  then   the  problem  is in  a mater  relay  if there  is one ,  or in the  ignition switch .    Not turning  over  on the  starter  could be    a safety  switch  or  the    transmission is  not in  neutral .  Start  at the  battery   positive  and  ground  and  trace the  wires  out .  Check the  neutral  switch  and     safety  kill  switch.  Check    any  and  all  relays . .    Once  you  find out  why  the  starter  doesn't    work  with the  start  button   you  may  also  find why there  is no  spark.  No  spark  could be  the  stator,  pickup  coil   CDI  box or coil.  Most of those  you  have already  replaced .  Take it  step  by  step  from the  battery  out  check  connections  for  corrosion  and wires for  breaks .   A wiring diagram  helps a  lot  ,  but methodical  elimination  will  do  the  job .   You  could  try  looking  at the  wiring diagrams  of  other   arctic  cat  models    for  qa  clue  of  how  they  are wired .  Most likely  they   are all  wired  very  similarly  if not identically .


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