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  1. Welcome! I moved your post into a new topic for you 😀
  2. Does the starter solenoid click? Have you tried jumping the solenoid or starter directly?
  3. @Mech thanks for assisting, and no issues replying to old threads. We keep them mostly open. We do have the manual in our downloads section. I have removed your link and added the direct link to the manual. If you want to share manuals, please add them to our downloads section rather than direct links here: https://www.quadcrazy.com/files/ This way we can continue the library of resources in one place for the community. Thanks!
  4. Only for new members, to prevent spammers. Once you have at least one content item approved, you are good to go to post without approval needed. This goes for all new members 😁 Welcome to QUADCRAZY!
  5. Not necessarily, really up to you on how much you want to participate before getting something free. If you don't, you have an option to upgrade your free membership and have immediate access. See guidelines: https://www.quadcrazy.com/announcement/16-requirements-to-access-downloads-read-here/
  6. https://www.quadcrazy.com/announcement/16-requirements-to-access-downloads-read-here/
  7. @automatcentral if it works out well, message me and we can put up an article around the product if you write it up with the review.
  8. Thanks for adding. I just updated the title a bit and added a screenshot. I'll see about updating those other ones. Here it is:
  9. I can see you accessed the 250: You can also check out these 125 manuals added by @oxidized_black I don't see it. Did you add it to https://www.quadcrazy.com/files/category/3-yamaha-atv/?
  10. Haven't seen you in a bit online, hope you are doing well. 🙂

  11. @Michael Kastanis I moved your status update to a new topic in our forum.
  12. Topic title updated to include full ATV info and issue.
  13. https://www.amazon.com/Kolpin-98020-Handy-Throttle/dp/B00EFE6ONY/ref=mp_s_a_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=atv+thumb+throttle+extender&qid=1588509283&sprefix=atv+thumb&sr=8-6 * Added ATV info to topic title.
  14. Yep, this topic should probably have been closed since its from a much earlier time in the history of QUADCRAZY when we had that feature. I've updated the link to move to our member leaderboard top members: https://www.quadcrazy.com/topmembers/ 😁 Worth checking out!
  15. @Burdman are you asking which would people pic out of a Suzuki LT250R or LT500R? Quadrunner vs Quadzilla maybe? Are you looking for pictures and videos?
  16. View File 2018 Textron Stampede 4 Owner's Manual 2018 Textron Stampede 4 Owner's Manual Submitter Admin Submitted 04/09/2020 Category Textron Off Road UTV  
  17. Version 1.0.0


    2018 Textron Stampede 4 Owner's Manual
  18. Yamaha Australia has announced it will discontinue selling Utility ATVs due to new Australian government legislation that requires the mandatory fitment of so-called Operator Protective Devices (OPDs), YMA will not sell utility ATVs after the government compliance deadline of 11 October 2021. “The decision to make the fitment of OPDs compulsory is disappointing. The ruling has forced us to withdraw utility ATVs from the Australian market because as a manufacturer we are not willing to gamble with our customers lives by bolting untested devices onto our specifically engineered and designed ATVs,” explains YMA Director Brad Ryan. As the market leader in this segment, Yamaha recognises that utility ATVs are an important part of farm operations and will comply with stage one of the new consumer legislation. This includes testing and the fitment of warning labels by Oct 2020. This will ensure that Yamaha ATVs remain available until October 2021. After this date customers will not be able to purchase a new Yamaha utility ATV in Australia – but sport and youth models will continue to be available. This is because new sport and fun ATVs do not need to be fitted with OPDs. In addition, side-by-side vehicles (SSVs) are not affected by this ruling, so YMA will support our utility ATV dealers and ease the transition from ATV to AG bike and SSV business. “Fortunately, our utility ATV customers can transition to our equally capable lineup of AG bikes and expanding SSV range,” adds YMA Director Brad Ryan. Customer safety has always been our priority. YMA has provided market leading rider training and promoted proven safety methods. YMA also helped develop the Shark ATV helmet which is the only fully certified farm safe ATV helmet available. YMA feels so strongly about customer safety that purchasers of new Yamaha utility vehicles will receive a free Shark farm safe helmet valued at $250 while stocks last. YMA is also fully committed to customer care via a national dealer network that will continue to service ATVs and with the supply of parts and accessories into the future. Source: https://www.dirtaction.com.au/yma-to-discontinue-utility-atvs/

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